Bull Centaurs: WIP pt 1

Attempting to keep up with the vaunted ‘to do list’

Here are the Forge World Bull Centaurs that I’ve been working on.


Priming white

Bull Centaurs. priming

Note that their hands are missing; this is for ease of painting the shields and surface below.

I’ve primed them using the Vallejo White primer.
The primer worked very well. I poured it into the airbrush feeder and went at it. My one complaint is that it started to clog after a bit. Little by little. I had to clear it, but warm/ hot water worked until I went to disassemble the unit.

I went with a strong “German Grey” bull body and fade into a lighter torso; “light sky grey”

Bull Centaurs

Bull Centaurs

I then base coated the beards a dark blue mixed with black (5:1 blue black).

for some darker areas, I used ‘dark sea grey’. This was also used as the next step on the bull torsos to go lighter.



Forge World Bull Centaurs

Forge World Bull Centaurs  WIP
Forge World Bull Centaurs WIP








Hopefully you can see some of the steps here. there’s a lot of work to do, but for now, some base coats have been laid . I’m hoping to add some bright colors with the weapons and armor.

Work work.


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