Citadel Paint Conversion chart my eye….


Frantically painting up some rank and file for the upcoming QUAKE CITY RUMBLE and i came across this glaring mistake.

 Recently, Citadel pushed their new paint line. Many old colors disappeared and then were replaced. They provided a ‘conversion chart’ so you could supposedly find your old colors.

 I’ve been using a lot of Thakkra green as a wash, and it’s no longer produced. 
 the new replacement is “Biel Tan shade”.

 Below is a picture of the results.
 on the Left is the old thakkra green. The right is the BTG. Huge difference. I have to go back and fix a LOT of models. 





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5 responses to “Citadel Paint Conversion chart my eye….

  1. That’s a huge difference! More importantly (for me anyway) what model is that? Have you converted those?

  2. Mike

    If you read their Paint Conversion Chart you will see other immense mistakes like this… Claiming that “The Fang” is the same colour as BOTH Shadow Grey and Fenris Grey. 😦 If you would like I can either send or post my excel file with Vallejo to OLD OLD GW to OLD GW to NEW GW (Reaper paints don’t seem to have an equivalency)

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