Mierce Kickstarter: Darklands. THE GOODS!


It’s like Christmas in May! The Kickstarter for Mierce Miniatures has arrived!

In February , I backed the Darklands Kickstarter; a fantasy skirmish/battle game.  I’ve been a huge fan of Mierce’s minature line and think that they have some of the most exceptional sculpts in the fantasy gaming world. Most of my Minotaurs are of their line.


The Battle Standard Bearer!

The Battle Standard Bearer!

As the bulk of the Kickstarter, I ordered their new Minotaur infantry set. With the pledge, I spent more for the bonuses and stretch goals; Chimeras, Battle standard bearers, Wyverns, and more.

Now here’s the rub! Images of the newly arrived Minotaurs. Still ‘on sprue’ and right out of the box.

M M Minotaur IMG_20130529_181036_072 M M Minotaur, w sword M M Minotaur, champion King underbite For scale next to VERY old min

I’m in the middle of working on my army for Quake City Rumble, so I won’t get to these bad boys anytime soon.

now you know what they look like in the flesh!


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