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WIP : army of nurgle

One of the Armies of Warhammer that I’ve been fascinated with is the Nurgle Warriors of Chaos. They stand apart from the typical armored “kill-mc-duderson” by grotesque imagery. Clouds of flies, pus weeping blades, rotting tendrils; a great blind date.

Something about their color palette always appealed to me. Dark greens and muted browns give a great chance to contrast and make areas stand out. Typically, it’s the pale flesh.

Two years ago, I ran a Mono-god list of Warriors of Chaos to Quake City Rumble! I did fairly well (3-2) despite my own jackassery of inebriated rage-quitting a game I was winning. Tabling the guy infact. I loved the feel, lore and color of the army, but with the new book Nurgle became the “teh ubar” go to God/Mark for power gamers. I’d like to think that I’m not a gamer like that, I enjoy winning, who doesn’t? But I like my opponent to have a fun game too. It’s not a video game, there’s a real life person there to play with, talk to, (often) Drink with and they want to have fun too. So power armies don’t appeal to me.

I played an all too powerful Chaos Dwarf army at last year’s WEST COAST HAMMERTIME! and I took little pleasure from it. Even winning, it was less fun than a loss with my beastmen.
So I decided to relaunch the Nurgle Warriors of Chaos!

I enjoy the lore of the armies and tend to go all one mark or no mark. Once you start dabbling, then it’s a slippery cherry picking road to complete filthy-no-fun-low-comp armies.

So, long term, this is the begginging of my revamped All Nurgle Warriors of Chaos army.

The goal is to have it debut at this year’s WEST COAST HAMMERTIME!

I’m trying a lot of new techniques with the airbrush, so a lot of it will be experiments.

The first unit I’m working on is a unit of NURGLE WARRIORS (with halberds). I’ve bought the Avatars of War: Warriors of the Apocalypse models.

I can’t say how fantastic they are. So easy to put together, exceptionally crafted and very few flash-lines.

Below is the priming method I’m using.



Here is the base coating with some pre-shade. I used Vallejo “Gunship Green” for the base.


Base coats

Here they are after a few layers of Green. Maybe I went overboard with it.

here’s the steps (all Vallejo)

  • Gunship green
  • Black green
  • Intermediate green
  • Lime green
  • lime green & flat yellow (1:2 )

4 greens:


Those are the contrasting colors that I want on the cloth/ banners.

I went with a nice vermillion and want to build to orange.

However, I’m going to do this by hand. The airbrush, while fantastic effects, is spilling over to the green that I worked hard on.(heh….hardon). I think that I’ve hit the point where I need to spoil myself with a new, more fine airbrush to get these details.

Right now I’m using a Badger 150 with detachable nozzles, but I think I’ve hit the limits of what it can do.

So anyone with airbrush advice/ preferences , feel free to let me know what you like!!



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Darklands Kickstarter. Mierce Miniature’s Minotaurs!

It’s pretty obvious that I like Mierce miniatures. I belive that they have some of the best sculpts on the market.
Their monsters are much more to my tastes than most sculpts by other companies and not only that, but they do justice to some of the more obscure monsters out there. Namely, the Chimera.


Mierce's Chimera

Mierce’s Chimera

I have quite a few of their sculpts, both here and here.

They fit well, well made, almost zero flash and really make amazing center pieces.

Recently, they launched a Kickstarter.

Mierce DARKLANDS kickstarter

Mierce DARKLANDS kickstarter


I saw the rewards: Well sculpted Minotaurs & another chimera?

                                            HELL YES.

not only that, but it’s a great way to see many new and alternative models come out.  Plus if you’re a fellow Warriors of Chaos player, these sculpts will help make your army a show stopper. (belle of the ball, really) Check out some of the basic rewards. More on their SITE:

Some of the rewards from Mierce

Some of the rewards from Mierce

I don’t know much about the game “darklands” but would be eager to give it a go.


The people at Mierce have been amazing. They’ve helped track down hard to find orders, ensured their deliveries and just been on the ball about listening to the community’s requests. The HERDSTONE requested minotaurs, and damnit…we got minotaurs.


Go, support some good people and great minis.

game on.



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Shut Up and Take my Money : Ogres

As a hobbyist (read: reclusive nerd with some modicum of skill with a brush) , we all have our goals and ‘to do lists’. Unfortunately, they don’t always coincide with our limitations; money & time.

Recently, at my favorite local game store, I was meeting a friend for a league match when I saw a trade in. Someone(s) had traded in several armies. One was a MASSIVE vampire counts army (took two carts to move it all) the second was an Ogre army.
Trade ins are often a fraction of what the items should cost, supports my store and feeds the nerd inside me. I asked ‘how much?’

which brings us to, the first installment of

Take it!


Aye. I succumbed to a good deal. What can I say, I’m not made of stone (though heart may be crusted and rotten), and couldn’t resist such a great find.
Without Further adieu, I give you my summer painting project. (cats not included)

That’s a lot of fat men.
The total tally comes to:

  •  20 Ogre Bulls
  • 10 Iron Guts
  • 6 Lead Belchers
  • 6 Mournfang Cavalry
  • 2 Iron Blasters
  • 1 Firebelly
  • 1 Battle Standard Bearer
  • 2 Slaughter master
  • 1 Man-eater
  • 1 Hunter
  • 1Tyrant/ Golfang

Whew. That’s a truck ton of work ahead of me.

The initial plan is to paint them similar to the Nurgle theme, yet less rotted and corroded. I may custom create convert some of the Iron Guts as more ‘chaotic’ Ogres and have them easily incorporated into the Warriors of Chaos army. Granted that’s the plan right now.

They’re right behind the spring project to completely prepare for Quake City Rumble with my Warriors of Chaos (unless I change my mind on which army….for the 18th time)

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So, even more time has passed  since this game. So, even more has slipped through the sieve like mind…..plus I was a bit hungover during the game (so was my opponent).

Without any of the usual hooplah, here’s the battle.


His forces.

Doombull: 1+ armor save, ramhorn helm, Arayban carpet (flying)

lvl 3 beast shaman (general)

Gorebull BSB.

6 minotaurs

2 Tuskagor chariots

1 razorgor chariot

3 groups of ungor raiders

a solid block of Gors.


Very upset that my camera didn’t save the pictures, as his army was an all “Egyptian” themed beastman army. Very cool and nice paint job.

However, I did get a few pictures of his army the first day there. The Quake City Rumble was amazing to see all the gorgeous armies. This was one of them.

The game went down pretty fast.

My strategy was hold the doombull with my S4 Gors (beast banner) and boost them with Wyssans from the lvl 2. They’d be S5, T5 and would wear the doombull out by attrition.

Things didn’t exactly go my way. On round one, preparing to meet the charge of the doombull, I cast Wyssans Wildform on two dice. And miscast. The wizard was sucked into the void and it ended my magic phase. Now, they had Wyssans’ but couldn’t get it past that.

Knowing your enemy is a distinct advantage, so he knew how fragile my BSB was. His doombull struck down my BSB first thing and held on the Combat res. A 2+ armor save becomes pretty much tissue paper to S6 attacks (and a stomp).

With both these misfortunes, I had nothing that could dent his Doombull. S3 attacks that DID manage to wound, were saved by armor and turned back at me. Ouch. The doombull alone ate my Gors for breakfast.


The rest of the game was a piddling shoot out between ungors and ungors (raiders). I won in that department due to a bit of luck.

My razorgors charged his Razorgor chariot and chased it off the field. There were a few other small victories, but nothing big until I got my bestigors into the face of the Minotaur formation. I soul-blighted them, they got Wyssaned (cancelling each other out) and that was it.

We had one round of combat and a few minotaurs died.


The game ended with the only REAL losses being; BSB, Gor Horde and the miscast Shaman.

His losses? Razorgor chariot. Ungor raiders. Not enough minotaurs.


All in all, some bad luck and sloppy playing on my side.

Death lore very much let me down here. I would have killed for Lore of Shadow. Miasma on all stats on the doombull would have made him just a roadblock. So would have “enfeebling” or “withering”. Even Occams Mindrazor would have rocked the house.

I could not ‘snipe’ him as he was too far away before his charge (from my GBS) and the miscast ended my phase. Nothing I could do to save the poor Gor horde.

Again, another example of the BSB’s fragility.

Fun game though. Lots of great charges, running around, and yelling and bawling. (all of which hurt my pounding hangover)


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Monster Month: Storm of Magic (rumors and updates?)

It’s no secret.

I like monsters.

I like things that tear up the good guy and go “raaaaarrrg” as they throw his corpse.

I like things that swoop overhead on leather wings, out of the night and incinerate towns and fleeing peasants.


From dragons to Manticores, to Minotaurs & gors; I love the bad guys.


July is the release date for the “STORM OF MAGIC“. With it, monsters take the forefront and steal the show.


manticores, chimeras, dragons and one about to die sorcress....

Many of the monsters out there are lackluster ,especially the BEASTMEN monsters. This new expansion COULD update many monsters, hopefully make them viabale in something other than friendly play/ fluffy games. I’m not holding out hope for answers to the Beastmen woes, but with GW trying to sell lots of monsters (that do look amazing) , one would HOPE that their rules are just as amazing and can get the ball rolling.


After all, the Bloody TOMB KINGS are not a monster army. Why in the hell should their monsters out-class the ‘monster army’?


Enjoy the sneaks!


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The Rusted Blade.

About a month ago, I gained much momentum on my Warriors of Chaos army. As previously mentioned, I enjoy the lore and theme of the Chaos Pantheon. Nurgle, has particularly attracted my eye. With a great lore and fantastic color palate, I started work on a main unit of the Warriors of Chaos, with marks of Nurgle.

I give you; the “Rusted Blade”.

Full frontal Nerdity.

I started with a mixture of Greens mixed with ‘bubonic brown’ for the baste coat and worked up from there. I knew that I wanted a pestilent look and one that dripped rot and disgusting filth, so I stuck with a mostly muted greens and browns with lighter highlights of said colors.

As  you can see, I was using a lot of ‘bleached bone’ and ‘rotting flesh’ as my light colors while still keeping to the palette.

I wanted the unit to be true to their name sake: the Rusted Blades. I used heavy washes of green, ‘devlan mud’ and some ‘badab black’ on a texture technique I learned while using water colors.


While not the best lit photograph, I hope it shows that with a bit of ingenuity or just willing to make an absolute mess, a good rusted look is easy to achieve. While this may not be the most pretty ‘rusty’ look, (not to be confused with Rusty Venture) it has a certain texture that lends itself to Nurgle and his bloated and terrible hordes.



Here is the finished product: 


Additionally, here are some of the individual models.




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Face-rollers: brace for impact. Minotaurs bring the pew.

One of the biggest allures of the Beastman army was the minotaurs. A solid monster in any fantasy genre with classical roots, the Minotaur is the embodiment of man’s bestial nature and savagery.

In layman’s terms: a big bull that just kicks ass and takes names….and is all out of chewing gum.


Pew touch marches on


Though arguably one of the most fun monsters in the beastman army, the minotaurs’ uses are limited due to their lackluster survivabilty. Let’s face it, these monsters want to stampede over the front lines and stomp and smash the enemy into the ground, their own personal saftey is not really a high priority. (see: bloodgreed).

Minotaurs in Warhammer are subject to “bloodgreed” where if they are on the winning side of combat, they gain more attacks and become frenzied. This can stack up to ten times! So imagine stampeding bulls with cleavers larger than most men turned into maelstroms of moo-ing rage. Well worth a few losses if you can get them into combat past the cowardly archers/gun-lines.

Here’s a few quick pictures of the unit I now call “The Face-rollers”*’

The Doombull:

I very much enjoyed painting this monster, but piecing this metal figure together was a challenge. Fortunately, the manager of the GW near me introduced me to ‘pinning‘ metal pieces. You drill small holes into the connecting sockets and then glue them both together. Think of it as bolting AND welding.




The armor came out 100% what I imagined it would look like. I used Chaos-black mixed with ‘chainmail’ at a 1:3 ratio. Then it was liberal and numerous coats of ‘badab black‘ washes. I highlighted the armor with pure ‘chainmail‘. I dig the results. The bronze/ brass effect was ‘tin-bitz‘ with some ‘shining gold‘ (2:1 ratio) with the same application of ‘devlan mud‘…with shining gold highlights.  I still need to go back and give this beast eye color and his own warpaint….just trying to figure it out.


Doombull side

Doombull side view


Here are some pictures of the ‘Face-rollers’….but in too harsh of sunlight. More pictures to follow.

I was very happy with the ‘warpaint’ on the rank and file minotaurs. I wanted it to have a look similar to the Plains Indians’ (Lakota, Nakota, Dakota) horses’ war paint.

Note the blood-kine is the black minotaur.

*”Face-roller” comes from a derogatory term for ‘easy mode’ in computer gaming. If something was so over-powered, one could supposedly roll their face on the keyboard and still win. Hence; face roller. After a victory over the skaven (full battle report earlier), a friend called the Minotaurs “face rollers”, mocking them for their ease and ‘O-P ness’ (over powered).

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