Nerds on the Horizon: 2013 goals and updates!

Ok it’s been a while.

Since July.


Since QUAKE CITY RUMBLE, I’ve take a bit of time off from the hobby. I suffered from a bit of burn out. Practicing with the same list, 2 leagues and then a 5 game tournament, all with Warriors of Chaos, will burn you out a bit.

So, with a new year, there’s a new start!

Here’s what I’m up to and projects in “Nerd also Rises”

1. New Army: Chaos Dwarfs!

Dwarfs, pushed to the edge of the world. They looked into the abyss and it looked back. Now, torn by hatred and the darkness within their souls, they’ve strayed from the legacy of honor and tradition to a legacy of tyranny and oppression.

Chaos dwarfs!

Chaos dwarfs!

The first (gw) model I ever bought was a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer on a Lammassu. I mowed lawns for weeks in the horrible Virginia summers and then, when I had enough, I took several buses and got to my local store. I bought some (now oldschool) chaos warriors and the Sorcerer on a Lammassu.  Later I bought the sorcerer on a Taurus.
I was the happiest 12 year old.

Decades later, I thought them lost. Then, out of the blue, my dad sent me these two models. Still new in box.  (I had little modeling skills then)

NIB taurus. that old!

NIB taurus.
that old!


I was never a fan of the “big hats” and love the iron clad look of the Warriors of chaos. Now, with the new Forge World Chaos Dwarfs, I’ve started them up again.

More to follow.


2. New Paints.

I enjoy the GW line of paints. However, they give me constant headaches. Pots drying even with proper and careful sealing. Hard to measure accurate mixing measurements . Now, the final straw was the new colors; most colors didn’t match, favorites phased out, crappy pots and just killing any comparisons. All for what? Trademarking their names?

So, having shoved out money for my 5th pot of ‘rotting flesh’ and watching it dry, and bashing my head in measurements, I invested in the “Vallejo Paint Case”.  I ordered it through my favorite game shop; Cardboard Arcade, and was delighted when it arrived.
The paints are fantastic. They apply smooth and the subtle changes in color is amazing. There’s about 6 whites! CRAZY! Worth every damn penny.



Not only that, but they pour/drip/measure well for my ….


3. Airbrush.

Knowing that I was about to start a new army, I wanted a new and more professional way of tackling it. The Forgeworld models are renowned for their details and I didn’t want to lose these in any base coating.

I invested in a Badger Airbrush and compressor and am very happy. I’m still learning and only doing the base coats and shading with it for now. Details and freehand are still done by hand.

4. Prime White.

My local group and friends that I trust and respect their painting prime their models in white. The colors pop more and the contrast is more pronounced. So, seeing this, I’m attempting to prime my models white and see the results.
I’ve already done two important pieces in white (posts soon) and am VERY happy with the results. Not sure if it’s the white, or actually getting better at painting.


That’s it for now! Tournaments and games on the horizon!

No more slacking, back to the drafting board.






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3 responses to “Nerds on the Horizon: 2013 goals and updates!

  1. Glad to see you back to blogging. I’m curious to see how your projects turn out with white primer… I’ve tried it several times and have always found myself going back to a black undercoat… Hope it works for you. Also looking forward to the West Coast GT. looks like there’s 33 now that I’ve signed up. Good shit! Keep it up, I’ll definitely be checking the progress of the chaos dwarfs!

    • Ahoy!

      I’ll get some pics of the White primed stuff up tonight or tomorrow. I’m pretty proud of them.

      West Coast GT is going to amazing. Some of the Leadership 2 people will be coming from SF, and they’re fun people who are some of the best generals I’ve met. Really a top notch crowd.

      Thanks for the encouragement and shaming me !

  2. Great post to get back into the blog. I look forward to more.

    Also, what is it with excellent blogs coming out of lapses this week? First Jungles of Lustria, now this. I heartily approve.

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