Doombull and Gorebull; White Primed

Recently, I posted that I’d be doing more hobby work with ‘white primed’ base models.

before I made the plunge to commit to an entire new army primed white, I decided to test the method. Rather than do something logical and try it on a model I don’t care about, I went full speed ahead and painted two of some of my favorite models; The Doombull and Gorebull.

These models are from Mierce Miniatures and are known respectively as Craarakk and Kaastaruk .
When these resin models came in the mail, I was delighted. Not only were they exceptional casts, few mold lines and fit well together but they were the epitome of what I thought minotaurs should look like in a warlike fantasy world. I’m a huge fan of these models and they are a great alternative to GW’s ‘ roided out pitbull’ design.

(pardon the phone pictures)

 The Gorebull:

The Battle Standard Bearer!
The Battle Standard Bearer!

 This model is meant to be the Battle Standard Bearer of my beastmen army. As of now, he is missing his left hand as I model a proper, gigantic and revolting standard. One fitting for the malicious, ravenous hordes of misshapen beasts.

 The Doombull:

Doombull/ Craarakk

Doombull/ Craarakk

The Doombull is something of the heart of my Beastmen army. He’s not the general, he’s not the one that lasts, but he’s a wrecking ball. So I wanted him to have a proper menace and savagery to him. Not only that, but he’s covered head to hoof in armor, scales and skulls. Looking snazzy, lookin’ fine.

Here’s my take on whites. The color does pop more. However, I’m worried as I based coated in a very dark red (mostly red with black) and highlighted several times.  Is this the white primer showing through our is this just the paint doing it’s job?

Here are some photos of the Minotaurs:

2013-01-12_17-37-07_364 2013-01-12_17-36-24_80 2013-01-12_17-36-15_661 2013-01-12_17-35-44_656 2013-01-12_17-35-30_705

Again, I can’t say how much I enjoy the models, they get compliments every time I play and often (and annoyingly) someone picks them up and inspects them.

 two things on the models.  
  1. The hafts. They’re weak. As resin, they arrived bent and broke easily. I replaced them with small bronze pinning rods in no time. I wish they were made seperatly.
  2. Anatomically correct. They have testicles. Bull sized testicles. I find it amazing, borderline hilarious. Just letting you know that they exist. I’d like to think that’s how they assure their dominance. (among other things)

More WIP pictures as soon as I find them.



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4 responses to “Doombull and Gorebull; White Primed

  1. Excellent post! I really like the look of these models though I prefer using GW models when available (that’s just me…) As I stated earlier, I don’t like using white primer because of the exact reason you mentioned: you have to paint several coats over a white undercoat. Some people have no problems painting several coats on the same area but I do… You’re right though, it definitely makes the brighter colors pop out. Nice work so far, looking forward to seeing the finished product. Lastly, I laughed longer than I probably should have at your 2nd point of the models!

  2. Great job Man!

    Awesome models!

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