Rust and Ruin: Hellcannon #1

(no, not like ‘hellcannon #1! Usa! USA! USA!)

(one of two) 

In preparation for QC f’n R, I’m working on a very thematic Warriors of Chaos list, centered around the Nurgle pantheon.

The Hellcannon, in the Warriors of Chaos list is a very unique creature. It’s essentially a demon, bound by eldricht forges to a body of bronze and iron, made to focus it’s hate as a salvo of terror upon the enemies. When it hits, it forces panic and terror upon any and all touched. As it’s still a demon, it’s a nasty brute in combat; unbreakable, crushing foes under foot (wheels?) and causing fear/terror.

As it’s a demon, I’ve chosen to have it ‘possessed’ by a demon of rot and plague; a scion of Nurgle. So, my Hellcannon looks diseased, weathered and just plain nasty.


I’ve tried to keep the same palette for the entire army, in a hope to link it together.

The Bronze/ metals are :

  •  2/3 shining gold & tin bitz
  • Devlan Mud/ sepia india ink (warning, that gets messy and can run w/ water)
  • Dwarf Bronze
  • 1:1Dwarf Bronze & burnished gold
  • Kosher salt wash with Thakkra green. Dry. Then add Azurmen Blue wash. Dry. Repeat. (note, do NOT use iodized salt that’s smaller. impossible to remove for effect. Use larger granulated salt: Kosher or Sea Salt)

The “souls” or whatever those eerie faces are were painted similar to the Nurgle Hero’s flesh

  • Rotting flesh
  • Thakkra Green (now called BIEL-TAN) wash
  • 1:1 Rotting flesh / Bleached bone
  • 1:1 Bleached bone / White

Nurgle Hellcannon

With all this, the Hellcannon seemed muted. I wanted to incorporate the entire palette and make some contrasting sections of brighter colors.


The Flames:  

  • Iv. Darksun
  • Ogryn Flesh wash (heavy coats)
  • 1:1 Bubonic brown with golden Yellow
  • 1:1 Golden Yellow with sunburst yellow


The last step was adding more of the bright greens. The ‘tubes’ or sludge feeders or whatever the hell they’re called were painted with:

  • Camo green
  • Thakkra Green wash (biel tan due to color changes).
  • 1:1 Camo green & bubonic brown
  • 1:1 Bubonic brown & sunburst yellow
  • Sunburst yellow
Ok, now to base this bad boy.


Nurgle Hellcannon

Hellcannon on a lazy workstation



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3 responses to “Rust and Ruin: Hellcannon #1

  1. I like the verdigris type effect, it looks very good. The bright colours (down the maw of the cannon) are only really visible from one angle, but I don’t think they are needed anyway.

    • thanks man!
      Not sure if it shows, but the feeding tubes are coated with ‘ard stuff, for a glossy look.
      I’m cutting back on the 2nd hellcannon, as it’s taken me a year (not really) just to finish that one. Whew!

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