Battle Report. Things Yet to Come & Time lapse

Ahoy ahoy.

Sneak peek at what’s to come.

I enjoy writing battle reports, but sadly, don’t have the time for the epic in depth ones I want to write. I’m not one to half ass something; I either whole ass it or save my ass for something else.  Frustrated, I was wracking my brain to figure out something I could report in detail and have the lore and back story that drew me into this thrice damned game.

When it hit me:  Time Lapse

This is the first test of ‘Time Lapse Battle Reports’. I hope to flush it out soon and show off edited, captioned pieces. Much more to work on (tripod for one…) but this is a decent start.

Many thanks to Mc=M, who helped me with this. He’s a damn good guy and a fantastic player that teaches me every time via an ass-kicking.

Any thoughts and feed back would rock.


*note: the few times I hold the dice up are when I roll all “1’s”. Yep, three times on 3-4 dice.


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One response to “Battle Report. Things Yet to Come & Time lapse

  1. Mike

    If there was only a way to narrate INTELLIGIBLY at that speed. 😛 But seriously, It would cool if you could edit out the hands and measurements… and drop in some of those “pop-up comments” you see on youtube (I don’t know what they’re called, but they pop up at timed intervals while watching a video), giving us a “blow-by-blow” of the action… (you could pause and read ’em)

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