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WIP : army of nurgle

One of the Armies of Warhammer that I’ve been fascinated with is the Nurgle Warriors of Chaos. They stand apart from the typical armored “kill-mc-duderson” by grotesque imagery. Clouds of flies, pus weeping blades, rotting tendrils; a great blind date.

Something about their color palette always appealed to me. Dark greens and muted browns give a great chance to contrast and make areas stand out. Typically, it’s the pale flesh.

Two years ago, I ran a Mono-god list of Warriors of Chaos to Quake City Rumble! I did fairly well (3-2) despite my own jackassery of inebriated rage-quitting a game I was winning. Tabling the guy infact. I loved the feel, lore and color of the army, but with the new book Nurgle became the “teh ubar” go to God/Mark for power gamers. I’d like to think that I’m not a gamer like that, I enjoy winning, who doesn’t? But I like my opponent to have a fun game too. It’s not a video game, there’s a real life person there to play with, talk to, (often) Drink with and they want to have fun too. So power armies don’t appeal to me.

I played an all too powerful Chaos Dwarf army at last year’s WEST COAST HAMMERTIME! and I took little pleasure from it. Even winning, it was less fun than a loss with my beastmen.
So I decided to relaunch the Nurgle Warriors of Chaos!

I enjoy the lore of the armies and tend to go all one mark or no mark. Once you start dabbling, then it’s a slippery cherry picking road to complete filthy-no-fun-low-comp armies.

So, long term, this is the begginging of my revamped All Nurgle Warriors of Chaos army.

The goal is to have it debut at this year’s WEST COAST HAMMERTIME!

I’m trying a lot of new techniques with the airbrush, so a lot of it will be experiments.

The first unit I’m working on is a unit of NURGLE WARRIORS (with halberds). I’ve bought the Avatars of War: Warriors of the Apocalypse models.

I can’t say how fantastic they are. So easy to put together, exceptionally crafted and very few flash-lines.

Below is the priming method I’m using.



Here is the base coating with some pre-shade. I used Vallejo “Gunship Green” for the base.


Base coats

Here they are after a few layers of Green. Maybe I went overboard with it.

here’s the steps (all Vallejo)

  • Gunship green
  • Black green
  • Intermediate green
  • Lime green
  • lime green & flat yellow (1:2 )

4 greens:


Those are the contrasting colors that I want on the cloth/ banners.

I went with a nice vermillion and want to build to orange.

However, I’m going to do this by hand. The airbrush, while fantastic effects, is spilling over to the green that I worked hard on.(heh….hardon). I think that I’ve hit the point where I need to spoil myself with a new, more fine airbrush to get these details.

Right now I’m using a Badger 150 with detachable nozzles, but I think I’ve hit the limits of what it can do.

So anyone with airbrush advice/ preferences , feel free to let me know what you like!!



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Chaos Dwarfs: Airbrushing progress


I’m building my chaos dwarfs in aspiration to run in the WEST COAST HAMMERTIME Grand TOURNAMENT!

this is part of my COUNT DOWN TO HAMMERTIME! 

here’s a quick shot of some of my Infernal Guard during their airbrush time!

Primed white, the guard, the BSB and the Demonsmith are ready for airbrushing.
You’ll note, I’m saving the Hand weapon shield for assembly later. I can only imagine that they’re difficult to reach much of the details (like Warriors of chaos) but I need to rank them up prior to gluing the odd weapons. 20mm bases mean they have to be snug.

Dorks on Corks---White primed; Demonsmith, BSB and IG command

Dorks on Corks—White primed; Demonsmith, BSB and IG command

I placed them on cork so that I didn’t have to muck them up with my own hands. That and it’s fancy as shit. …and hides the evidence of my wine consumption.

Next up was a 2 part base coat.

1: I mixed Vallejo RED and Vallejo Black in a 4:1 ratio. These droppers made it EASY to do. It gives a dark coating , that has a bit of red to it and helps add a shadowed feel.

1st  part of 2 part basecoat

1st part of 2 part basecoat

Next step was the red.
I used pure Vallejo Red and lightly went over the dwarfs. Some areas I went for more coats ( helms, backs and forearms) others i went lighter.  In the closer shot they look MUCH brighter than they are, almost a fire engine red. They’re more muted than that, so the zoomed out pic is more accurate.

red! too red? no just zoomed

red! too red? no just zoomed

base coat complete

base coat complete

From here, I’ll go in, do highlights, the beards, metal (bronzes. brass) then more effects!

Lots of experimenting to go. Hope you enjoy.

any advice is welcomed.


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Nerds on the Horizon: 2013 goals and updates!

Ok it’s been a while.

Since July.


Since QUAKE CITY RUMBLE, I’ve take a bit of time off from the hobby. I suffered from a bit of burn out. Practicing with the same list, 2 leagues and then a 5 game tournament, all with Warriors of Chaos, will burn you out a bit.

So, with a new year, there’s a new start!

Here’s what I’m up to and projects in “Nerd also Rises”

1. New Army: Chaos Dwarfs!

Dwarfs, pushed to the edge of the world. They looked into the abyss and it looked back. Now, torn by hatred and the darkness within their souls, they’ve strayed from the legacy of honor and tradition to a legacy of tyranny and oppression.

Chaos dwarfs!

Chaos dwarfs!

The first (gw) model I ever bought was a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer on a Lammassu. I mowed lawns for weeks in the horrible Virginia summers and then, when I had enough, I took several buses and got to my local store. I bought some (now oldschool) chaos warriors and the Sorcerer on a Lammassu.  Later I bought the sorcerer on a Taurus.
I was the happiest 12 year old.

Decades later, I thought them lost. Then, out of the blue, my dad sent me these two models. Still new in box.  (I had little modeling skills then)

NIB taurus. that old!

NIB taurus.
that old!


I was never a fan of the “big hats” and love the iron clad look of the Warriors of chaos. Now, with the new Forge World Chaos Dwarfs, I’ve started them up again.

More to follow.


2. New Paints.

I enjoy the GW line of paints. However, they give me constant headaches. Pots drying even with proper and careful sealing. Hard to measure accurate mixing measurements . Now, the final straw was the new colors; most colors didn’t match, favorites phased out, crappy pots and just killing any comparisons. All for what? Trademarking their names?

So, having shoved out money for my 5th pot of ‘rotting flesh’ and watching it dry, and bashing my head in measurements, I invested in the “Vallejo Paint Case”.  I ordered it through my favorite game shop; Cardboard Arcade, and was delighted when it arrived.
The paints are fantastic. They apply smooth and the subtle changes in color is amazing. There’s about 6 whites! CRAZY! Worth every damn penny.



Not only that, but they pour/drip/measure well for my ….


3. Airbrush.

Knowing that I was about to start a new army, I wanted a new and more professional way of tackling it. The Forgeworld models are renowned for their details and I didn’t want to lose these in any base coating.

I invested in a Badger Airbrush and compressor and am very happy. I’m still learning and only doing the base coats and shading with it for now. Details and freehand are still done by hand.

4. Prime White.

My local group and friends that I trust and respect their painting prime their models in white. The colors pop more and the contrast is more pronounced. So, seeing this, I’m attempting to prime my models white and see the results.
I’ve already done two important pieces in white (posts soon) and am VERY happy with the results. Not sure if it’s the white, or actually getting better at painting.


That’s it for now! Tournaments and games on the horizon!

No more slacking, back to the drafting board.





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