COUNTDOWN TO West Coast Hammertime GT!

With the tournament season on the horizon; West Coast Hammertime GT, Broadside Bash, Quake City Rumble and more, I’ve decided to make a check list and run it through the ringer.


So, without further delay, here’s my


 1: 28 Infernal guard with Hand weapon shields – unit fillers:

progress: assembled, primed, base coated.

 2:  28 Infernal Guard with Great weapons – unit fillers

progress: nada

3: Warmachines

2 assembled (partially)

4: Bull Centaur Unit; great weapons & command

1/2 of the amount assembled. Need to convert GW’s and Command. Might be problematic

5: hobgoblin Khan

Assembled, primed. Using the Old school “Ghazak Khan” model

not mine, just same model

not mine, just same model


6: BSB

progress: using custom model. Creating custom banner. ideally will freehand the banner. Primed, some base coats

7: Demonsmith 

progress Using limited edition Games day FW model. Assembled, primed, base coats

8: Bale Tarus and rider:

long way to go…

9: K’daai Destroyer

Using the KRULL miniature from Mierce. Still in box. Yeah….

amazing miniature…well, behemothature.


K'daai in progress

K’daai in progress

10: Custom Movement trays:

constructed. that’s it

11: Display Board:

sketches done…but no physical work completed.


So, there’s a lot to be done.

I’ll be updating this with progress and pictures. Hopefully it will keep me on track!







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