Darklands Kickstarter. Mierce Miniature’s Minotaurs!

It’s pretty obvious that I like Mierce miniatures. I belive that they have some of the best sculpts on the market.
Their monsters are much more to my tastes than most sculpts by other companies and not only that, but they do justice to some of the more obscure monsters out there. Namely, the Chimera.


Mierce's Chimera

Mierce’s Chimera

I have quite a few of their sculpts, both here and here.

They fit well, well made, almost zero flash and really make amazing center pieces.

Recently, they launched a Kickstarter.

Mierce DARKLANDS kickstarter

Mierce DARKLANDS kickstarter


I saw the rewards: Well sculpted Minotaurs & another chimera?

                                            HELL YES.

not only that, but it’s a great way to see many new and alternative models come out.  Plus if you’re a fellow Warriors of Chaos player, these sculpts will help make your army a show stopper. (belle of the ball, really) Check out some of the basic rewards. More on their SITE:

Some of the rewards from Mierce

Some of the rewards from Mierce

I don’t know much about the game “darklands” but would be eager to give it a go.


The people at Mierce have been amazing. They’ve helped track down hard to find orders, ensured their deliveries and just been on the ball about listening to the community’s requests. The HERDSTONE requested minotaurs, and damnit…we got minotaurs.


Go, support some good people and great minis.

game on.




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