Nurgle BSB : WIP


Quick post as it’s a work in progress.

Finally put together my Army BSB. I tried a new and crazy fun painting method: Air Brush.

Thanks to the Amazing people at Cardboard Arcade, I got this guy primed and some base coats in NO time. Huge time saver.
Nurgle BSBCheck them out, good people, good prices and all that jazz. I seriously spent till midnight hanging out and getting face stomped on by High Elf banish-gun-line.

So with that, this is the last update till AFTER QCR, as I don’t want to give away any more tips, secrets or hints of what’s in the list.

Wish me luck and zero-to-mild hangovers.



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2 responses to “Nurgle BSB : WIP

  1. Good luck at the tournament. The sneak peeks at your army leave me looking forward to seeing full photos of this whole army.

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