33 gors in 24 hours.

Ahoy ahoy.

Recently, I came by a large batch of previous edition Gors. The models themselves are not horrible, they lack certain details that the newer editions have, but they have more unique weapons. Morning stars, maces, clubs and cleavers are what set them easily apart. These ‘new’ gors were already assembled and had some interesting ‘conversions’; orc arms on some of them…giving a lopsided appearance.

Not only that, but they had ‘mold lines’ a plenty. Mold lines are the remains of the mold that created the plastic/ metal pieces. Usually, they’re easily rid of with filing each piece before assembly. However, these were already assembled and filing the mold lines without breaking the models got to be problematic. I did the best I can, but after 3 hours of filing, I had enough.

Rather than have this group go on what hobbyists call ‘pile of shame’ (incomplete projects), I’m going to take the Minotaur by the horns and tackle the problem.

paint all 33 gors in one 24 hour period.


Starting today, at 5pm**, I’ll be paining my grubby little heart out and posting results here. So, watch as I go nuts, my back pinches, and my eyesight is shot to shit.

Here’s what I’m up against.

start time pushed back: have to help a friend across town.


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  1. 33 Gors in 24 h? Good luck to you sir. I don’t think at my current rate I’ll manage that many in 24 weeks.

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