Dark Lands Campaign. Begin Turn 5

As our Dark lands campaign picks up momentum, I thought I’d share a few scenarios and show the map as well as seek some advice.

As it stands:

The Empire=Orange

Orcs and Goblins= Green (duh.)

Beastmen= red

Warriors of Chaos= purple/fuscia

  • Warriors of Chaos: 3 banners
  • Beastmen: 3 banners
  • Empire: 2 Banners
  • O&G: 4 Banners

Dark Lands, lands conquered.

The map is fairly self explanitory. O&G control 1 tower (counts as 3 territories) and about 1/4 the map!

Chaos: They have the mines and are pressing on surrounding the O&G

Empire: slow and unable to really force the march, is getting into the fray. They have the closest access to Zhar-Naggrund, so they’ll be pulling ahead very soon.

Beastmen: Making use of the ‘forced march’ and ‘scouting banners’ (as we have no warmachines, or anything ponderous) have spread fairly fast (though I failed about 2 marched terrain tests) Beastmen control 1 tower (counts as 3) and are pressing a second tower.

We all started at the same time and since we met and wanted to have a nice big ol’ battle, we all decided to charge headlong to the “TOWER OF GORGOTH”. O&G made it there first and decided to fortify.

They defended the town, albeit barely, from the Hordes of chaos. Beastmen fought Warriors of Chaos and the O&G…. a mad free for all.

Battle report (from the Chaos side!) : Pictures to come, and more narrative, illustrations!

The Island of General Tanzara Unseen was a stronghold that had been built many leagues away from the chaos wastelands where he and his army had been born. The general intended to sweep across the lands like a plague, and destroy whatever forces opposed him. Eventually they would leave their isolated citadel and return to their homelands in the frozen tundra to the north, but that was several months and dozens of skirmishes in the future. So far his plans had been successful and he was leading his band of warriors across the blasted terrain of the borderlands. Then word came from his trusted marauder scouts that the Orcs and goblins that saturated this land, had recently occupied a stronghold to the west. This stronghold was directly in the path that Tanzara had drawn and he vowed to lay siege to hit with his army. Rumors had also surfaced that the hordes of Beastmen that lived in the northern forest, were heading in that direction, but the beastmen were unpredictable and rumors were always flying about these days. With the information that he had available, Tanzara lead his troops through marsh, mountain and mines until he could see the tower that the orcs were fortifying. As he began to devise his plan of siege a horn blared in the morning air and a vast number of gors and their beastigor cousins marched over the ridge to his east. It seems that their leader had this outpost in his sights as well. General Tanzara grinned and yelled to his troops, “If its a fight that these animals want…A fight they shall have…” Forgetting his initial desire to destroy the Orcish Tower, Tanzara redirected his men to attack the beasts, it was decision that would cause rivers of blood to be spilled, and a mistake he would not soon forget..

<“Super Short Smallville Wrap-up” of the game>

Since Dobie controlled the Tower we all thought it would be appropriate that he was able to fortify a building and be allowed a “defensive” position on the battlefield.  There was also a wicked looking piece of terrain that looked like a spooky cemetery so we just had to add some special rules to revive zombie units of orcs on a special roll during the magic phase.

Much like the fluff that I wrote eluded to, Zach and I kinda got caught up in a chaos pissing contest that distracted some of our units from the mission at hand. Dobie capitalized on this by sending some units to key choke points to stop our bruisers from advancing on his well fortified building (that gave his wizard a 4+ channel roll no less). The winds of magic must have been influenced by Mok or Gork, because both Zach and I had wizards sucked into the void after miscasting, (mine was much more expensive BTW but that’s because he was wearing some nifty armor, oh and expected to see Lord Tensach Sai  again in the future, but in a much more hideous and scary form since the forces of chaos have mutated him beyond recognition….)


  • Azhag & Skull Muncha fought valiantly, but were eventually killed by wave after wave of destructive boars.
  • A band of 10 savage orc boar boyz crashed head long into a horde of Bestigors and were wiped out , but came back as zombies.
  • The overpriced centigors ran around the board throwing axes at people and then trying to enter a building, they were turned back by security and informed that horses are not allowed inside structures…
  • A single Bestigor chariot caused a unit of 6 cowardly dragon ogres to flee in terror.
  • Zach’s Minotaur boss showed why he should be avoided; striking with crazy speed and protected by a 4+ ward save.
  • Skarsnik and Gobbla held their grown against over 40 gors, then topped that by beating 5 dragon ogres in the following round of combat.
  • General Tanzara Unseen showed his own crazy abilities by smashing a lowly goblin chariot single handed.
  • Dobie’s black orcs waited and waited in their fortified tower, but no one came to play with them…



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4 responses to “Dark Lands Campaign. Begin Turn 5

  1. It’s great to see you’re making progress with this, and the battle sounds like a blast for everyone involved.

    I’m predicting big things for the Empire and the Beastmen if they can start to make use of their access to the wide open spaces of the North West.

  2. Thanks! I’ll be posting more later. I had a few map errors on my part. Everyone seems to be enjoying it so far.

    Yeah, I’m worried about the empire. They could easily march right into the heart of the Dark lands while us chaos and hordes of villains squabble amongst ourselves….which I see happening.

    Right now, the O&G is beyond solid. They won every fight this round and have more banners pressing in. I feel that if they’re not stemmied soon, they could dominate by sheer numbers….true to Greenskin form.

    Mercenary banners are hitting the field soon too. Ogres have been spotted on the horizon, and my dark elves will soon be fielded…in a monstrous way (dragons, hydras and manticores!)

  3. Mercenary banners sound very interesting. Are you making them move randomly, or will you use your GM powers? Or, even better, get a ‘neutral’ party to use them periodically, assuming that you can call on someone who isn’t already playing.

    • My mistake!
      Mercenary banners are not ‘maruading armies’, rather they’re banners outside the lord’s army that can be hired for more of a cost.
      A normal banner costs 3 territories, mercenary banners cost 4.

      This is to help make different battles and match ups, so things don’t get stale….not only that, but everyone involved has two different armies that they want to try
      O&G= skaven
      WoC= Ogres
      Beastmen= Dark Elves
      Empire…..well, empire….

      Mercenary banners can never use the ‘supreme leader’s’ abilities or LDR value. If a mercenary banner is ‘scattered’ they are routed and you cannot re-use the 4 territories it took to create them.

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