Dragon Ogres

One of the biggest allures of Warhammer was the idea of monsters and foul beasts clashing with ranks of warriors. The Dragon Ogre is the best of both worlds. Half Dragon, half Ogre these brutes stomp into the thick of melee and just hack apart anything in their path.

When I started to get back into Warhammer, Beastmen were ‘beasts of chaos’. This meant that they shared many aspects of the “warriors of chaos” and used many of the same monsters. Dragon Ogres being one of them. Now, with the faction split, they have their own.

So naturally, I started a Warriors of Chaos Army to use some of these monstrous options. The Dragon ogres and their behemoth kin, the Shaggoth, would be part of my growing forces!

One thing I digg about the Dragon Ogres, is that the models have not been re-done for over 20 years. The ones I remember as a kid are still the ones that are sold in stores and online. Either that or make your own conversions (which I will do, but not yet). There’s something a bit ridiculous yet menacing about the current Dragon Ogre models.

I have three complete models and three more in dire need of pieces to complete them. Most often, we see them painted in ‘fleshy’ colors and green scaled hind-quarters. I wanted not only something different, but something that would be a warm up for my much larger Shaggoth model and would fit in the color scheme of the predominately ‘Nurgle” army I’m creating.

Below are the steps that I took in painting the Dragon Ogres.



I was lucky to get one with a smaller hand axe. Combined with the ‘rampant’ dragon pose, it has a bit of a dynamic flair to it.

Base coats and washes









I went with dark greys (mixed with foundation black) as the flesh and hind parts. The underbelly is a green foundation with ‘scorpion green’ added slightly to it. (4:1 ratio) Each new layer would just be a lighter variation of the same color. (ie: less green foundation and more Scorpion green= 1:3)

Here are some pictures of the finished Dragon Ogres.














They’re not the best I’ve done. I like the colors and the contrasting underbelly. They’re a great warm-up for the upcoming “Shaggoth”. I already have a laundry list of what I’ll be doing differently and better! For now, these brutes will look pretty decent on the field and serve the runious powers well!





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8 responses to “Dragon Ogres

  1. I really like the colour scheme for those guys, they’ll fit in well with your Gors. I still think the miniatures look goofy though.

    • Goofy is an understatment. I think I enjoy them mostly out of nostalgia. It was good practice and they’re unique enough to warrant the others to be created.
      I may sell them eventually, to make materials for converted Dragon Ogres of “Iron Guts” and cold one raptors.
      Glad you digg them

      • Rather than using Ironguts to make Dragon Ogre bodies, have you considered using Black Orcs? They’re on a better scale with the Cold Ones and using them might reduce the huge torso / tiny dragon problem.

      • That’s an amazing idea.
        The Black Orcs may be too armored to look right however. I may use torsos from the “boar boyz”. Plus, what beastman general doesn’t need more pigs?

  2. Hey… I’m just now getting the chance to leave a comment on your Dragon Ogres… they turned out really nice. I gotta agree with the “goofy” look but, in a way, it really defines the “veteran” status that you’ve acquired through the years of playing this game. I have some old school models that you can’t find anymore and it’s really more of a testament to how long we’ve been enjoying this game (and enduring the price hikes!) To me, it’s cool to see some good old fashioned OOP models. It really brings out the character of an army and shows how well GW’s sculptors have become over the years. Nice work!

  3. Ady

    Nice paintjob 🙂
    I’ve found with my Drogres, they look a lot less goofy if you cover the face – I’ve used putty to give all of them a chainmail type facemask/splinter-shield. Hides the dopey looking faces while not being too much work.


    • That’s a good idea. I really enjoy what some of the “ogre kingdom: Ironguts” have as far as helms and facial cover. I like some of the goofy faces, but not all of them. I don’t know why, but there’s a sense of pride having these old ugly bastards.

  4. greg

    I resently made some dragon ogres I used the iron guts with cold one bodies surprisingly it came out pretty good better then the ugliest model in the game I couldnt wait to test them against the unwitting family ogre kingdoms they are monsterous cav so at the lead I put a guy on a juggernaut so he still gets a look out sir and they take on his leadership. I did enjoy painting them. Cutting torsos I wouldnt do it again but they sho is purdy! Mmm ogre you got a pretty mouth

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