Nurgle Chaos Lord ; Herald of the Locust


 – Herald of the Locust

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but apparently a violent mass of blubbery flesh gathers some other sickly diseases.

Working on the ‘check list’ that I’ve set for myself, I started on a linchpin for the force; A Chaos Lord of Nurgle.

Nurgle Chaos Lord

Nurgle is one of my favorite lores/ pantheon/ marks of chaos. It has a unique look, amazing colors and just a great way to properly gunk up things. The idea of a plague host, riddled with diseases swarmed by flies descending on the civilized countries is just all too appealing to me.

I’ve named my Nurgle army “The Locusts”, as they come only to consume, spread plague and famine and move on once they’ve gorged themselves.  (more on this later)

So, here’s a step by step (day by day) of the painting. Wahoozy.

Step 1: Base Coats

skin base and greens base

  • Skin: rotting flesh
  • Armor/ spines:  1:1 Camo green / Knarloc Green

bronze bases, guts, and cloth

Bronze: 2:1 Shining Gold/ Tin Bitz

  •  Guts: Elf Flesh
  •  Cloth: Ivanez Darksun
  •  Wood: Calthan Brown
  • Skulls: Bestial Brown

Step 2:  WASHES


  •  Skin: Thakra Green wash
  •  Bronze: Devlan Mud & Ogryn Flesh
  •  Armor: Thakra Green
  •  Cloth: Ogryn Flesh
  •  Guts: Baal Red

Step 3: Highlights

skin: 1:1 Rotting Flesh & Bleached Bone

highlights w/ skull white.


the armor went the same as the ‘spines’

  • 1:1 Camo green / Bubonic Brown (why they call this a brown…)
  • Bubonic brown
  • 1:1 Sunburst yellow and Bubonic Brown

the spines got a ‘ard coat, for that lustrous shiny look that only comes from a day at the spa…or when your insect appendages burst through your flesh.

Armor and Bronzes


  • Dwarf Bronze
  • 1:1 Dwarf Bronze & Shining Gold

  • red ink

  • Graveyard Earth
  • Skull white
 Step 4: Mucking it up properly
  •  Apply Salt with Green Wash.
  • Repeat when dry to Azurmen Blue wash and more salt.
  • Brush off and repeat when you feel damn well like it.

Salt, lime shoot.

There you go. With a few highlights and adjustments, He’s a disgusting bloated beast; the type you bring home to mother.

‘ard coat for that slick intestine feel
hrm, I really need to make a ‘lightbox’.


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7 responses to “Nurgle Chaos Lord ; Herald of the Locust

  1. Really nice, vibrant, nurgly work 🙂

    Try this for a lightbox :-


  2. BTW, can I persuade you to join the Battle Reporter forum ? We’re always on the lookout for keen Hammerers and we could use a Nurgling to balance out all the Khorne and Tzeentch followers 🙂


    • Hey Sig.!
      Of course I’ll join the forums. Just letting you know that I do run other marks, but for me, they all fit under the guise of disease and rot. My heart is still and always with Beastmen, but considering the herd used to have marks…..I’m sure the ruinous powers will cut me a little slack.

      thanks for the lightbox demo link!

  3. I really like the way you’ve painted this icky chap. The colour grading on the spines and feet is really nice, but I especially enjoy the patina on the axe. Good work.

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