Chaos Dwarfs: Airbrushing progress


I’m building my chaos dwarfs in aspiration to run in the WEST COAST HAMMERTIME Grand TOURNAMENT!

this is part of my COUNT DOWN TO HAMMERTIME! 

here’s a quick shot of some of my Infernal Guard during their airbrush time!

Primed white, the guard, the BSB and the Demonsmith are ready for airbrushing.
You’ll note, I’m saving the Hand weapon shield for assembly later. I can only imagine that they’re difficult to reach much of the details (like Warriors of chaos) but I need to rank them up prior to gluing the odd weapons. 20mm bases mean they have to be snug.

Dorks on Corks---White primed; Demonsmith, BSB and IG command

Dorks on Corks—White primed; Demonsmith, BSB and IG command

I placed them on cork so that I didn’t have to muck them up with my own hands. That and it’s fancy as shit. …and hides the evidence of my wine consumption.

Next up was a 2 part base coat.

1: I mixed Vallejo RED and Vallejo Black in a 4:1 ratio. These droppers made it EASY to do. It gives a dark coating , that has a bit of red to it and helps add a shadowed feel.

1st  part of 2 part basecoat

1st part of 2 part basecoat

Next step was the red.
I used pure Vallejo Red and lightly went over the dwarfs. Some areas I went for more coats ( helms, backs and forearms) others i went lighter.  In the closer shot they look MUCH brighter than they are, almost a fire engine red. They’re more muted than that, so the zoomed out pic is more accurate.

red! too red? no just zoomed

red! too red? no just zoomed

base coat complete

base coat complete

From here, I’ll go in, do highlights, the beards, metal (bronzes. brass) then more effects!

Lots of experimenting to go. Hope you enjoy.

any advice is welcomed.



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5 responses to “Chaos Dwarfs: Airbrushing progress

  1. I enjoy the WIP posts… Really shows a lot when you see something going from start to finish. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Also, nice looking models!

  2. That model in the middle, with the great axe, where did you find him? He is absolutely stunning! Looks a bit taller than the average Dwarf but still, very nice. Also, I’ve been skimming around your blog a lot lately for inspiration and would love to see how you handled the bsb-conversion (dark castellan). Got any pictures? =)

    • Glad you digg it!
      I can’t recall the EXACt name of the company that makes the BSB. It’s a Spanish company. I’ll post it here when I recall.

      Thanks for reminding me!
      I never posted army shots of the Chaos dwarfs!!

      • That would be great! I’m anxious to see how you solved the whole bsb-issue. I’m having trouble finding a suitable model to use or convert, but then again my converting skills are quite tame.

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