Starting a Border Princes Campaign.

Ahoy ahoy.

Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to start playing some very good guys with brilliant ideas on a more regular basis. We’ve met for a few big scenarios, with more in the works, but I wanted something to provide us an outlet for some casual and dramatic gaming.

After reading the Bovine Overlord’s amazing blog, I was fascinated by his “border princes” campaign. Border Princes is the nickname for the disputed lands claimed by the despots in the border principalities.  The map is divided into about 28-30 some odd territories, and each territory yields something different to it’s conqueror. The point of the game is to end the turns with more territories and points than your opponents.

There will be many factions, the ones I’m guessing will be there;



Warriors of Chaos

Orcs and goblins



With a pretty powerful line up, there will be a lot of unique battles and clashes over the strife torn lands.

However, the big problem is

I can’t find a good source for the rules!

so, I’m making up some as I go along. Nothing like unique rules, eh?

First off: custom map. Creating a larger map with more focal points.

Second off: vaunted generals! Despots! Tyrants! Each faction will have one ‘supreme general’ that will be a bit more powerful than their normal lords.


  • the idea is that we have one LORD that rules over the army.
  • He/she is free of cost with only 50 points of free equipment ( you may pay for more out of army allotment).
  • Their Inspiring Presence is extended by 2″.
  • They must be the general in any fight they are in
  • They can choose to sit out a battle.
  • Any magic items they take MUST stay in the army. You can discard an item to another hero.  (other chars are not bound by this rule)
  • Any victory gives them 20 more points of ‘free’ items. Can be spent or saved.
  • Any loss (they survive) gives them 10 points of ‘free items’. Can be spent or saved.

third: no special characters (upgraded champions, sure)

fourth:  Characters mean casualties!  I found some rules in a White Dwarf and amended them.

when a character is killed in combat, it’s not the end of them! They may make their triumphant return! However, the wounds the suffered carry on.
When a char. is slain, removed from the game. Afterwards, a 2D6 is rolled to determine what “really happened”. Can be modified by a +1 for victory, or -1 for a loss. Even further for Horrific deaths (-2); a beastman hero being hacked to bits by squigs.  Even a Noble last stand (+2); empire captain standing his ground to a Chaos Shaggoth!
2D6 result

  1. Dead. No coming back from this
  2. on a roll of 3+, the model is dead. Otherwise the T is rounded down
  3. Wounded, roll a D6 for each profile stats, on 4+ that stat is permanently reduced by 1. Model is captured!
  4. Suffers a loss of 1 wound, permanently, and is captured.
  5. Suffers a loss of 1 wound, permanently, and is captured.
  6. Loss of an eye. -2 ballistic skill. Roll of 4+ the model is captured
  7. captured
  8. captured
  9. Escapes to friendly lines. No harm done
  10. Escapes to friendly lines, now suffers HATRED for enemy.
  11. heroically escapes to friendly lines, char gains +1 leadership (up to 10) and causes fear in opposing troops.


Fifth: Army Banners! Each general must design their “Head Quarter” Banner. If not, I’m drawing it…and it may not look too good if I’m not a fan of the army.

Time to get started on the map!



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4 responses to “Starting a Border Princes Campaign.

  1. Some very c0ol ideas in there, it may be that I even have to steal one or two of them for myself.

    • Hey there,
      Feel free to! I’m about 2/3 done.
      When I’m done, you’ll have a map, illustrations, army specific rules, and territory rules plus the rules!

  2. This sounds great, I’m really looking forward to vicariously enjoying this. I agree with your statement that if you can’t find rules you like, then just make them up. I guess the main thing to decide for yourself is how much you want this to be a free-for-all (i.e. with everyone, including you, on a level playing field) compared to running your own faction as a kind of games master in which you take actions sometimes to liven up the campaign rather than for sound strategic reasons.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks again for all your advice.
      You said it best when you mentioned ‘keeping it simple’. The rules for baggage trains and all that gets to be way too much busy work.

      I’ll have a completed rule-set in the next day or three. I’m focusing on the “Dark Lands” and the Chaos Dwarves that reside there.
      Map, illustrations and all the 9 yards.
      of course I’ll send you a PDF copy if you care to try it.

      Thanks again!

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