Quake City Rumble! Game 1: High Elves

Cry Havoc and let slip the d6’s of war!!!

Quake City Rumble!

Game 1: Beastmen vs. High Elves.

In the previous post, I noted the comp-score system that QCR used. I was impressed that one of the most competitive lists I could assemble still managed to get higher than average (6.5). Knowing that I was about the mid range (mid-to soft area) I was a bit taken aback when I saw Game 1 was vs. High Elves.

It’s no secret that I hate High Elves. I hate elves in every fantasy genre**. (Loathe, really. ) Knowing that they couldn’t bring the ‘book of Hoeth’ to the tournament helped lessen the hatred, but it was still there.

That being said I was very much impressed with my opponent’s list and army.

High Elves: 2500 points Quake City Rumble.

Prince: Elven Steed, Dragonhelm, Vambraces of Defense, Crown of Command, great weapon, HA

  •   4+ ward and some crazy armor save…that I think was re-rollable.

Archmage: lvl 4, lore of life. SIlver wand, Floariath’s robe

  •     Elves. +1 to cast and lvl 4= ouch. Plus this guy was etheral, so there goes my idea of attack him with pigs.

Noble: Great eagle. HA, Charmed shield, Talisman of Preservation, GW.

  •  Mobile killing hero, with the GW that still strikes first. Shield was just there to protect vs cannons I imagine.

Noble: BSB: Elven steed, Helm of Fortune, guardian Phoneix, GW , dragon armor.

  •    BSB with GW, still striking first and some very nice Armor save that’s re-rollable (I think….) Either way, this guy isn’t going anywhere soon.


Lothern Sea guard: x 30. FC. Banner of Flame

Lothern Sea Guard: x 30 FC,


Dragon Princes: x10, FC, Banner of Ellyrion (ignore diff terrain)

Ellyrian Reavers: x 6

Shadow warriors: x 6

Great Eagle

That’s a pretty solid list. Some very solid blocks of sea-guard, that will most likely be stead-fast, killer characters, solid magic (though only one caster) . I was impressed by the amount of calvalry he had. Lots of mobility in his ‘hammer’ units.

The hero on the Great Eagle had me worried a bit. The fact he could swoop in and cause untold devastation was hard to plan against.

Appearance wise, his army was gorgeous. I apologize for lack of good photos, but here’s the one I got of his army.  My photos don’t do it justice, that’s for sure. However, the clock was ticking and I’m the slowest gamer known to mankind. I was nervous as hell facing High Elves. For some reason, this is an army I really didn’t plan on facing. At least not round f-ing one.

Lothern Sea guard and elves

The elves were ready for war and we deployed. I was able to use my chaff units (ungors and razorgors) to determine where and when I’d face him. I knew there would be lots of shooting, so I would have to come to him.

I was worried about his great eagles charging my herdstone, so I set up a razorgor in the rear deployment to face off the eagle when the time came. I was really looking forward to Bacon v. Hot-wings.

The real threat came from his “dragon Princes”. With that much ‘killing power’ in lords and BSB, I knew he’d tie me up with challenges alone.

Deployment:   We both deployed heavily on the same side, his lothern sea guard facing off my Gor horde and Bestigors coming around the house to face the dragon Princes. Really, the exact match ups I wanted. There was still plenty of room for my lone pigs and ungor raiders to run amok.


The house became a slight hindrance, though I did manage to get a shaman in there, still close to the herdstone.

My inital plan was to bog him down with the main units, then sweep in with pigs on the left and a chariot to boost the gor-herd. Nothing fancy. Just drop miasma on his Dragon princes, lower the Ballistic skill of the Lothern and just get into combat ASA-fing-P.

Not exactly rocket science.

A foul odor tainted the air. Prince Athiele reigned his steed in as the scent was caught by the beasts nose. A veteran of countless wars over millennia, Athiele recognized the odious mark carried by the morning breeze, he would recognize the foetid stench of chaos anywhere. A defender of Ulthan and protector of the elven empire, Prince Ahtiele was charged with stamping out the corruption of chaos, wherever it may be. Now, it slunk through the woods toward him.

  Prince Athiele was not alone. The dawn sun shone on the myriad of silver spears of his lothern sea-guard, silk pennants curled upon the morning breeze, magnificent eagles circled overhead, scouts lay in wait in the treeline; his Elven host was ready. Long time allies and friends from many campaigns stood with him. Nobles of many houses rallied to war; a noble rode the currents and drafts on an eagle, a famed mage from the ivory towers of Saphery and his trusted guard held the Banner of the Elves beside him.

A quite whisper from his scout reported the location of the approaching horde. The swarms of vile beasts were near. Chaos and hate would soon crash through the trees and into the open fields.

 The sky darkened.

Carrion burst from the tree-tops. Endless flocks, fattened on the gore and bloodshed the encroaching herd wrought. Black wings and feathers of night blotted out the sky. Wicked harpies shot through the masses of birds, screeching and laughing maniacally. Prince Athiele frowned at the harbingers.

Silence descended over the battlefield.

Elven spearmen waited and shifted in nervous anticipation.

The treeline was rent asunder as the Bestial horde swept out from the woods. Bleating and screaming figures surged forward. A living wall of hides, horns, rusted blades and hate hurtled forward. To an untrained eye, it was a writhing mass of beasts. To the Prince, it was a horrible army with some organization in their chaos. Prince Athiele could pick out the raiders and their wicked grins, he could see the ranks of war-painted gors, the gigantic cleavers of the armored Bestigors as they marched forward. Most importantly, he saw the vile heart of the army. The Beast-lord Kragz-Ghor.

Marching at the front of the armored Bestigors, Kragz-Ghor was an imposing site. Plate blackened from countless flames, a crown of iron on his horned brow, dark runes carved on his flesh, the leader held the horde of chaos together with his malice and indomitable will. Prince Athiele knew that it was his duty to strike down the Beast-lord and remove his taint from the world.

The ground reverberated and trembled as thousands of hooves came forward in a tide of primal fury.

The Elven host stood proud.

So; with so many games, I don’t have a perfect recollection of what happened, but I’ll give a summary to the best of my ability. Sorry for the lack of usual ‘lore’ and flair in the post…and photos. I’m the slowest gamer ever, so pics only slow it down.

Turn one!

The game began with the beast horde surging forward. I had to be careful to keep the hordes close as the BSB and general needed to be within 12″ of each other. Razorgors ran far to the left flank. Ungor raiders moved up the center, willing to sacrifice their lives to slow the eagles…..well, that or be ripped limb from limb by the Beast-Lord. The Bestigors marched down the field in the center as the Gors were on the farmost Right of the field. Miasma was the only thing with range that could go off, and it targeted the Ballistic skill of the Lothern Sea Guards.

The elves moving into range and shooting long range from the lothern sea-guard. Magic was kept to a minimum during the High Elf magic phase. The Shadow warriors shot the harpies down to a man, and they fled….never to rally. The bulk of the army moved back in order to gain more shooting range. Shooting had minimal effect, the Gor herd was targeted and only 3-4 were felled.


Turn two for the Beasts:

Beast horde marched forward, the bestigors refusing to go into the ‘blood forest’ as the lvl 4 shaman was in the herd. The gors moved forward, ready to charge next turn and take on the Sea Guard. Razorgors were now in the far flank and moving behind the Elves. Ungor raiders were prepared to die to the great eagle and shadow warriors. Wyssans was dispelled in the magic phase, miasma on the Dragon Princes movement and the BS of the lothern sea guard. Combat was limited; ungors managed a wound on the great eagle, but in the end, he ran them off the field….soon to be peppered by more ungor raiders who could move and shoot out of his line of sight/ charge arc. (please note, this is off memory…which is subject to mistakes this far out)

Turn two for the elves:

CHARGE! The Lothern Sea guard make a surprising move and charge! Perhaps fearing miasma hexes and Wyssan’d gors next turn, the Elves and the hero on an eagle charge the gors! Magic is shut down entirely ( as the feed-back scroll kept dice to 3-4 max out of fear). The dragon Princes hold and wait out the Bestigors, the eagle continues its flapping and being shot by ungor raiders.

Combat: the game came down to this huge combat. Two large units of Lothern sea guard, an ethereal mage and a very deadly hero on an eagle facing off the Gor-herd Horde. The elves, naturally, went first. The hero on the eagle struck at the BSB (knowing I’d deny a challenge) as he wanted to kill off the +1 strength. His GW cut my armor save significantly, but after the DAMNED re-rolls with a great weapon (why I hate elves) the saves were rolled…..and LUCK! the BSB lived! The spearmen, still having 3 ranks (damned martial prowness) struck at the gors, but their weak feeble arms couldn’t penetrate the hides of the gors!

Strength 4 Toughness 4 gors proceeded to tear into the spearmen. The horde of primal fury filled gors with strength four, ripping through armor and flesh hacked the elves down. After the dice were poured, the elves lost about 8-10 of each unit. They lost their rank bonus and lost steadfast….a huge part in combat. Needing snake-eyes to hold their ground, the elves ran. Three units fleeing, I decided to chase down the unit with the mage….and caught him.

Lothern Sea Guard run down, Bestigors slaughtered the Shadow-warriors.

Dark times for the elves. Their host was broken, their mage was lost. Could the dragon princes hold the day?

Turn three for the beasts:

Charge! The Beasts ran down the second Lothern sea-guard unit, as it had not rallied yet. The eagle was safe and close to the board. The Bestigors charged Shadow-warriors in the woods ( on the flank too….) and hacked them to nothing but scraps of flesh and silk. To be fair, the shadow warriors numbered about 5, the Bestigors were in a horde….of S6 maniacs…

Razorgors were now behind the elves, completing the trap. Ungors were dashing and shooting at the eagle, hoping to knock it from the sky.

Soul-blight was cast on the Dragon Princes to dissuade a charge….

Turn Three for the Elves:

Charge! In an all or nothing move, the Dragon princes, the BSB and the lord, charged the bestigors. Hoping to break them, they moved through the woods (banner ignored terrain) and smashed into the bestigors. The princes valiantly fought the bestigors, but the sheer weight of the cleavers of the horde and grasping hands drew them down. In no-time, it was only the Champion, BSB and Lord.

Turn 4 for Beasts/ Elves: The game was set. I was only trying to wipe out the Prince and BSB for the dragon princes’ point value ( having to kill the ENTIRE unit) but their insane armor saves and wards were quite impressive. Damn, the elves have an amazing book.

The only thing of note this turn was the reavers were shot and killed by magic/ ungors and were forced to flee.


Prince Athiele watched from his barded steed as the tide of beasts crashed upon his glittering host. He expected the elven finesse of arms to cut down the foul fanged minions of the ruinous powers. The prince was stunned as he witnessed the mass of horns and rusted blades hack and rend his elven spearmen. Cries of anguish and screams from slender mouths filled the air to form a cacophony of horror with the blood crazed bleating of goats.

Sheilds were ripped split, mail was rent, helms were shattered and flesh was torn. Lithe bodies of elves littered the ground and were stomped beneath cloven hooves as the beasts spilled over the battle line. The mage of Saphery was pulled into the mud and dirty by hungering hands and distended maws, his last sound in the world a whimper as teeth closed around his throat.

Prince Athiele could not stand and watch the loss of his country-men. Lances in the wind and vengeance in their hearts, the dragon princes charged the Bestigors. Prince Athiele was determined to end the wanton destruction and hate of this repugnant beast-lord.

Glory would not be theirs. Not this day. Princes and knights, that should have lived eternally in the sun and in laughter and love, were dragged from their saddles by clawed hands. Dull blades disemboweled magnificent steeds that should have run through the lands of Chrace.

Decades of dreams and sleepless nights would be haunted by the vision of the Beast Lord Kragz-Gor as he stood over the form of a dragon-prince, holding the vanquished elf’s head high, dripping gore over his iron crown and baying into the dark skies in triumph.

Prince Athiele would have his revenge on the hordes of Chaos.

So; this battle was easily the most nerve-wracking battle I had. From the get-go, I felt that I was the under-dog. The High Elves are incredibly powerful; speed of Asuryan , martial prowness (extra spear ranks) amazing items… I was concerned.

From my side of the table, it came down to one big roll. The BSB surviving the Elf Hero. With his strength bonus (beast banner) the gors were able to smash the Elven ranks into the ground. This was mostly luck, I can’t lie. Without it, I would have held, but the battle would have been 100% different. I would to have held with the Gors and the bestigors would have had to completly destroy the Dragon Princes.

With the lord and BSB whom both seemed impossible to kill or get past saves (damn you elves!!!) it would have been a long drawn out battle of attrition.

However, the beasts drove the elves and the game was pretty much set there. Lacking magic and most of their infantry, the elves faced an uphill battle.

The general/player was a great guy. Very knowledgeable, very polite and just fun to play. Not only that, but his army was gorgeous. I thought mine was ‘ok’, but his really put mine to shame. My hat is off to him.

so with that, I was off to a much better start than the last big tournament!

Next game:

Beastmen vs. Demons of NURGLE!!!



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4 responses to “Quake City Rumble! Game 1: High Elves

  1. Congratulations on the win, and good work writing the stories too. I feel it’s hard to write from the Beastmen’s perspective, so I always end up describing them from the other side’s point of view.

    It was a clever move by the High Elf player to charge you before you started racking up Wildform etc on your Gors, though of course it didn’t work out so well in the end. Everything seemed to go perfectly for you, so I almost hesitate to ask: is there anything you’d do differently if you had the game again?

  2. If I had the same list, and the same game?
    I’d have separated the Beast-shaman from the unit (forgot to mention he got killed in combat) and just used him as a wyssans machine.

    Honestly, there’s not a lot different I could have done with this list that I didn’t do. The ungors protected the shaman well. MAYBE i’d have used one of the razorgors in the backfield to come out earlier and go after the eagle or around the flank of the spearmen.

    Very much a fun game…albeit, tense.

    High Elves are no joke. I would have felt proud with a draw.

    The BSB you mentioned in an earlier post. For the points of the banner alone, I could get a lvl 1 shaman. For additional dice / Wyssans.
    Gnarled hide is already 20 points, so why not use the points for 4+ ward and Ench shield? Right? 4+ ward and 3+ as is as good as we’ll get (sans doombull).
    Then the extra shaman can dump dice at wyssans. Maybe even two of them. Just a thought.

  3. Wow, sounds like one hell of a tense game, and a good read too. My beastmen haven’t been feeling the painting love recently and they’re laggin behind my other two main armies in points too, so I’ve decided to add another unit of ungors, gors and beastigors as well as finally get around to those harpy conversions.

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