Upcoming projects and unpacking.

Ahoy ahoy.

Just moved and everything is still in boxes. So, with the long and arduous road of unpacking ahead of me, I had a bright moment.

A group of Gors (and more) arrived in the mail! I recently acquired a good group of gors and more to fill out the army.

In the package was (roughly)

  • 1 Shaggoth (soon to be Ghorgon #2)
  • 8 centigor (very excited)
  • 12 minotaurs
  • 2 old Doombulls
  • 9 chariots (some missing wheels)
  • Numerous metal characters (2 shaman, 3-5 Beast lords, OOP BSB, etc.)
  • 30 metal ungors
  • 20+ plastic models (gors and ungors)
  • 3 Dragon ogres

Whew! That’s quite a bit. I dare say this should round out my Beastman army. Ok, I’m sure every hobbiest has said that at one point….but for now, this will do. (that’ll do pig)

With the sudden influx of chariots, I’ve decided that my next big warhammer craftiness is going to be something nifty.

 “Chariots for Charity”.

I’m going to paint up a few custom chariots (3-5) and auction them off on e-bay. All the sales (not shipping) will go to charity. Namely, the red cross and one other Japan relief foundation.

Back to unpacking!


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