Warriors of Chaos: change you can trust.


The Herdstone Hiatus has come to an end!

Let the wrath and ruin commence!

Involved in two leagues, work and just trying to get the portfolio up and running really had me lacking much time. I wasn’t too thrilled to write up mundane posts or lack luster battle reports, I want to tell a story and hopefully have the oh-so-thrilling 25 mm world come to life. Whether for the forces of destruction trying to burn the world or the heroes of order valiantly sacrificing themselves to keep the inevitable end of times at bay, just one more day…

…so their children can grow up to fall to rusted axe and cloven hoof….just one more day.

In both the leagues, I got second place. Not bad for someone who’s been playing for about 1 1/2 years. (that’s 10 years in goat age!)

Sweep the leg

I’m particularly proud of the So Cal Gamers league. I thought I’d be steam-rolled all season long with the beasts. I stood proud, took some lumps, had some great luck, gained a reputation for crazy charges and made sure the Herd added trophies to the Herdstone. (recap later)

In the main league I’m involved in; SoCal Games workshop league, we have some very nice perks for our league.

This time, I’m changing it up and going with the Warriors of Chaos! 

Territories: These are like added bonuses to your army. Some can be a bigger leadership range (18″) others can be a free dispel scroll that even affects Irresistible force!  My ‘territories’

  •  Mob Rules: Unit fights as if it’s in Horde Formation (three ranks) no matter what size the frontage.
  •  Reckless Charge: this unit has an extra D6 added to it’s charge.

Wow. some good rules to get! Especially as I’m running a very combat heavy army.

Special Characters: Most special characters are allowed, though there is a ‘ban list’ for abusive characters.  Who made this list? Oh…I don’t know…TECILIS! (and the masque, Villitch, Slugtounge…and more) If you declare a S.C., you MUST use it in all battles.

I am calling on Throgg, the TROLL KING!  (who makes Chaos trolls core choices!)

To spearhead the Chaos invasion, I’ve been thinking of grabbing a “Throgg” model from the people at Miss Painting Group. (the very same who made the Gorgon I’m so pleased with)

Throgg via MPG

With the “Troll King” acting as a BSB and general for my many beasts and monsters (great rule) I can have the incredibly pricey Sorcerer lord or Lord run amok and take care of business.

TCB lightning bolt. B*tches!

Now, having a goal in mind really helps the hobby and setting checkpoints.
Inspired by Iggy Koopa at the every lush and dense Jungles of Lustria; I’ve created a check list of “to do’s”, acquire, paint, etc etc.  My goal is to have everything done by time for Quake City Rumble, to see if I can run a fun and competitive Warriors of Chaos List.

The Chaos horde:

  • Finish painting the Nurgle Warriors
  • Finish converting and painting the Nurgle Marauders w Great weapons
  • ditto the Pestigors
  • Assemble, paint and convert Avatars of War ‘Apoc warriors‘ as Nurgle Warriors/Chosen
  • Assemble, paint and convert two Hellcannons
  • Paint Manticore
  • Create unique banners for each Chaos Faction
  • Create two unique ‘war shrines’
  • Convert and paint WoC BSB
  • Paint and slight converstion WoC Nurgle Knights
  • Paint WoC Chosen
  • Convert, paint and sculpt Chaos Trolls
  • Paint two Shaggoths
  • Movement trays
  • Create unique display board

Yowzers. That’s a lot of work to do! Seeing the progress that IggyKoopa made on his warmachines / Hordes has made me realize that large armies and forces can be taken care of, one step at a time. If you haven’t go and check out his Warmahordes at Jungles of Lustria.  My favorite is the Grundak Blaster.

Speaking of amazing, Avatars of War, a fantastic miniature company, has been starting to produce whole units now.  They’ve done single models for a while, and now I’m excited that they’re producing alternatives to Warriors….of chaotic factions.  ahem.

Warriors with Great Weapons


Warriors with Halberds

I’m very fond of these sculpts. I’m sure it’s 100% coincidence that they look like the actual description of Chaos Warriors; baroque and unique armor, savage men that are making the trek down the long and violent road to demonic apotheosis.

I pre-ordered this unit and each pre-order comes with a unique item (which I have no idea). Not only that, but each unit has a unique banner. Very snazzy.
I figure with mixing their parts  with the traditional GW warriors and Chosen, I’ll have a unique army that will stand out on the battle field.

So, that’s the plan! Run forward, hack and slash, then vomit on those still standing.

Reminds me of trying to get a seat on Southwest airlines…

I’ll be incorporating the Beasts in this, don’t you fret your pretty little hooves.


Ok, time to get to the grindstone.







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8 responses to “Warriors of Chaos: change you can trust.

  1. Yo! Welcome back! I was wondering where you’d gone off to! Thanks for the shoutout in your post and I always think it’s a good idea to set goals for yourself, so having a list will keep you motivated for those times that you simply don’t feel like doing anything. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress of the new army, can’t wait for some udpates!

    • Ahoy! thanks for the welcome.
      Of course I had to give credit where credit is due. Your blog gave me some fantastic ideas. I’m going to try to make a light box soon as well!
      The list helps in motivation, but also keeping me /you/whomever focused. I keep trying to do a million things.

      Isn’t that every gamers’ problem?

  2. It’s great to see another post on this lovely blog.

    I hardly know where to begin. Well done getting second place in two leagues. It seems to be widely considered that Beastmen are quite a weak army; do you think that is the case after such good results?

    I like that ‘I can’t believe it’s not Throgg’ miniature. Have you got plans yet for the Chaos Trolls? Forkbanger has a few nice ones on his blog (herehere) and a converted Throgg which I think is still under the paintbrush. I look forward to seeing the results you get for this army.

    • Glad you digg it!

      Honestly, I still think beastmen are a pretty weak army. I had a lot of well written beast lists (not bragging, i swear) and a LOT of luck.
      One of my ‘territories’ was an 18″ leadership bubble, which as you can imagine, holds the beastmen together like they need. That alone was a huge help.
      luck won me a huge game. A turn 1 charge with mino bus into a Necro sphinx (boxcars!) after that, the razorgor took out about 800 points alone.

      Really, I started running ld 8 armies across the board. I kept being tethered down by the Bestigors for the obligatory Standard of Discipline. When I ditched them and relied on more power and steadfast ungors (running two blocks of 35+) my army really shined.
      More on that later.
      I’ll have the first of the ‘check list’ done today.

      ps: the other league was a small escalation..and I ran dark elves. I feel so dirty!

  3. I’m actually working on Beastmen and O&G’s at the same time… I’ve never played Beastmen but have some ideas on how to make an effective list (as effective as you can get, anyways…) Any suggestions you can give me for the “bread and butter” of a Beastmen army?

    • Ahoy Iggy.
      It’s a tough question.
      I can help toss out some ideas, but that’ll be another post.

      remember, the beastmen army is all about synergy. Things can rarely act independently.

  4. Hinge

    Better get painting if you want that done by QCR! I can’t wait to see it.

    • Hah! Way to goad/ inspire me, Hinge.
      I’ve been slacking / working for a living, so they’re not fully set yet. My “apoc. warriors” have been back ordered, so I wont get them till mid April! Bah!
      I think I may have decided that these bad boys are the way to go for Quake City Rumble.
      You better be ready. I want a re-match.

      (totally know that you’re too busy organizing to be a man and rise to the challenge, so I’ll wait for SoCal Slaughter)

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