Quake City Rumble: Game 2. DEMONS OF NURGLE v. Beastmen


This is quite a big gap between posts. I’ve been running to and fro with current projects and writing battle reports really hasn’t made it to the top of the list. without further delay;


Game 2: Beastmen v. Demons of Nurgle.

I entered this game nervous. I knew demons were tough customers, and the people at tournaments are quite sharp and know their stuff. After a narrow  victory against the high elves in Game 1, I felt that I had spent all my luck. So, game two was against Demons of Nurgle.

my first thoughts were:

ward saves or regen (not bad),

fear causing.

powerful magic

Nurglings!!! (these are actually quite good)

poisoned attacks?

So that’s my lists of “oh-crap”.

I was very impressed with my opponent’s army. Most, if not all of it was custom sculpt and a great paint job. He was using two gigantic slug-like things as a whole unit of Nurgle plague bearers and counted out their wounds with markers. The army was gorgeous, people stopped by to look at it and comment. Two fully painted armies on the field are a fun sight….really, the reason I got into the hobby.

Custom BSB of Nurgle

Before I go any farther, let it be known (and repeated) that QCR had an ‘all you can drink’ with the purchase of a QCR glass! (of course, I left mine there). They had Anchor steam and Pyramid on tap….to top it off , they had a ‘serving wench’,( their words, not mine) who went around filling glasses….and spilling plenty of beer in some pretty epic pours. Details were lost, rules slipped, dice flew, millions of bathroom breaks were made….and, uhm, details were forgotten….

“The Children of the Glades

2496 points

Kwashiorkior the Swollen, Most Blessed of Nurgle: GREAT UNCLEAN ONE Trappings of Nurgle, Slime trail, lvl 2 wizard, Poison, swiftstride, terror, regeneration

Clottus the Soiled: Demonic Herald; BSB Noxious Vapours, Slime trail, lvl 1, Locus of Nurgle, Poison, regeneration

Ulogoi the Gatherer: Demonic Herald; Noxious Vapours, slime trail, lvl 1 Locus of Nurgle, poison , regeneration

Nurgle’s Tallymen: 29 Plauge Bearers, Full command Standard of Seeping Decay, Poison, regen (w/ herald alive) 5+ ward

Nurgle’s Tainted ones: 19 Plague bearers, full command: Icon of eternal Virulence, poison, regen (while herald alive) 5+ ward

The lurker below: 20 Plague bearers, full command, poison, regen (while herald alive) 5+ ward

Chitterthresh, SHite Locust: 20 Plague Bearers, full command, poison, regen (while herald alive) 5+ ward

Nurgles Slithering Playmates: 3 Beasts of Nurgle, regen, poison, slime trail, swiftstride, stomp

Greater Demon and BSB herald

Yikes. That’s a nasty list, . Gorgeous and themed, but nasty nonetheless.Mostly infantry, which gave me hope….as I feel that Beastmen are quite strong for their Infantry

We were playing a scenario that had the deployment line drawn through the middle of the table in a diagonal fashion. On a roll of 1 while deploying each unit, they were in reserves. There were bonus points for having table quarters. Pretty simple. I went out just to kick some faces in!

Uleg’s Journal. 

Week 4 day 3 of the exploration.

Weeks of travel, sights that most humans never see; from the terrible Wyvern to the majestic dark pegasus, a life of study and research…nothing could have prepared me for what I saw today.

In the dawn hours, I rose from my camp in the foothills of the Skull pass and went to survey the lands and chart out their secrets. When I crested the hill I saw what no human eyes should see! Hordes of wriggling and teeming masses, foul in their manner and swarmed with pestilence and insects….a Host of the dark power! Disease embodied, these are the works of the one known as “Nurghul”. I know only this as my studies led me to the forbidden…I never cavorted in the dark pacts! Do not mistake my knowledge for foul deeds.

 The mass of filth moved like sludge over the land, everywhere they moved, rock melted and the scarce grass burned. I tell you, my very soul was shaken by just witnessing their movement. Above the mass was a bloated and foetid thing, leading his fellow demons, this great unclean one was the mind behind the abominations.

It was terrible.

I thought my eyes would never see a sight more horrible. I thought I could slink back to my home and warn them of this coming pestilence….how wrong I was.

Echoing through the pass, bleating cries and braying horns challenged the tide of ruin. Stampeding through the narrows, a rival to this foul power of chaos came. The beastmen. They are whispered to be the true children of chaos, and they surged forth in such a rage….terrible….so terrible…. they seemed to be issuing a challenge to the works of chaos and ruin; one would champion the powers of darkness that day, the other would be sent to their horrible fate.

Ravenous pigs raced forward, hoofed figures carrying giant cleavers, foul forms on crooked wings….the Beasts were led by their own dark general….a large form, clad in plate that seemed to have been burnt beyond recognition or use, yet he wore it and on his brow an iron crown.

I wanted to avert my eyes….but the devestation below me held my gaze….I dared not look away.

The horror crept into my mind.

The fear tingled my spine….

the ruin crept in my blood….

Details being fuzzy as they were, let’s get into it!

Magic for the beasts saw that I had Wyssans, Miasma (2 of em) Soulblight, spirit leach, fate of Bjuna and one other I can’t recall.

Demons had (pardon my ignorance on their spells) some nasty magic damage, one damaging spell that creates nurglings….and that’s pretty much it. I killed one of their casters at the first go.

We deployed right in each others’ face.

From my side I had (Left to right)

  • Razorgor
  • Ungor raiders
  • Chariot
  • Gor Horde
  • Bestigor Horde
  • razorgor
  • razorgor

Facing me was (from my left to right)

  • Plague beastsx3
  • Plague bearer
  • Great unclean one
  • Plague bearers w/ BSB herald
  • Plague Bearers w herald
  • Plague bearers

I must admit, it felt nice to stare down an enemy who just wanted to get into the thick of it and rend and tear each other apart.

Turn one:

Nurgle forces moved forward as a wall. Nurglings were created after wounds were inflicted on the gor horde.

Turn one was an odd turn for me. I marched up close and didn’t charge. I moved just into his charge range and I let loose with death spells and killed his BSB. The gor horde was ‘wyssan’ed’

Lone razorgor charged the plague beasts on my left in a desperate attempt to hold them. Ungors ambushed to claim table quarters. Razorgors (in tandem) charged the plague bearers on the extreme right flank, hoping to hold them or at least whittle them down.

Turn 2:

Demonic magic was shut down.

Combat was quick. Beasts were held up by a quickly fading razorgor…who held till the end of the turn! Nurglings held up the tuskagor chariot. Those little guys are NASTY!! Razorgors on the right flank won combat and managed to kill more plague bearers than wounds taken.

Beasts turn 2:  Combat was joined!

Charges all around. The two hordes smashed into the lines of plague bearers. Miasma dropped the weapon skill of the P.b.s facing the bestigors to 1. Wyssans was dropped on the Gor horde making them T5-S5 monsters. Soulblight fell on the p.b.s facing the bestigors

Attacks were allocated onto the plague heralds in the unit facing bestigors….and he crumpled under the sheer number of re-rolled attacks.

The Plague bearers, slowed by miasma, could not strike the beasts down. Foaming at the mouth with unbridled fury and enhanced by the savage lust of the gods, the gor herd hacked and tore into the vile forms before them. Battle frenzied gors lept and pounced on the sluggish forms and sent them back to the nothing from whence they came. The powers that brought them to the mortal worlds could not sustain them after such an attrocious showing and as the will ebbed from the demons, more left this world as their unstable nature took hold.

Bestigors, taking the feeble blows of the cursed demons, the bestigors rained down cleavers of brass and iron on their other-worldy victims. Braying and bleating was drowned out by the sounds of bones broken under metal and slug like flesh torn by dull and magnificently rusty blade.

at this point, the slaughter continued. We had about eight beers each during the course of the game.

highlights from this point on:

His own units blocked his unclean one from getting into combat till it was too late.

razorgors on right flank fell, but only after taking 10+ plague bearers with them and holding them up.

the chariot, was stuck forever, against the nurglings.

ungors and harpies ran amok and claimed table quarters….and the game.


Wow. This was an amazing game. No dilly-dallying, just get into it and see who can tear each other up first. I gave Sean the best marks I could. His army was beyond amazing, his theme was perfect and he was hilarious. Ok, that last part was because we kept buying each other beers….until we were beyond intoxicated.

During the game, my opponent got a bad call, his wife was injured (nothing too serious) so, this was his last game of the tourney and he had to take a flight home the next AM. Yet, despite all that, he kept playing and having a blast.

Win or lose, this is the type of game that Warhammer is about. Well painted armies, fun battles, great themes, good sportsmanship and more beer than either person can handle (that and 6 bathroom breaks…..the morning espresso didn’t help)


so, here I was; 2-0 out of 2 games. Doing better than my comp-score belied. So….next game I knew would be nasty.












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4 responses to “Quake City Rumble: Game 2. DEMONS OF NURGLE v. Beastmen

  1. Dark Elves? We don’t like Dark Elves, they taste funny – and not har har funny either.
    Sounds like a blast of a game, good to see the Beastigors getting into the foe too.

    BTW: I put some pics of my Beastmen up on my blog

  2. A great report, good pictures of well-painted miniatures and excellent fluff. Thanks very much for taking the time to write this up. I don’t have anything useful to add on the tactics, since your plan of ‘run up and beat them senseless’ worked perfectly and plays very much into the strengths of the Beastmen army.

    I have to agree that toy soldiers plus beer (and plenty of it) plus good friends equals one fine hobby.

    • Aye, it was a pretty straight forward tactic. I can’t help but given a normal battle, he could have done some serious out maneuvering with all those plague bearers.

      I’m posting another two battle reports later today….though they’ll be short (relatively)

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