33 gors in 24 hours! Time up, pencils down!


After numerous delays, here’s the result of the ’33 gors in 24 hours’ .

Horns/hooves: base coat rotting flesh / bleached bone.

horns & hooves base coat

Next was the metal (gunmetal) and blue for cloth/ bracers ( Mordian Blue) and the ‘bronze’ (tin bitz). Not pictured.

After that was the washes. That’s where I feel you REALLY start to see the models come to life. Till then, they look like blobs, with black and brown (badab black and devlan mud) in the recesses, they start to show promise.

After that came the details.

Dry brushing the fur (graveyard earth; first pic) then the “horns/ hooves” with 2:1 ratio of bleached bone and white.







Next up was the ‘flesh’. 2:1 Codex grey & astronomican grey.

So, with that;



(ok, went a few hours over)

Now, after stepping away, I’m going to come back and do some small details (eyes, armor) and base the models.

I’m at a loss for their “Warpaint”. If you have any good suggestions let me know. My thoughts were

  • white smears
  • light blue (too braveheart?)
  • purple horizontal lines.


Ok. over and out.





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4 responses to “33 gors in 24 hours! Time up, pencils down!

  1. They are very good; I’m looking forward to seeing them based and detailed.

    33 Gors in 24 (and bit) hours is an epic feat. You must have had cramps in your hand after that lot!

    As for the warpaint, I think that only the white smears would stand out well enough from the skin, blue and purple are probably a bit too close to the grey.

  2. Hey, I have to agree with argentbadger. I like the white smears as the warpaint. It’ll help to have it stand out more than the other colors. You could go with something like the “white hand of saruman” handprint from the LOTR. But it’s up to you. Good job on knocking out the unit and giving detailed updates. Grats.

  3. i`d say it was hard going painting that many in 24hr s . i have got my hands on 120 beastman minis. At the mo i have been painting a unit of 40 for a week i cant seem to sit down for long doing them and at that i have just painted the basic colors hair/skin with no shading or any thing else. It must have been very hard for u to do so fair play.

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