Quick tease.
Yes, that’s a Ghorgon, 2 giants,  9 minotaurs,  block of warriors and a crap ton of Centigors.

Battle report soon.



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4 responses to “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!

  1. Ohhh, Centigor, me wants… drool.

    Also, is it wrong that when I saw your headline, my first thought was of the Europe song?

  2. Actually, that is exactly the song I was referring to.
    In the Doombull’s epic fight vs the BSB and then the Tzeentch Sorcerer (with a 3+ ward!!!) a guest and onlooker were playing the song.

    We couldn’t stop laughing.
    or Moo-ing

  3. How bout a battle report on any tourneys you recently attended? Like round 5 at the quake city rumble?

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