Quake City Rumble! It begins!

Recently I was lucky enough to go to Quake City Rumble, a Warhammer Fantasy tournament in San Francisco.

I heard of this tournament through the grape-vine of local players and made a point to make it to this Indy G-T event. How can you go wrong? San Francisco and warhammer. All you need is good food, good friends, and good beer, and it’s a weekend. Sure enough, QCR delivered on all fronts!


You're the best....aroooooound!!!

Quake City Rumble was a 2500 point tournament with very few restrictions:

  •  No power scroll
  •  No special characters ( suck it, Tecilis)
  • No Book of Hoeth (again, suck it elves!)

My list was as follows:

2500 Beastmen

  • Lords:  subtotal= 542

Beast Lord: Crown of command, talisman of preservation, Blackened plate, Shield=248

Great Bray Shaman: lvl 4, AHW, Lore of Death, Talisman of Endurance, Hag-tree Fetish, Iron curse Icon= 294

  • Heroes:  subtotal= 620

Wargor: BSB, Heavy armor, shield, Gnarled Hide, Beast Banner = 206

Bray Shaman= lvl 1, shadow, shard of the herdstone = 125

Bray Shaman= lvl 1, AHW, lore of shadow, Feedback Scroll= 127

Bray shaman : lvl 2, lore of Beasts, Staff of Darkoth= 162

Core:  subtotal=  629

Gor Herd: x 45, AHW, Full command= 393

Chariot= 80

Ungor raiders: x 6, Musician =  39  Ungor raiders: x 6, Musician =  39

Ungor raiders: x 6, Musician =  39  Ungor raiders: x 6, Musician =  39

Special: subtotal= 709

Bestigor Herd: x37, Full command, Banner of Discipline= 489

Heavy armor, Despoiler

Razorgor= 55 Razorgor= 55 Razorgor= 55

Harpies: x 5= 55

Total= 2500

Now, a lot of this may seem familiar, but I’ll break it down below.


Beastlord is not a very combative guy, he’s very durable with a 4+ armor and 4+ war. His true value lies in the “crown” making him stubborn and his Blackened Plate, making his unit get a 4+ ward vs flaming attacks.

 Bray shaman: Death lore and hag-tree fetish are a nasty combo. The ‘death spells’ are good for picking off models/ characters and the re-rolls on wounds means not much SHOULD survive.

However, I found huge weaknesses in ‘death lore’: Short range, and most of these spells cannot be cast in combat. Big problems for an army that needs to get into combat immediately.

I honestly think that if I stuck with ‘lore of shadows’ the games would have been much different and this guy far more useful.  The lore decision was my biggest regret about the list.


BSB: He’s a nifty guy, one’s that appeared in many of my lists, however this may stop soon. Beastmen rely on BSB. Our leadership value is pretty bad, nothing (non-character) being higher than 7. Primal fury relies on this test and to me, the game is won and lost by primal fury. So, the BSB is very important.

My BSB only had a 2+ armor save and 6+ parry protecting him. High strength attacks easily can make 2+ armor into nothing. 2 bad rolls and you have no BSB and an easily crumpling army.  From now on, my BSB will be much better protected (4+ ward, high AS etc).

Shaman 1: shard of the herdstone makes the magic phase. Enough said.

Shaman 2: Feedback scroll. Combine this with “Hag-tree fetish” and it’s a rough trick to pull. Mostly, the feed-back scroll is defensive. Not many people want to drop more than 3-4 dice at any spell, knowing that I could use this to kill their main caster.

Shaman 3: staff of darkoth…..was a good idea, but seldom got off. For the points, I could have brought some nasty stuff…or almost another lvl 1 shadow shaman for miasma (and a dice)


Gor herd: pretty nasty, could have used some more miasma support. The beast banner rocked….when it was alive.

Chariot: I really have fallen out of love with the core chariots. Flimsy, low T (for a chariot) and an easy 80 points. They don’t do much on their own, but can…not as reliable as I want.

Ungor raiders: now we’re talking!! These under-dogs have performed very well for me. In many cases, they made HUGE points for their cost. If they die, no big deal 30-39 points gone.  With so many units, I could ambush recklessly if I needed/ wanted to.  I can’t say how happy I am with these units.


Bestigors: the best the beastmen have, though still over-priced compared to 9/10 armies.  These guys ran in a hord formation and rocked….if they lived to get to combat. (I’m looking at you EMPIRE!!!! *shaking my fist!!!!!*)  the 4+ vs flaming attacks was amazing. I would pit them vs. flaming attack units and laugh. More miasma could have helped this unit.

Razorgors: again, more all-stars for the beastmen. They’ve assassinated characters, taken out guns, and died in bacon-y glory to help hold up units and divert.

Harpies: good for the list, I just wish I had more room for scouting and a second unit.

With all that, let’s get into some reports!

My memory is a bit off, so if I mistake some areas, please forgive. Also, there was all you can drink Anchor Steam beer on Saturday…so some of its a blur.

View from Quake City Rumble

The tournament was ‘comp scored’ for the first match ups. The scoring went 0-11. The higher you scored, the less competitive they viewed you for your ‘seeding’. I was ranked 6.5. Not shabby for the beasts. (and I was shocked I faced High elves in game one!!!)

The order of the games

  1. High elves (huh…thought my comp score would prevent that…)
  2. Demons of Chaos (nurgle themed)
  3. Dark Elves
  4. Beastmen
  5. Empire


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5 responses to “Quake City Rumble! It begins!

  1. Regarding the protection of the BSB, do think it is preferable to load him up with ward saves etc even at the expense of using the Beast Banner? He’s not indestructable, but at toughness 5 and a 2+/6++ save, it takes some resource to put him down. Doubly so if he can be placed right at the edge of a combat for minimal return swings. I’m interested in your thoughts since it was you that originally recommended that banner to me, and I haven’t looked back.

    I look forward to seeing your reports of the games, though with endless beer available I’ll be impressed if you can remember significant details.

    • Hey there A.B.,
      I’m torn on the BSB. If our LD was better, I wouldn’t blink at having him w/ the beast banner.
      However, the BSB needs to be alive for all the important PF rolls.
      The beast-banner build (that I’ve been using since starting the game it feels like) is amazing. Most Rank and file troops need to dump TONS of attacks into him just to dent him. However, the problem comes from super-amazing-kill-guys (elves speficially: GW+ speed of Asuryan).
      Armor saves can be dropped, and with many high Strength troops/ characters, they can dump the needed attacks into this guy. Without acess to regen spells, I feel our all important BSB needs a ward save. Because watching 2+ AS become 5 + hurts.
      The thing is, with a non-magical banner, gors feel rather lack-luster at S3. They’re quite over-priced with that strength value. The Beast Banner is a big threat, but when he’s dead, he’s no threat at all.

      Damn Catch-22’s.

  2. I only remember our battle because it was the last one. Hung over for round 4 and way to drunk for 1,2 and 3.

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