QCR Game 3: Beastmen v. Dark Elves

Going into this game, I was 2-0.

I knew that I faced armies with similar comp scores for the first two match ups (or maybe just the one), having walked away with major victories/ Massacres I knew this one would be a tough one. Mentally I was preparing for Skaven, but when I looked on the board, I saw:



great. Not only did I know that all the Dark Elves brought super competitve armies, but I was still intoxicated from the match before.


I’m going to skip the usual lore/flair in this one, as I hardly remember the match. Time, inebriation, and just general forgetfulness adds to the ‘fog of war’

Dark Elves forces (2500)

  • Supreme Sorceress: lvl 4, Lore of Shadow, Sacrificial dagger, Crown of Command, Pendant of Kaleth (reverse ward)
  • Sorcress: lvl 2, Dark Magic, Tome of Furion (extra spell)
  • 1 Death Hag: Cauldron of Blood BSB
  • 38 Dark Elf warriors: spears, standard of Discipline, musician, champion
  • 5 harpies
  • 5 harpies
  • 19 Repeater Crowsbowmen, shields, Full Comand
  • 5 dark riders
  • 35 witch elves, banner of murder, musician
  • 35 witch elves, banner of Eternal Flame, musician
  • 5 shades, repeater crossbow
  • 1 hydra


Cheap troops that the sorcress sit in and cast with impunity, Witch elves that stay stubborn when near the Cauldron, hydra and just a ton of shooting.

We were playing the scenario where each magic phase, you roll a dice. The number rolled is the number you ignore on your cast values ( you can still miscast). So if you roll a 5 for the number that phase, all 5’s are ignored. Rolling a 4-5-3-5-2 would only get you 9 + the casters level.

This was a perfect scenario to play the Dark Elves in; I had to keep their magic from cutting me apart before I got to their lines…their shooting would be a large pain as is.

My camera decided to do a fun thing…not save a single picture. Wahoozy.

I deployed next to a hill, with Bestigors (lord and lvl 4 in there) on one side, and touching the other, the Gor herd on one side, 2 units of ungors as ambushers and the razorgors as a possible way to draw out the hydra and get them out of the game for a spell.

He had (from my left to right): Hydra, shades, harpies, Witch Elves (banner of flame) , Witch elves (murder), Spearmen with lvl 4 (who’s intentions were clear, sit back and cast and sacrifice) , Riders, Repeaters.

Round 1:

Magic on turn one was kept to a minimum, the rolled number affecting him badly.

His Hydra raced out to take on my razorgor, who eventually fled and led it to near the boards edge.(in round 2)

Witch elves moved forward as a unit, so did the Cauldron to support them. Spearmen marched up, just behind the witches. crossbowmen moved and took pot shots at the chariot on the far flank.

Only combat was the harpies….my luck was a bit better and I managed to beat him due to the charge and make his harpies flee, and cause panic in the 2nd unit and they both fled. Huzzah!

His shades were making a bee-line to my herdstone….I knew I had little time.

Round 2:

This turn saw some interesting events. My Bestigors got the flank charge on the Witch elves with the banner of flame….giving me 4+ ward to their flaming attacks. He had the 5+ ward on them, otherwise they would have crumpled then and  there. Stubborness meant they’d stick around a while.

Magic was very much limited this round. The Feedback scroll kept the number of dice limited and the ‘rolled number’ helped kill the dark elf  magic phase entirely.The supreme sorc. took a wound from her own dark magic.

My gors failed a charge against the spearmen.

Ungor ambushers ( the MVPs of the game) popped up DIRECTLY behind the Repeater crossbowmen. Their pot shots did little to nothing and the DE thought nothing more of them than a slight nuisance.

The razorgor fled and became a snack to the hydra, but took him to the boards edge and removed him from the battle.

Round 3:

The magic in this phase was brutal. I learned a huge lesson.

Occams mind razor was cast on the spear-men, they became Strength 9 and tore gors apart, taking the fragile BSB down (see what I mean about survivability?). The gors, now with strength three managed to get 1 wound off on the sorceress.Pendant of Kaleth vs st 3 is not as effective as it is on 1+ AS/ PoK lords/heroes.

However, due to the number of dice cast at Occams, I used the hagtree fetish and the ‘feed-back scroll’ and ended her miserable life then and there (well, the gors took her out really…)

The gors broke, ran and were chased down.

Things looked bad, but I was still OM NOM NOM NOMwitchelves!! on their flank. Due to the massive amounts they lost the combats by, they couldn’t reform, despite the BSB/cauldron (i’d kill for a 5+ ward on my units….). The 35 witch elves were down to about 9-10 now. They could only get 2 models to attack and had lost frenzy. Brilliant!

The lvl 4 managed to get 2 wounds on the Cauldron…leaving one left!

This is my favorite part of the game:

 The ungors who came on RIGHT behind the DE crossbowmen, charged their rear! The Crossbowmen were fixated on a chariot and didn’t turn to the lesser threat. The Ungors made the charge, and miracles of miracles…..THEY PASSED PRIMAL FURY!!!!

Now, the crossbowmen were denied their parry , failed to inflict enough wounds. The ungors killed 2 crossbowmen, and when the tally was taken, the crossbowmen lost the combat! Lacking their General’s leadership and the BSB, they ran!

The ungors chased!

Dark elf crossbowmen (240 points) and the sorceress (150) rolled 8 on their ‘flee’.

The ungors rolled(39 points)……………………….. rolled 10!!

36 points of Raiders chased down and slaughtered near 400 points!!!!!! Buahahah.


last(!!??wtf?!!!) round.

I thought I finished the cauldron with a spell from the death lore vs. their T (which was low at 3), but we had to get a rules judge over as he declared it was against the cauldron’s T. I thought I was targeting the Hag (she’s the last wound)…..judge sided with him. I felt that I should have had that last wound (and the game), but I guess not.

Combat continued with the Bestigors and witches. I failed primal fury on a roll of 10! That hurt! The Witches were still hacked down, but the loss of primal fury meant that I lost out on the last two wounds I needed!! The unit survived…for now. We still had 2 more rounds.

I guess not….Time was called and the Dark Elf player said “thats it!” and called it.

I know in my heart, that had one more turn gone (as we had two and it was the last game of the day) , the game would  have been mine. But we didn’t.

This was a loss.

I walked away feeling rather miffed. Had one more round gone on, the dark elves would have been crushed. The cauldron’s last wound would have been gone, and the witch elves would have been crushed.

As for their army…well, it was pretty disappointing after the Nurgle army. I’d say about 70% wasn’t painted…maybe more ( I know the harpies were). The army was a very competitive army, with loads of ‘holy crap, how do I counter that?’.

Looking back, I’m impressed that I held so well against a A+ army book/ army (when scoring,  I told him I would have to put his army as lowest score …he agreed saying “It’s meant to be super hard. They’re dark elves”.)  Had it gone on, Beasts would have had some soft flesh for feasting….

The biggest lesson I learned was “play the short game”. It’s my fault for not being faster and getting things done. The blame lies in my speed. It’s a tournament, of course competitive people would call it then and there if they were going to be crushed the next round. I shouldn’t expect any favors or friendliness (though it is nice when it happens…..like buying each other beer). The feed-back scroll was amazing as it holds them in check, but a dispell also would have rocked.

Play to the short game.

 The games may not go on.










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2 responses to “QCR Game 3: Beastmen v. Dark Elves

  1. It’s sad to lose, of course, but beer will do that to you if your opponent cares enough to stay sober. Thanks for the report anyway though, it is always good to read your posts.

    Could you expand on the comment about army strength: ‘he agreed saying “It’s meant to be super hard. They’re dark elves.”’ Are Dark Elves intended to have been written to be played as Warhammer on ‘easy mode’?

    • I think he MEANT “hey, i don’t deserve a fun army composition score because I wrote this to be as competitive as possible with a super competitive army” That’s what I inferred.

      Dark Elves are not “Easy mode” by any means, but they have more than enough lethal options that other armies don’t have. Hydras, Cauldrons for stubborn frenzied units with poison high I/ WS, the ‘unkillable’ lord (1+ as/ Reverse ward).

      After a recent doubles tournament alongside a very keen and amazing Dark Elf general, he did share that he thought the DE book was ‘broken’ and things are woefully under-priced.
      I think DE are pretty damn powerful, not sure if I share his sentiments (barring the hydra….) but they are a force to be reckoned with.

      In the doubles tourney, we played against another DE (allied w/ VC) and the DE had in 1500 points
      “the unkillable lord” on a dark pegasus
      2 hydras!!!!! (scary that they fit in that point limit!)
      BSB cauldron
      + more.

      I know the beast book has nothing that comes close to the Hydra, but we do hav options.

      Just not as many.

      Thanks for the thoughts!

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