So, even more time has passed  since this game. So, even more has slipped through the sieve like mind…..plus I was a bit hungover during the game (so was my opponent).

Without any of the usual hooplah, here’s the battle.


His forces.

Doombull: 1+ armor save, ramhorn helm, Arayban carpet (flying)

lvl 3 beast shaman (general)

Gorebull BSB.

6 minotaurs

2 Tuskagor chariots

1 razorgor chariot

3 groups of ungor raiders

a solid block of Gors.


Very upset that my camera didn’t save the pictures, as his army was an all “Egyptian” themed beastman army. Very cool and nice paint job.

However, I did get a few pictures of his army the first day there. The Quake City Rumble was amazing to see all the gorgeous armies. This was one of them.

The game went down pretty fast.

My strategy was hold the doombull with my S4 Gors (beast banner) and boost them with Wyssans from the lvl 2. They’d be S5, T5 and would wear the doombull out by attrition.

Things didn’t exactly go my way. On round one, preparing to meet the charge of the doombull, I cast Wyssans Wildform on two dice. And miscast. The wizard was sucked into the void and it ended my magic phase. Now, they had Wyssans’ but couldn’t get it past that.

Knowing your enemy is a distinct advantage, so he knew how fragile my BSB was. His doombull struck down my BSB first thing and held on the Combat res. A 2+ armor save becomes pretty much tissue paper to S6 attacks (and a stomp).

With both these misfortunes, I had nothing that could dent his Doombull. S3 attacks that DID manage to wound, were saved by armor and turned back at me. Ouch. The doombull alone ate my Gors for breakfast.


The rest of the game was a piddling shoot out between ungors and ungors (raiders). I won in that department due to a bit of luck.

My razorgors charged his Razorgor chariot and chased it off the field. There were a few other small victories, but nothing big until I got my bestigors into the face of the Minotaur formation. I soul-blighted them, they got Wyssaned (cancelling each other out) and that was it.

We had one round of combat and a few minotaurs died.


The game ended with the only REAL losses being; BSB, Gor Horde and the miscast Shaman.

His losses? Razorgor chariot. Ungor raiders. Not enough minotaurs.


All in all, some bad luck and sloppy playing on my side.

Death lore very much let me down here. I would have killed for Lore of Shadow. Miasma on all stats on the doombull would have made him just a roadblock. So would have “enfeebling” or “withering”. Even Occams Mindrazor would have rocked the house.

I could not ‘snipe’ him as he was too far away before his charge (from my GBS) and the miscast ended my phase. Nothing I could do to save the poor Gor horde.

Again, another example of the BSB’s fragility.

Fun game though. Lots of great charges, running around, and yelling and bawling. (all of which hurt my pounding hangover)



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2 responses to “QCR Game 4. BEASTS v. BEASTS!!!

  1. Thanks, as ever, for a wittily written report. Your friend’s army is amazing in the photos, and I bet they looked even better in real life. It must have been a pleasure to face them across the table, even if they were trampling your poor gors beneath their iron-shod hooves at the time. Based on your losses, I guess it must have been fairly tight in victory points.

    My problem with Death magic is mainly that it means you have to keep your Great Bray back out of the action. As he’s pretty mean in close combat, I prefer Shadow or Beasts since most of their spells can be cast even when he’s fighting. With Shadow you’ve also got the chance to swap him out of trouble with the lore attribute, as long as you have some other character handy to take one for the team.

    Finally: playing while hung-over? That’s dedication for you. I’m awed.

  2. Thanks.
    The army was quite gorgeous and fun to play against.
    The gors were undone by the fickle and volatile winds of magic. Losing Wyssan’s hurt…bad.

    You’re absolutely right about death. The lore is good, but with an army that MUST commit to the fight, it’s lack luster. 12″ range is very short, and well within charge range. If you have a bad magic phase in the ONE phase you may or may not get in that can cripple your chances.

    I’ve had much success with shadow lore. Remains in Play spells, longer ranges (from 18″ to 48″), low cast values and smoke and mirrors. Not only that, but shadow gives you an invaluable sense of control over the battlefield.

    Sniping, while nice in some situations, is still a gamble. You have to roll for wounds, actually wound and most the time, good targets have wards/regen.

    You’ll see in the upcoming reports how Shadow was amazing for the battlefield control.

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