33 gors, TO WAR! End result of 33 gors in 24 hours

After a small respite and attending to other tasks, I decided it was time to make these gors ready for wanton destruction and war. With some good advice of ardentbadger and modernkiwi, I decided to go with my gut and paint these guys the way I always wanted to. Like some macabre and primal death masks!

Front view

I used a 3:1 mix of “bleached bone” and white for the warpaint, and tried to simulate it being applied by rough and inarticulate hands. Each one should be different enough, while still having a similar feel….it is chaos after all.

I based them with used and heated espresso grounds mixed with the GW grass, nothing fancy, but decent for these rank and files!

Without further adeu, I give you:

The Nightbane Herd.

(excuse the large images)

The command group

The Banner.

I wanted him to have a primitive look, while still having some unique flare of the beasts. I don’t think they’re exactly the best artists, but they damn well know how to do a skull. Or at least smear a skull on a banner.




Each rank and file has their own unique war paint. I had a blast doing it. They’ll stand out next to my other gors, that’s for sure! Maybe even bestigors in this fashion, though slightly more refined.

Pictures below.

Standard Bearer























A final shot.



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2 responses to “33 gors, TO WAR! End result of 33 gors in 24 hours

  1. Wow, they look scary, I would certainly hate to be in the path of them.

    Excellent job with those older figures.

  2. Excellent work. I particularly like the banner, I think you got that primitive look perfectly. You’ve done a great job with the warpaint too, in that it actually looks like warpaint instead of bad painting (which is how it always looks when I try it).

    Some of the photographs seem a little stretched in one dimension or the other.

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