W.o.C. W.i.P (see, not totally slacking)


Been rather busy. Catching up on illustration works (link to come), paining my damned Warriors of Chaos army for QUAKE CITY RUMBLE! *, and catching up on games for the THREE leagues I’m in. Oh…and a personal life.

Here’s some proof that I’m actually catching up on work.

blurry and poorly lit on purpose.

best models ever?
Yes. best models ever.

 small update on my preparations for QUAKE f-ing CITY RUMBLE!!!!**: Avatars of War; Apoc. Warriors have yet to arrive. Ordered them in December (they took funds in Jan) and still have yet to receive them. The whole point of buying them was for Quake City motherFing Rumble.  According to their customer service, I may or may not have them this month (may). After this order, it’s safe to say I won’t order from them ever again. The initial invoice said I’d get them in March. So, near six months later, I can get these models 1 week before I need to get them ready to rumble.

All updates will come in as :

 Let’s get ready for Rumble. 

*i feel an exclamation point is mandatory for how excited I am for this tournament.
*really excited, if you can’t tell. 

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