Monster Month: Storm of Magic (rumors and updates?)

It’s no secret.

I like monsters.

I like things that tear up the good guy and go “raaaaarrrg” as they throw his corpse.

I like things that swoop overhead on leather wings, out of the night and incinerate towns and fleeing peasants.


From dragons to Manticores, to Minotaurs & gors; I love the bad guys.


July is the release date for the “STORM OF MAGIC“. With it, monsters take the forefront and steal the show.


manticores, chimeras, dragons and one about to die sorcress....

Many of the monsters out there are lackluster ,especially the BEASTMEN monsters. This new expansion COULD update many monsters, hopefully make them viabale in something other than friendly play/ fluffy games. I’m not holding out hope for answers to the Beastmen woes, but with GW trying to sell lots of monsters (that do look amazing) , one would HOPE that their rules are just as amazing and can get the ball rolling.


After all, the Bloody TOMB KINGS are not a monster army. Why in the hell should their monsters out-class the ‘monster army’?


Enjoy the sneaks!



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3 responses to “Monster Month: Storm of Magic (rumors and updates?)

  1. Daniel V

    Well we did have our own Monster mash this weekend, and needless to say, the Mountain Chimera certainly takes the cake when it comes to ass kicking ability. If we were to have battles with limited shooting, these new monster may become viable purchases. I will have to work on my painting skills in the meantime..

  2. Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you when you dropped by. I just flipped through the preview for this on the GW page. Holeee Jeebus! I can field my pet Chimera with my HE army!

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