Thump in the Night: Beastmen Rare-revealed!

Deep in the Drakenwald, trees splinter and the ground trembles. Behemoths of the herd lumber forward  with reckless abandon toward the edges of humanity. The beasts rally around them, eager for blood. Minotaurs bray in envy and stampede to keep up with the colossal forms. The sky is blacked by carrion hoping for scraps of the ensuing slaughter.

 Terror and carnage are on the move; championed by the ghorgons, cygors and jabberslythes.


 Well, news on the Herd-front! The long absent Beastmen rares are being released soon and even some sneak peeks at the monsters!

 The thought of an army of monsters and hulking forces of ruin was what drew me to the herd. Sadly, Beastmen rares not only don’t have models, but their rules are lack luster. Ok, who am I kidding, they’re a joke.

 Point for point, beastmen rares are the worst in the Game. There’s no getting around that fact.

However, as any avid hobbyist, collector, nerd, goat-champion; I’m excited to see the monsters built! Not only that, but with any luck, new rules for them! Making them playable would be a HUGE shot in the arm for the beastmen army!

  So, without further ramblings, meet the new members of the herd!




The ghorgon: The favorite monster in Warhammer, yet the one w pretty lack luster rules. For near 300 points, the thing better LOOK amazing, and perform like a champ!

sadly this model does neither.

The book’s art is fantastic. This model looks much like the current lines of minotaurs that have a plump and round look. While supposedly a juggernaut, the Ghorgon above has scrawny legs and the now infamous ‘fooves’ (feet+ hooves). The face looks blocky and not menacing at all, more akin to a neighbors’ pit-bull.

 The horns, skulls and accessories do look amazing.

The rules are in need of a serious re-vamp, or at least a price adjustment. With no saves, this monster can be picked off by even rank and file archers. A large target, he can be sniped by any and all warmachines. Vulnerable to poison shots, arrows, rocks, tumbleweeds, stiff gusts of air, the monster is more a Achilles heel than a juggernaut.

 Unless the rules are redone for this monster, I’ll most likely never take him in any lists but ‘friendly as all hell’. I strongly doubt most people would buy a monster who’s price tag is very high and who is a strong liability on the field.

that and the price is near 85 USD. Ouch!




Hurling rocks and running amok in the enemies flank while causing terror to the enemies’ casters is what the cygor is supposed to do.

 The model looks like it comes from the same kit as the Ghorgon, just with different heads and arms. A very ingenious sprue design. However, the Cygor and Ghorgon are two totally different beasts. The Cygor is a gangly rock throwing oaf, the Cygor is a wall of muscle and blades. Odd that the same legs are used, they match the ‘oafishness’ of the Cygor much better.

 While it’s not a bad model, the BANEBEASTS Cygors capture the spirit much better…and also came out first.

Banebeast Kermorannac:





Banebeast Magagg:




The cygor’s rules, like all Beastmen rares, need an overhaul. While a stone thrower is novel, it’s in an army that needs to commit. Therefor, the shooting is almost out of place.

If the beast gets into combat, it’s toast. At a moderate toughness and POOR weaponskill, most anything can best it.

The magic miscasts it CAN cause, revolve around leadership. In 8th, the General’s leadership and re-rolling tests with BSBs means there will be VERY few potential miscasts.

 For the cygor’s points, you can run a block of bestigors or anything more efficient.



the epitome of chaos and nature’s cruelty, a toad like monster that causes terror and insanity as it flys across the battlefield!


here’s one that I think is very interesting. While the jabber has been subject of many debates, it captures most peoples imagination because it’s THEIR image of ‘madness’. Recreating that is very difficult.

 That being said, this image does not show the best that GW can do. With the recent ogres, skaven, Tomb kings and other army releases, they’ve done brilliant work and set the bar incredibly high. Yet this model does not (appear to) live up to their own standards.

 It’s a Nurgle Ogre. A very cool nurgle ogre….that will be released in finecast and at a price of 80 bucks.

 yet again, the beastmen book is haunted by being written in LAST edition. Like the cygor, the Jabber’s abilities rely on enemies failing leadership, which rarely happens this edition.

 Not only that, but the monster is fragile, and suceptible to ranged attacks, again, with no save what-so-ever.

 again, free points to the enemy.


 While I’m excited about the attention that the models might bring to the beastmen, who sorely need it, the models are not up to the usual excellence that I’ve come to expect from GW. Recent plastic releases have set the bar high and these models seem to be more of an experiment, a first draft.

 Many beastmen players have hopes for new rules with the releases of these models, like the White Dwarf updates for Vampire counts and their new and fantastic models (which were, in plastic). If there’s no updating of the rules for these monsters, they’ll continue to suffer from poor performance and act as an anchor to the beastmen armies, dragging them back and sinking into mediocrity.


 What do you think of the models?

Have you had success with the current rules?

What do you think is a fair point cost for the monsters?

How would you change them?




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3 responses to “Thump in the Night: Beastmen Rare-revealed!

  1. I don’t play tournament stuff, just for fun and I am looking forward to these. I think that the paintjob (much like the GW Minotaur paintjob) is rather poor and that detracts from them. I’ll be doing mine in my standard ochre.

    Still, I will find a place in the Nasty Bug tribe for at least a Ghorgon and possibly a Jabberslyth. If nothing else, the WTF!!! GIANT!!! reaction from my oponent will be good,

  2. I can hardly approve of the current rules (though in fairness I’ve only ever actually tried the Ghorgon), but I actually rather like the miniatures. If the Ghorgon and Cygor are a single kit then there’ll be a lot of cool spare parts going.
    Part of the in-game issue is that most big monsters are of limited value overall (compared to how cool they), being cannon-bait in the first instance and then stuck wading eternally through steadfast blocks for the rest of the battle even if they do make contact.

    • i can see some allure to the models.
      However, even in friendly games, these guys go down like a sack of rocks.
      I ran a Gorgon into the flank of Night goblins, and they killed it in 2 rounds. He killed 15 night goblins.
      The cost for them is absurd. They’re about 1/3 the effectiveness (maybe less) than the hydra, and almost twice the price. Not being able to stand up to the cannons or other long range attacks is what makes them such a liability.

      I understand there’s a push for ‘cool monsters’ but make them survivable vs some things. Not everything, just a Rock to someones scissors. Right now, we have a wet cardboard box

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