QCR game 5: EMPIRE vs. Beasts!!


Last game to re-cap.

Sadly, not only has time worn and eroded my brain even more (and the booze….let’s not forget the booze) but this game was a bit of a blur. The final game of the tournament and every player was just exhausted.

I met my opponent, and even though his army was the bane of mine (Empire gunline) I was very impressed by his painting skills and army. It was for lack of a better phrase, breath taking.

A poorly taken close up of a magnificent army.

My opponent had the following (to memory’s best)

Steam Tank


Hell-storm rocket of infinite pain and suffering



Warrior Priest

BSB w/ 2+ armor save (re-rollable?)

General with Crazy armor save (1+?)

lvl 4 wizard w/ lore of life


large block of swordsmen.

Large 5×9 block of swordsmen

Detachment of hand gunners


—one of these guys had the Speculum of stat swapping. Ick.

Whew. that’s a lot of shooting, Tex! I may be off, and will have the actual list in front of me when I return home, so rest assured, I’ll rectify that in need of rectifying.

Now, in deployment, I learned a lesson that I had clearly forgotten due to exhaustion. Never ever, freaking ever let a gunline set up on a hill. I had the choice and I chose the side with a house. I figured that I could use it to shelter my Herdstone Dancers / shaman who like to march and cast. I did, but giving him clear line of sight with pretty much everything and anything was hard hitting.

Empire bunker.

The spells he had (from memory): Dwellers below, Earthblood, Throne of Vines, ???

The Spells I had: Miasma, Soulblight, Caress, Spirit leech, doom and darkness, Wildform, Amber spear

Deployment went painfully according to plan. I planned on meeting his army in the field, and sweeping my bestigors into his flank and let the Gors tackle the Steam tank (which I knew they couldn’t really do).

He deployed tucked into a corner and the mortar, cannon and Hell-rocket (storm? certainly the rocket) on the hill w/ the engineer. A perfect defensive formation. his Steam tank would rush out and take on anything that got past the salvos of pain.

Round 1:

Beasts:  My harpies ran forward, near his pistoliers, but out of their LOS.  All others marched toward the opposite corner where the gunline awaited. Razor-piggies ran out to the army, one heading to the detachment of gunners, the other to the main body of great-swords. Magic was minimal as there was not much within the dreadfully short range of the death lore. Miasma was cast on the pistoliers.

Empire: Ouch. This was one of three rounds where I took it to the face. I don’t clearly recall what he had for casualties inflicted, but he put the hurt on my Bestigors. The iron-curse icon helped, but not enough. (5 points for saving three bestigors, not bad). All in all, the Bestigors were the primary target as they took salvo after salvo. Their near 40 dropped fast from templates galore.  Ouch. Pistoliers missed their shots at the harpies. Gunmen failed to hit the razor-pig running their way.


Beasts: Moving forward, the beastmen marched into the rain of fire and shrapnel. Hellbent on grinding the weak men from the face of the world, nothing would stop them at this point. Razor-pigs continued their march forward, one to the main block, the other smashed into the Detachment of handgunners!!

Ambushers came on behind the Mortar (YES!!!)

The lore of death still couldn’t reach it’s targets (*final insult for this lore) and Miasma rained upon the beleaguered handgunners. The empire was highly effective at shutting down my magic. I’m lucky to have gotten these off, even with 11 dice.

The handgunners faced the fury of the pig! They passed their fear check and after suffering three casualties, they passed their courage test and held vs the pig of doom! (crazy. I was hoping to break these and go for the magician behind them)

More shooting.

Steam tank moved to shoot. I found out that the ‘steam cannon’ isn’t flaming, so blackened plate does squat. All in all, maybe 12 of 40 bestigors stood after this round.
I kept the empire magic to a minimum, and he opted to use his magic dice (with item) for his dispel phase .

With the flag of Altdorf waving behind them, the once ten man detatchment of gunners stood firm. The razorgor smashed them under hoof and impaled on tusk, but still, the Gunmen held. The spirit of Sigmar was with them! (How, I’ll never know how. This put a big damper on my suicide ‘wizard assassination’ attempts. )


“Into the valley of death rode the six hundred”

Shot to pieces, torn to shreds and down to almost nothing (yet passing their panic tests), the bestigors did something I thought I would never see them do. They turn and ran. They ran like scared little girls, away from the Steam tank. The General managed to join the Gors (w/ bsb) and the lvl 4 earlier abandoned them to their fate and ran for a building cover (and made it safely past the pistoliers).

The ambushing ungors charged a glorious charge into the offending Hell-storm (rocket one, too many ‘hell____’ weapons) and the harpies finally took out the mortar crew (see they did something) . The engineer held the crew of the Hell-storm from certain doom. He had earlier taken a wound from the mighty and vaunted ungor raider shooting (BS3, S3, short range 9″). The raiders held, but all they needed to do was just hold on and prevent one round of shooting.

no idea what round this was....

The lone razorgor on the left flank charged the Great Swordsmen, and managed to take out the Warrior Priest. He was promptly slaughtered by the returning ASL attacks. These points were huge! (as you’ll later see)

Magic was shut down from the death shaman, as his range was too far. Soul-blight was the only thing I could effect with my lvl 4, and boosted miasmas were the order of the day.

The lone razorgor finally cut down the last of the ten gunmen, and pursued right into the sorcerer’s unit (and BSB’s). I had a suicidal chance!

The gor herd, now with the General, BSB and still wholly intact, moved forward (not marched as general joined them)



The steam tank chased the bestigors, and did not catch them. I may be missing an order here, but either way, the steam tank moved and did very little.

I remember very little, as the empire backed up a bit and waited me out.

ROUND 4 (final round due to time called)


The gor horde charged the Great-swordsmen! The gors, with S4 managed to fell a few of the empire’s finest and take a few hits in return (miasma) I did FORGET that they now has a 4+ ward from flaming attacks….which the greatswords had.
The Razorgor that charged the main block fell to his doom.

The ungor raiders failed to rally.

At this point, Time was called.

We counted the points out and it came to a draw. A very damn close draw.

My opponent was a blast. His army, frustrating, and the final game, a draw for us both. Not too shabby. We each were convinced that one more round would have seen victory for our side (naturally!)

My apologies for forgetting many things, steps may have been missed, but the draw is a draw.



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2 responses to “QCR game 5: EMPIRE vs. Beasts!!

  1. Well done on getting a draw through your raging hangover, and it must have been really pleasing to play against a well painted army again.

    Do you know where you placed overall in the tournament rankings? A draw, two wins and two defeats must put you pretty much in the middle of the pack.

    How do you find the tournament format in general? Five games in such close succession must be very mentally tiring, especially with all that drinking to fit in as well. I applaud your memory at writing such detailed reports.

  2. Thanks man!

    I found out that I placed 34th out of 93-95ish.
    Beastmen were oddly well represented there. 6 of us! Crazy! First tournament I’ve been in when there’s more than just me. (recent one had three of us!)

    The tournament was a blast. 5 games is a ton, I was very ‘warhammered’ at the end of it and wanted to never play the game…for a week. If my painting had been (much) better, I could have gone into top 20 easily.
    I’m going to put much more effort into future models and basing. So much not-based, which I’m sure hurt me.

    Recent tourney (upcoming reports) I managed to take second overall!!
    With Beasts!

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