33 gors in 24 hours. 4 hours into it.


33 is a lot.

So far, I’ve had a late start (7 pm) and tackled most of the base coat.

step 1: flesh.

I used “adeptus Battlegrey” for their flesh basecoat.

Flesh base-coat


step 2: a mix of 4:1 Bestial brown to Scorched brown for the fur & hair.

fur and hair base-coat.

that’s where I’m at the end of hour 4.

ok. back to it.



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5 responses to “33 gors in 24 hours. 4 hours into it.

  1. The depressing thing about painting with Adeptus Battlegrey is that it looks like you’re ‘unpainting’ the unit; by which I mean that it is the same colour as the bare plastic underneath.

    • hahah.
      Yeah, that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. However, once you put the washes on, they start coming to life.
      Update soon.

      what was the secondary flesh tone you used on your recent gors? They look very nice and was contemplating that color.

      • The highlight on the skin of my Gors was Codex grey. I’m far too lazy to mix paints or that sort of thing, so I just select a pot of paint that looks about right.

  2. I’ve done a few batches of the older Gor’s too. I found that a little twist with my clippers and the arms (and heads) came cleanly off. Great for being able to do some arm swaps with the newer Gors. Same trick let me put some decent spears (and bows) from the current Ungor set onto older Ungors.

    • That’s a great idea.
      A bit late for me on this batch…but maybe next one?
      I’ve noticed that these gors are very similar to the new ones, but feel like a 2nd draft before the final product (current ones).

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