Mark of the Beast


for those of you in the know, the mark of the beast has been reduced by 440.

Now it’s the legendary ‘206’.

BSB beasts


For those who don’t know , a very popular build for beastmen is “the 206”

That’s the price for a Wargor with Heavy armor, shield, and “gnarled hide”.

Gnarled hide is a 5+ scaly skin save, so it brings a combination that most BSB’s can’t get with magic baners: a 2+ armor save.

I’ve found this build not as survivable as I’d like, but it’s still fun.

and I like the image.


*credit for the image to the fine goats at the herdstone.



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3 responses to “Mark of the Beast

  1. A great piece of wit, thanks for sharing this. I know you don’t favour this build, but it’s done me proud many a time.

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty good stuff.
    I very much enjoy the build, but it’s limiting and easy prey in competitive fields.
    when you field the 206, you can’t field the 333 doombull that I enjoy so much.
    Not only that, but for the price of his banner, you can toss in a herdstone shaman.

    For fun games and Local tournies, it’s a blast. I even managed to get third with him (the 206), 1 shaman and a Ghorgon!

  3. Mike

    Ahem… 333 Doombull?! Please elaborate… 🙂

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