Stay Frosty, my friends; Frost Phoenix

Quick update.
Helping my friend get ready for QCR and trying to take a break from all the goat-men painting. He’s putting together a ‘monster mash’ type list with his High Elves….if he listens to my advice, and avoiding the new high elf cheese.

Yes I said it. The new book has things that make the Chaos Dwarfs seem tame and balanced.

Before going into it, here’s a quick and fun painting of the new Frost Phoenix

top finished (not detailed)

top finished (not detailed)


Step 1: White Primer

Step 2: Under-highlights;Vallejo’s Purple + Red ( 2:1)

Step 3: Prussian blue

step 3

step 3

Step 4: Medium blue

step 4

step 4

step 5: careful outer strokes with  Vallejo Sky blue

finished top and bottom.

IMG_20130604_163248_970 IMG_20130604_163300_270


there you have it. Not the best pictures. But a fun model to paint and took me about 1 1/2 hrs, not counting pin/brush cleaning.


stay frosty






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3 responses to “Stay Frosty, my friends; Frost Phoenix

  1. It looks very frosty, but it seems like it must have been rather dull to paint since it’s basically all one colour.

    I haven’t seen the new High Elf book – what do regard as broken in it? The only thing that’s been mentioned to me is the Banner that messes up Daemon armies.

    • Yeah that’s the bad pictures. Can’t see the shading on the feathers etc. I had a blast painting it. Such a nice change v. infantry.

      the high elves book pretty much dropped in price. Their Lore is over the top. there’s 3-4 spells you can’t afford to ever let go. One of which breaks a chosen item you have
      and they’re all below a 10 to cast. Most on a 5-7
      and the casters get +1 to cast.
      so a lvl 2 needs a 3 -4 for most of their lore. Ouch

    • I think the book is overall very good and amazingly diverse. But the lore is near game breaking.
      other than that, I think it’s an A+ book that sets a standard for diversity, thematic, art and balance.
      but you’ll see most people with a lvl 4, book of hoeth in a horde of some special troop with the Banner of the world dragon. Skill.

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