Warriors of Chaos: Chosen of Nurgle

When the hordes of chaos march south, they descend like a swarm. Most of the hordes are poorly disciplined marauders, near naked and frothing at the mouth for battle. The Warriors form a wall of steel that can hold up to the worst the enemy can bring forth. The  Chosen are without peer, they are the scions of the dark gods, blessed with unparalleled martial prowess.

Chosen of Nurgle

With Quake City f’n Rumble rapidly approaching, I’m painting like a fiend with brushes for hands, squinty eyes and hunched back that hurts like hell.  This unit took far too much time, but it’s meant as a centerpiece for the army. Honestly, I spent just as much time on each model as I would for most characters. Hopefully, the results show.

Nurgle wants YOU, for his unending pestilence.

Wanting a cohesive look for the entire army, I’ve used the same palette that the Hellcannon and Nurgle Chaos Lord have.  Quake city rewards fun lists, great painting (best I’ve ever seen was there) and good themes. Not only that, but I want an army to be proud of.

Below is a picture of the unit PRE gunk/ verdigris method

Here’s a quick pick of one of the Chosen, before the horns and verdigris



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2 responses to “Warriors of Chaos: Chosen of Nurgle

  1. They look great! Any chance of a close up of some of your favourites? I guess if you spent so long on them you must have some that you like best.

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