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New Dark Elves! Sneak Peek!


I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I wasn’t salivating over these new models.

I love the lore of the druchii, but wow, they were not balanced (over the top) last edition. I hope they’re good and brought into line / balanced so I can get back into them.

How can you say “No” to black dragons and heroes on manticores??

You can’t.

the new cauldron

the new cauldron

here’s the new cauldron. It needed an update. This looks like it goes IN a unit of witches, much like the screaming bell.


shadowblade/ assassin. not bad.

hydra. eh.

hydra. eh.

looks like a toad monster. Could be the paint job. reserving judgement on this


multi kit cauldron. I suppose it will act as some support? Not too bad looking. Love the Naga as a corsair unit filler



FINALLY! New witch elves!
though rumored price is $60. that’s absurd

dark chariot?

dark chariot?


some multi kit cauldron thingy.... or an AWESOME unit filler

some multi kit cauldron thingy…. or an AWESOME unit filler


black guard

black guard


warlocks? Mobile light cav? They LOOK impressive

Cold one chariot

Cold one chariot

Executioners !!!!ermerger!!

Executioners !!!!ermerger!!

Warlocks (?)

Warlocks (?)

dark riders

dark riders


don’t ask me why, but besides the executioners, I’m most interested in new spearmen. The lore for these guys is amazing. they can be equipped with Spears, Repeater crossbows OR SWORDS. Huge in this edition.

New spearmen!

New spearmen!



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New Warriors Book

New warriors:art by GW.

New warriors:
art by GW.


New Warriors Book finally out.

rumors are about, but waiting for it to be in my filthy paws.

bout time

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Doombull and Gorebull; White Primed

Recently, I posted that I’d be doing more hobby work with ‘white primed’ base models.

before I made the plunge to commit to an entire new army primed white, I decided to test the method. Rather than do something logical and try it on a model I don’t care about, I went full speed ahead and painted two of some of my favorite models; The Doombull and Gorebull.

These models are from Mierce Miniatures and are known respectively as Craarakk and Kaastaruk .
When these resin models came in the mail, I was delighted. Not only were they exceptional casts, few mold lines and fit well together but they were the epitome of what I thought minotaurs should look like in a warlike fantasy world. I’m a huge fan of these models and they are a great alternative to GW’s ‘ roided out pitbull’ design.

(pardon the phone pictures)

 The Gorebull:

The Battle Standard Bearer!
The Battle Standard Bearer!

 This model is meant to be the Battle Standard Bearer of my beastmen army. As of now, he is missing his left hand as I model a proper, gigantic and revolting standard. One fitting for the malicious, ravenous hordes of misshapen beasts.

 The Doombull:

Doombull/ Craarakk

Doombull/ Craarakk

The Doombull is something of the heart of my Beastmen army. He’s not the general, he’s not the one that lasts, but he’s a wrecking ball. So I wanted him to have a proper menace and savagery to him. Not only that, but he’s covered head to hoof in armor, scales and skulls. Looking snazzy, lookin’ fine.

Here’s my take on whites. The color does pop more. However, I’m worried as I based coated in a very dark red (mostly red with black) and highlighted several times.  Is this the white primer showing through our is this just the paint doing it’s job?

Here are some photos of the Minotaurs:

2013-01-12_17-37-07_364 2013-01-12_17-36-24_80 2013-01-12_17-36-15_661 2013-01-12_17-35-44_656 2013-01-12_17-35-30_705

Again, I can’t say how much I enjoy the models, they get compliments every time I play and often (and annoyingly) someone picks them up and inspects them.

 two things on the models.  
  1. The hafts. They’re weak. As resin, they arrived bent and broke easily. I replaced them with small bronze pinning rods in no time. I wish they were made seperatly.
  2. Anatomically correct. They have testicles. Bull sized testicles. I find it amazing, borderline hilarious. Just letting you know that they exist. I’d like to think that’s how they assure their dominance. (among other things)

More WIP pictures as soon as I find them.


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Nerds on the Horizon: 2013 goals and updates!

Ok it’s been a while.

Since July.


Since QUAKE CITY RUMBLE, I’ve take a bit of time off from the hobby. I suffered from a bit of burn out. Practicing with the same list, 2 leagues and then a 5 game tournament, all with Warriors of Chaos, will burn you out a bit.

So, with a new year, there’s a new start!

Here’s what I’m up to and projects in “Nerd also Rises”

1. New Army: Chaos Dwarfs!

Dwarfs, pushed to the edge of the world. They looked into the abyss and it looked back. Now, torn by hatred and the darkness within their souls, they’ve strayed from the legacy of honor and tradition to a legacy of tyranny and oppression.

Chaos dwarfs!

Chaos dwarfs!

The first (gw) model I ever bought was a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer on a Lammassu. I mowed lawns for weeks in the horrible Virginia summers and then, when I had enough, I took several buses and got to my local store. I bought some (now oldschool) chaos warriors and the Sorcerer on a Lammassu.  Later I bought the sorcerer on a Taurus.
I was the happiest 12 year old.

Decades later, I thought them lost. Then, out of the blue, my dad sent me these two models. Still new in box.  (I had little modeling skills then)

NIB taurus. that old!

NIB taurus.
that old!


I was never a fan of the “big hats” and love the iron clad look of the Warriors of chaos. Now, with the new Forge World Chaos Dwarfs, I’ve started them up again.

More to follow.


2. New Paints.

I enjoy the GW line of paints. However, they give me constant headaches. Pots drying even with proper and careful sealing. Hard to measure accurate mixing measurements . Now, the final straw was the new colors; most colors didn’t match, favorites phased out, crappy pots and just killing any comparisons. All for what? Trademarking their names?

So, having shoved out money for my 5th pot of ‘rotting flesh’ and watching it dry, and bashing my head in measurements, I invested in the “Vallejo Paint Case”.  I ordered it through my favorite game shop; Cardboard Arcade, and was delighted when it arrived.
The paints are fantastic. They apply smooth and the subtle changes in color is amazing. There’s about 6 whites! CRAZY! Worth every damn penny.



Not only that, but they pour/drip/measure well for my ….


3. Airbrush.

Knowing that I was about to start a new army, I wanted a new and more professional way of tackling it. The Forgeworld models are renowned for their details and I didn’t want to lose these in any base coating.

I invested in a Badger Airbrush and compressor and am very happy. I’m still learning and only doing the base coats and shading with it for now. Details and freehand are still done by hand.

4. Prime White.

My local group and friends that I trust and respect their painting prime their models in white. The colors pop more and the contrast is more pronounced. So, seeing this, I’m attempting to prime my models white and see the results.
I’ve already done two important pieces in white (posts soon) and am VERY happy with the results. Not sure if it’s the white, or actually getting better at painting.


That’s it for now! Tournaments and games on the horizon!

No more slacking, back to the drafting board.





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Shut Up and Take my Money : Ogres

As a hobbyist (read: reclusive nerd with some modicum of skill with a brush) , we all have our goals and ‘to do lists’. Unfortunately, they don’t always coincide with our limitations; money & time.

Recently, at my favorite local game store, I was meeting a friend for a league match when I saw a trade in. Someone(s) had traded in several armies. One was a MASSIVE vampire counts army (took two carts to move it all) the second was an Ogre army.
Trade ins are often a fraction of what the items should cost, supports my store and feeds the nerd inside me. I asked ‘how much?’

which brings us to, the first installment of

Take it!


Aye. I succumbed to a good deal. What can I say, I’m not made of stone (though heart may be crusted and rotten), and couldn’t resist such a great find.
Without Further adieu, I give you my summer painting project. (cats not included)

That’s a lot of fat men.
The total tally comes to:

  •  20 Ogre Bulls
  • 10 Iron Guts
  • 6 Lead Belchers
  • 6 Mournfang Cavalry
  • 2 Iron Blasters
  • 1 Firebelly
  • 1 Battle Standard Bearer
  • 2 Slaughter master
  • 1 Man-eater
  • 1 Hunter
  • 1Tyrant/ Golfang

Whew. That’s a truck ton of work ahead of me.

The initial plan is to paint them similar to the Nurgle theme, yet less rotted and corroded. I may custom create convert some of the Iron Guts as more ‘chaotic’ Ogres and have them easily incorporated into the Warriors of Chaos army. Granted that’s the plan right now.

They’re right behind the spring project to completely prepare for Quake City Rumble with my Warriors of Chaos (unless I change my mind on which army….for the 18th time)

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So, even more time has passed  since this game. So, even more has slipped through the sieve like mind…..plus I was a bit hungover during the game (so was my opponent).

Without any of the usual hooplah, here’s the battle.


His forces.

Doombull: 1+ armor save, ramhorn helm, Arayban carpet (flying)

lvl 3 beast shaman (general)

Gorebull BSB.

6 minotaurs

2 Tuskagor chariots

1 razorgor chariot

3 groups of ungor raiders

a solid block of Gors.


Very upset that my camera didn’t save the pictures, as his army was an all “Egyptian” themed beastman army. Very cool and nice paint job.

However, I did get a few pictures of his army the first day there. The Quake City Rumble was amazing to see all the gorgeous armies. This was one of them.

The game went down pretty fast.

My strategy was hold the doombull with my S4 Gors (beast banner) and boost them with Wyssans from the lvl 2. They’d be S5, T5 and would wear the doombull out by attrition.

Things didn’t exactly go my way. On round one, preparing to meet the charge of the doombull, I cast Wyssans Wildform on two dice. And miscast. The wizard was sucked into the void and it ended my magic phase. Now, they had Wyssans’ but couldn’t get it past that.

Knowing your enemy is a distinct advantage, so he knew how fragile my BSB was. His doombull struck down my BSB first thing and held on the Combat res. A 2+ armor save becomes pretty much tissue paper to S6 attacks (and a stomp).

With both these misfortunes, I had nothing that could dent his Doombull. S3 attacks that DID manage to wound, were saved by armor and turned back at me. Ouch. The doombull alone ate my Gors for breakfast.


The rest of the game was a piddling shoot out between ungors and ungors (raiders). I won in that department due to a bit of luck.

My razorgors charged his Razorgor chariot and chased it off the field. There were a few other small victories, but nothing big until I got my bestigors into the face of the Minotaur formation. I soul-blighted them, they got Wyssaned (cancelling each other out) and that was it.

We had one round of combat and a few minotaurs died.


The game ended with the only REAL losses being; BSB, Gor Horde and the miscast Shaman.

His losses? Razorgor chariot. Ungor raiders. Not enough minotaurs.


All in all, some bad luck and sloppy playing on my side.

Death lore very much let me down here. I would have killed for Lore of Shadow. Miasma on all stats on the doombull would have made him just a roadblock. So would have “enfeebling” or “withering”. Even Occams Mindrazor would have rocked the house.

I could not ‘snipe’ him as he was too far away before his charge (from my GBS) and the miscast ended my phase. Nothing I could do to save the poor Gor horde.

Again, another example of the BSB’s fragility.

Fun game though. Lots of great charges, running around, and yelling and bawling. (all of which hurt my pounding hangover)


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Monster Month: Storm of Magic (rumors and updates?)

It’s no secret.

I like monsters.

I like things that tear up the good guy and go “raaaaarrrg” as they throw his corpse.

I like things that swoop overhead on leather wings, out of the night and incinerate towns and fleeing peasants.


From dragons to Manticores, to Minotaurs & gors; I love the bad guys.


July is the release date for the “STORM OF MAGIC“. With it, monsters take the forefront and steal the show.


manticores, chimeras, dragons and one about to die sorcress....

Many of the monsters out there are lackluster ,especially the BEASTMEN monsters. This new expansion COULD update many monsters, hopefully make them viabale in something other than friendly play/ fluffy games. I’m not holding out hope for answers to the Beastmen woes, but with GW trying to sell lots of monsters (that do look amazing) , one would HOPE that their rules are just as amazing and can get the ball rolling.


After all, the Bloody TOMB KINGS are not a monster army. Why in the hell should their monsters out-class the ‘monster army’?


Enjoy the sneaks!


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