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WIP : army of nurgle

One of the Armies of Warhammer that I’ve been fascinated with is the Nurgle Warriors of Chaos. They stand apart from the typical armored “kill-mc-duderson” by grotesque imagery. Clouds of flies, pus weeping blades, rotting tendrils; a great blind date.

Something about their color palette always appealed to me. Dark greens and muted browns give a great chance to contrast and make areas stand out. Typically, it’s the pale flesh.

Two years ago, I ran a Mono-god list of Warriors of Chaos to Quake City Rumble! I did fairly well (3-2) despite my own jackassery of inebriated rage-quitting a game I was winning. Tabling the guy infact. I loved the feel, lore and color of the army, but with the new book Nurgle became the “teh ubar” go to God/Mark for power gamers. I’d like to think that I’m not a gamer like that, I enjoy winning, who doesn’t? But I like my opponent to have a fun game too. It’s not a video game, there’s a real life person there to play with, talk to, (often) Drink with and they want to have fun too. So power armies don’t appeal to me.

I played an all too powerful Chaos Dwarf army at last year’s WEST COAST HAMMERTIME! and I took little pleasure from it. Even winning, it was less fun than a loss with my beastmen.
So I decided to relaunch the Nurgle Warriors of Chaos!

I enjoy the lore of the armies and tend to go all one mark or no mark. Once you start dabbling, then it’s a slippery cherry picking road to complete filthy-no-fun-low-comp armies.

So, long term, this is the begginging of my revamped All Nurgle Warriors of Chaos army.

The goal is to have it debut at this year’s WEST COAST HAMMERTIME!

I’m trying a lot of new techniques with the airbrush, so a lot of it will be experiments.

The first unit I’m working on is a unit of NURGLE WARRIORS (with halberds). I’ve bought the Avatars of War: Warriors of the Apocalypse models.

I can’t say how fantastic they are. So easy to put together, exceptionally crafted and very few flash-lines.

Below is the priming method I’m using.



Here is the base coating with some pre-shade. I used Vallejo “Gunship Green” for the base.


Base coats

Here they are after a few layers of Green. Maybe I went overboard with it.

here’s the steps (all Vallejo)

  • Gunship green
  • Black green
  • Intermediate green
  • Lime green
  • lime green & flat yellow (1:2 )

4 greens:


Those are the contrasting colors that I want on the cloth/ banners.

I went with a nice vermillion and want to build to orange.

However, I’m going to do this by hand. The airbrush, while fantastic effects, is spilling over to the green that I worked hard on.(heh….hardon). I think that I’ve hit the point where I need to spoil myself with a new, more fine airbrush to get these details.

Right now I’m using a Badger 150 with detachable nozzles, but I think I’ve hit the limits of what it can do.

So anyone with airbrush advice/ preferences , feel free to let me know what you like!!



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West Coast Hammertime G.T. recap

After months of excitement and preparation,  this weekend was the


In November, I got my Chaos Dwarfs in the mail. A few stragglers came in; Drazoath the Ashen model, some war-machines.

A recent RTT showed that the chaos dwarfs could fight. (not to mention were lucky…very lucky) and I finalized my list for the West Coast Hammertime GT!  Here’s the list!

magma for days

magma for days

2500 Chaos Dwarfs WCHT 


Sorcerer Prophet:

lvl 4, General, Great Taurus, dark forged weapon.

Chalice of Blood and Darkness, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield

 What’s not to love about monsters? The model for this particular one is exceptionally well made. The large target gives the general a leadership 10 18″ bubble. While the Great Taurus doesn’t have an armor save, it is somewhat protected. Non magical attacks have to be re-rolled and flaming attacks cannot harm it and restore D3 wounds to it. Not shabby.


Infernal Castellan: BSB

Mask of the Furnace, great weapon

A resolute BSB, a 3+ armor save, high toughness and 4+ ward and 2+ v flaming attacks. 

Bull Centaur Tau’ruk

Great Weapon, Black Shard Armor

Dawnstone, Dragon Helm, Other Tricksters’ shard.

I call this guy “mini doombull”. He’s tough 5, a great armor save, 2+ v flaming and hits like a ton of bricks. Not only that but he’s able to force a challenge and make all Ward saves shaky. 


Infernal Guard: 29, full command, lich bone banner, Great Weapons.

Pretty much the heart of the army. This unit was able to wade into the thick of it and dish out a ton of pain and withstand a fair amount. 

Infernal Guard: 19 full command. Hand Weapon & Shield.

A solid block with a decent strength. These guys were able to hold objectives and pose a serious flanking threat. 


Magma Cannon

Magma Cannon

These guys are stellar. I tried the Death Shrieker and all it did was scatter into oblivion.  I’m sure if I baby-sat it with my Sorcerer Prophet or a demonsmith, they’d be ok. But that’s not my style. If i get 2 rounds of shooting with them, I’m happy. Due to the slow nature of the dwarfs, I’m often protecting them just by being there.

K’daai Destroyer.

Big Red. 

That’s the list!

Marching to war!!!

Marching to war!!!

The Venue was the Laguna Hills Elks’ Lodge.
The venue was fantastic. A well priced bar, great diner and breakfast, not to mention the hospitality. The Elks were very curious about the game and the hobby. They put up with about 50 exuberant gamers and our yelling, and were amazing hosts.  This is one of the best venues I’ve been to for a tournament and everyone loved it. Food was RIGHT there, beer and booze was absurdly cheap and plenty.  A great find by the guys at West Coast Hammer Time

There was a massive Elk head in the hall and it was watching over the gaming. I thought it was an ill omen for any wood elf players…Orion’s hunt didn’t go so well.

There were 50 players for a first year tournament! that’s unheard of! The guys from leadership 2 came down and that really makes for a great tournament. My games with the L2 guys have always been some of the most fun, challenging and bloody matches any player could hope for. Not to mention the painting. When you go to a tourney, you want to play painted armies…these guys deliver.



Next up; Game 1! 



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Chaos Dwarf Book & Cards

Since starting down the rabbit hole into “Chaos dwarf” realm, i’ve been toting around the Tamurkhan book.

That thing is big. Bulky

And expensive.

So, last week, I went to a printing shop and had them make a ‘travel version’ of the Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos book. I own the book, I just needed a version to take to tournaments/ games.

book and cards! huzzah

book and cards! huzzah

The pages and magic cards are laminated. Good thing too, as the FIRST day out with them, someone spilled a drink right on them. Whew!

Trial by margaritas.

one more thing done on my COUNTDOWN TO WEST COAST HAMMERTIME!



Back to it


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COUNTDOWN TO West Coast Hammertime GT!

With the tournament season on the horizon; West Coast Hammertime GT, Broadside Bash, Quake City Rumble and more, I’ve decided to make a check list and run it through the ringer.


So, without further delay, here’s my


 1: 28 Infernal guard with Hand weapon shields – unit fillers:

progress: assembled, primed, base coated.

 2:  28 Infernal Guard with Great weapons – unit fillers

progress: nada

3: Warmachines

2 assembled (partially)

4: Bull Centaur Unit; great weapons & command

1/2 of the amount assembled. Need to convert GW’s and Command. Might be problematic

5: hobgoblin Khan

Assembled, primed. Using the Old school “Ghazak Khan” model

not mine, just same model

not mine, just same model


6: BSB

progress: using custom model. Creating custom banner. ideally will freehand the banner. Primed, some base coats

7: Demonsmith 

progress Using limited edition Games day FW model. Assembled, primed, base coats

8: Bale Tarus and rider:

long way to go…

9: K’daai Destroyer

Using the KRULL miniature from Mierce. Still in box. Yeah….

amazing miniature…well, behemothature.


K'daai in progress

K’daai in progress

10: Custom Movement trays:

constructed. that’s it

11: Display Board:

sketches done…but no physical work completed.


So, there’s a lot to be done.

I’ll be updating this with progress and pictures. Hopefully it will keep me on track!






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