Quake City Rumble: recap and thoughts

So after all was said and don; the hangovers mostly inert, the dice halted and the war wooping silenced, Quake City Rumble will stand out over most tournaments.

I had a blast. I can’t say enough for the organizers.

Mike, who organized the event and the good people over at Leadership 2, know how to throw a shin-dig. They were welcoming and informative. The venue was beyond compare. The All-you-can drink (with purchase of a Ld2 glass) made for some fun gaming. Their comp scores were fun and interesting, the prizes were rad (though I have yet to earn one….YET!!!).

Hell, even food was easy and cheap to get. On the First day, there was a ‘food truck’ event (off the grid) and gourmet food was easily had as well as plenty of fun and fantastic things to see/ do. A supermarket across the street ( seriously, 5 min there and back….) . Sunday brought the farmer’s market and amazing options. From roasted chickens, grapes, salads or Brotwursts, I don’t think there was one gamer that couldn’t smile from ear to ear.

Off the Grid: Good food, big-dragon-dancers, hipsters, beer....all before gaming!


I’d jump at a chance to attend their next tournament. I saw some of the most gorgeous conversions and armies there; “squig-tonians”, egyptian beastmen….you name it! It was an amazing and friendly community. I ran into some people who I played against in the “Broadside Bash” (earlier reported)  and they were painting the night before, trying to get their Trolls ready for play. I pulled up a seat and just started base coating to help out. They poured me a drink and we shot the shit for hours.


Just an amazing venue put together by some fantastic people.

My ONE critque: It was on GAY PRIDE WEEKEND!!! Wow. Every hotel was booked, those not booked were either A: overpriced by 400% or B: had bed-bugs (bedbugregistry.com….learn to love it). Finding a place to stay was pretty hard and the city was nigh impossible to navigate. If the tournament was on the same weekend again, I’d be forced to pass.


So, the list I had. Here’s my thoughts on it.

1. First and foremost, DEATH MAGIC let me down. In small play tests, I was able to snipe some key armies, but that was with a lucky magic phase and against some other armies that didn’t have top-tier magic defense.  The short range of death is what killed my control of the battle. I’m used to the 24″-48 inch range that Shadow gives. Not the 12″ range of death….that allowed for ONE shot at killing/ sniping characters  & models.

Magic is a fickle thing, and relying on such a unreliable force in ONE round was a blind hail mary. I doubt that I’ll ever take Death on a Great Bray Shaman ever again. I barely held on with my two Herdstone shadow shaman. This is opposed to a recent tournament where I went with GBS lvl 3 as SHADOW and two more miasma tossing lvl 1’s. I dominated every magic phase and vexed and Hexed my enemies.  Night and day difference.  Controling the battle and who commits to the fight or how effective they are is key. I learned it the hard way.

2. Horde formations have ups and downs. Bestigors can maximize attacks, three ranks of S6 pain is amazing. Downside is they will rarely have steadfast….so I need the ‘crown of command’ for them to ensure my heavy hitters stick around. This means that any other horde must have enough ranks to POSSIBLY get steadfast. Beastmen aren’t cheap, they’re in this weird vague area….stats of a horde army, price of a non-horde army. So, that Horde of Gors is 5 deep, but costs a crap ton and won’t be stead-fast often.

W/o the crown, they crumpled pretty easy.

W/o the Beast Banner, they’re largely inefficient as a horde…..bringing me to my third point

3. BSB fragility.  The Beast Banner is an amazing banner. It’s expensive and means the BSB can’t take magic items to defend himself. Yes, Beastmen CAN take gnarled hide, giving (with all HA, SH) the BSB a 2+ armor save. Sounds good? Well, against so many High Strength attacks, 2+ becomes 4-6 in no time. Pretty fragile for something your army hinges around. It’s an achilles heel, and one that most enemies are wise to (or become wise to) and know how to take out.

Seeing this guy get cut down so many times made me vow to find a more durable solution. Ward saves and Armor save combos are the way to go.  That and the price of the Beast Banner is a whole ‘nother shaman to toss around the ol’ herdstone!!

4.  Staff of Darkoth/ Bound items. Not worth their price. This was a huge point sink for my Great Bray Shaman and did nothing all tournament. It managed to kill one elf. I think that was it. It sucked more dice from me than my opponent, and was just too easy to dispell.  I doubt this item will see it’s way into my tournament lists.

5. Ungor Raiders!!!! These guys never cease to amaze me. If the enemy focuses on them, whew, saved my main lines some fire. If they don’t ….well, the dark elves saw what some raiders can do. (Still, favorite moment of the tournament)

6. Chariots: These guys are free points to most armies. I doubt they’ll see a tournament list again, unless themed.

7. I need to paint more and work on my conversions. Major points in fun tournaments are to be had by this. I feel my force is ‘ok’, but next to some of these amazing armies, well….not so much.

All in all, I scored 34th out of 90+ players with 2-1-2 record. Not too shabby, but next time, I’m going to tear their throats out with my mighty goat incisors. Rawr.


Whew! there ya’ have it. QUAKE CITY RUMBLE 2011 from the eyes of a beastmen player!

Sorry for the long long delays and besotted memory.

Next year, I’m flying. 700 miles in a weekend is exhausting.


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