Stay Frosty, my friends; Frost Phoenix

Quick update.
Helping my friend get ready for QCR and trying to take a break from all the goat-men painting. He’s putting together a ‘monster mash’ type list with his High Elves….if he listens to my advice, and avoiding the new high elf cheese.

Yes I said it. The new book has things that make the Chaos Dwarfs seem tame and balanced.

Before going into it, here’s a quick and fun painting of the new Frost Phoenix

top finished (not detailed)

top finished (not detailed)


Step 1: White Primer

Step 2: Under-highlights;Vallejo’s Purple + Red ( 2:1)

Step 3: Prussian blue

step 3

step 3

Step 4: Medium blue

step 4

step 4

step 5: careful outer strokes with  Vallejo Sky blue

finished top and bottom.

IMG_20130604_163248_970 IMG_20130604_163300_270


there you have it. Not the best pictures. But a fun model to paint and took me about 1 1/2 hrs, not counting pin/brush cleaning.


stay frosty






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Mierce Kickstarter: Darklands. THE GOODS!


It’s like Christmas in May! The Kickstarter for Mierce Miniatures has arrived!

In February , I backed the Darklands Kickstarter; a fantasy skirmish/battle game.  I’ve been a huge fan of Mierce’s minature line and think that they have some of the most exceptional sculpts in the fantasy gaming world. Most of my Minotaurs are of their line.


The Battle Standard Bearer!

The Battle Standard Bearer!

As the bulk of the Kickstarter, I ordered their new Minotaur infantry set. With the pledge, I spent more for the bonuses and stretch goals; Chimeras, Battle standard bearers, Wyverns, and more.

Now here’s the rub! Images of the newly arrived Minotaurs. Still ‘on sprue’ and right out of the box.

M M Minotaur IMG_20130529_181036_072 M M Minotaur, w sword M M Minotaur, champion King underbite For scale next to VERY old min

I’m in the middle of working on my army for Quake City Rumble, so I won’t get to these bad boys anytime soon.

now you know what they look like in the flesh!

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Bestigors wip

Small delay. Airbrush pins had an issue. So far bases on horns, hafts, skin



Horns and hooves done. Kind of like them as is, probably won’t ink them.
Painted axes black as a primer. Hooray airbrush!!


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Bestigors; begin again


Quick picture of current project. Completely redoing the army for Quake city rumble.
It’s been 2 years since I’ve painted beasts and it’s time to get back to my roots.

Beastmen. Play it like I live:

Naked, horny and hairy.

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West Coast Hammertime G.T. recap

After months of excitement and preparation,  this weekend was the


In November, I got my Chaos Dwarfs in the mail. A few stragglers came in; Drazoath the Ashen model, some war-machines.

A recent RTT showed that the chaos dwarfs could fight. (not to mention were lucky…very lucky) and I finalized my list for the West Coast Hammertime GT!  Here’s the list!

magma for days

magma for days

2500 Chaos Dwarfs WCHT 


Sorcerer Prophet:

lvl 4, General, Great Taurus, dark forged weapon.

Chalice of Blood and Darkness, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield

 What’s not to love about monsters? The model for this particular one is exceptionally well made. The large target gives the general a leadership 10 18″ bubble. While the Great Taurus doesn’t have an armor save, it is somewhat protected. Non magical attacks have to be re-rolled and flaming attacks cannot harm it and restore D3 wounds to it. Not shabby.


Infernal Castellan: BSB

Mask of the Furnace, great weapon

A resolute BSB, a 3+ armor save, high toughness and 4+ ward and 2+ v flaming attacks. 

Bull Centaur Tau’ruk

Great Weapon, Black Shard Armor

Dawnstone, Dragon Helm, Other Tricksters’ shard.

I call this guy “mini doombull”. He’s tough 5, a great armor save, 2+ v flaming and hits like a ton of bricks. Not only that but he’s able to force a challenge and make all Ward saves shaky. 


Infernal Guard: 29, full command, lich bone banner, Great Weapons.

Pretty much the heart of the army. This unit was able to wade into the thick of it and dish out a ton of pain and withstand a fair amount. 

Infernal Guard: 19 full command. Hand Weapon & Shield.

A solid block with a decent strength. These guys were able to hold objectives and pose a serious flanking threat. 


Magma Cannon

Magma Cannon

These guys are stellar. I tried the Death Shrieker and all it did was scatter into oblivion.  I’m sure if I baby-sat it with my Sorcerer Prophet or a demonsmith, they’d be ok. But that’s not my style. If i get 2 rounds of shooting with them, I’m happy. Due to the slow nature of the dwarfs, I’m often protecting them just by being there.

K’daai Destroyer.

Big Red. 

That’s the list!

Marching to war!!!

Marching to war!!!

The Venue was the Laguna Hills Elks’ Lodge.
The venue was fantastic. A well priced bar, great diner and breakfast, not to mention the hospitality. The Elks were very curious about the game and the hobby. They put up with about 50 exuberant gamers and our yelling, and were amazing hosts.  This is one of the best venues I’ve been to for a tournament and everyone loved it. Food was RIGHT there, beer and booze was absurdly cheap and plenty.  A great find by the guys at West Coast Hammer Time

There was a massive Elk head in the hall and it was watching over the gaming. I thought it was an ill omen for any wood elf players…Orion’s hunt didn’t go so well.

There were 50 players for a first year tournament! that’s unheard of! The guys from leadership 2 came down and that really makes for a great tournament. My games with the L2 guys have always been some of the most fun, challenging and bloody matches any player could hope for. Not to mention the painting. When you go to a tourney, you want to play painted armies…these guys deliver.



Next up; Game 1! 



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Bull Centaurs: WIP pt 1

Attempting to keep up with the vaunted ‘to do list’

Here are the Forge World Bull Centaurs that I’ve been working on.


Priming white

Bull Centaurs. priming

Note that their hands are missing; this is for ease of painting the shields and surface below.

I’ve primed them using the Vallejo White primer.
The primer worked very well. I poured it into the airbrush feeder and went at it. My one complaint is that it started to clog after a bit. Little by little. I had to clear it, but warm/ hot water worked until I went to disassemble the unit.

I went with a strong “German Grey” bull body and fade into a lighter torso; “light sky grey”

Bull Centaurs

Bull Centaurs

I then base coated the beards a dark blue mixed with black (5:1 blue black).

for some darker areas, I used ‘dark sea grey’. This was also used as the next step on the bull torsos to go lighter.



Forge World Bull Centaurs

Forge World Bull Centaurs  WIP
Forge World Bull Centaurs WIP








Hopefully you can see some of the steps here. there’s a lot of work to do, but for now, some base coats have been laid . I’m hoping to add some bright colors with the weapons and armor.

Work work.

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New Warriors Book

New warriors:art by GW.

New warriors:
art by GW.


New Warriors Book finally out.

rumors are about, but waiting for it to be in my filthy paws.

bout time

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