Broadside Bash! Tournament Report.

This Presidents day weekend was the Broadside Bash indy Grand Tournament!

When I registered, I was excited to see that my beasts were the ONLY beastmen army entered into the tournament. Seeing that this was my first BIG tournament and actual G-T tournament (recognized by Warhammer leagues everywhere), I was chomping at the bit and excited to maybe surprise some people with the fury of the herd!

The tournament was a 2200 point tournament and I ran the following list:

(won’t go into detail. may use the list again)

  • Beast Lord: blackened plate, enchanted shield, 5+ ward
  • Great Bray Shaman, lore of shadow, jagged dagger, steel claws, 4+ ward
  • BSB, banner of beasts
  • 2 lvl 1 shaman + herd stone
  • block of35 gors
  • small block of gors 25
  • 2 groups of 6x ungor raiders
  • 1 chariot
  • Block of 27 bestigors
  • 2 razorgors
  • 5 harpies

I won’t be doing my usual narrative for these….as much as I want to, five games makes it a full job. Plus I’m bloody exhausted as is from the preparations and gaming.

Now, knowing what I brought, let’s get right to the fight!

Game 1: Beastmen vs. Vampire Counts

Scenario: magic vacuum! (roll d6 at start of turn and that number is discarded from all casting attempts)

This was one of the face offs that I was dreading. I had never played a real solid Vampire Count army before, and no time like a tourney to face the most solid lists and trial by fire.

My opponent had a primarily infantry list:

  • 2 vampires; one level 3, one level one….both lore masters.
  • 1 horde of grave guard (bsb in there with -1 to hit them)
  • 1 horde of Ghouls
  • 1 small block of skeletons
  • corpse cart and necromancer
  • the ‘black coach’.

A pretty solid list with two large hordes taking up much of the board on his deployment.  He had the Grave guard to my left and center and the ghouls on right and center. The skeletons were behind them. The vampires were in the hordes and corpse cart behind the hordes, supporting them. On my far right was the ‘black coach’ waiting to sneak out and slam into my army

I deployed with my large block of gors on my left, bestigors and general on the center and the Shaman-bunker of 25 on the right…with my chariot supporting them. Razor gors were on the flanks and held as support and sacrifices while harpies were on my FAR left. The herdstone and shaman were far back out of harms way in a tower! (the stone was on the ground).

Deployment wasn’t an issue, I fee that the VC player would have deployed the same even if I wasn’t there.

The game started with the grave guard and ghouls eeking forward with the corpse cart and skeletons in tow. His black coach sucked dice out of him and made his banishment on the razorgors easy targets to dispel.  The black coach moved forward and readied it’s charge into my ungors in the woods. My turn was the gors & bestigors rushing forward with the pigs racing ahead! Harpies flew right behind his line and moved to charge the next turn. I thought I was clever moving the gor block to the side and angled to open a flank on the grave guard and lure them into combat….

round two was rough. Grave guard got an incredible charge distance rolled and smashed into my gor herd! Uh oh….killing blow means trouble. The bestigors & shaman bunker moved forward just outside the ghoul’s charge range. Having seen the assassin pigs coming for them, the Vampires moved out of the at risk units and went solo next to the cart.  The black coach ripped through the 6 ungors (shocking…) and I had the chariot flee, on hoping it rallied later than face an evil hitting ethereal unit. Still, the chariot ran like a girl and ran past the tower, past the herdstone and off the board. The chariot didn’t chase it and was now stuck out all alone. My shamen miasma-ed the weapon skill of the ghouls and their attempts on the Grave guard were dispelled.  The harpies were miracle workers and charged the corpse cart!! They inflicted wounds on the necro and ripped him off the cart only to add him to the pile of rotting flesh! the cart then ‘popped’! Huzzah! The harpies over ran into the vampire count.

The game went very odd from here. The grave guard charged and slaughtered my big block of gors….(uh oh) then ran the remainder down, the ghouls kept retreating their max until I got the charge on them. I miasma-ed the grave guard’s movement so they couldn’t get back into the fight (march 6 is pretty bad) seeing that the Bestigors, general, shaman and small gors were fighting on the edge of their deployment.

the black coach, sucking many dice down into it’s horrid maw, was hit by a deadly ‘pit of shades’ by my lvl 4 Bray shaman and hit dead on. Good bye ethereal horror!!

The vampires ran and hid in the building with the skeletons on round three. I SHOULD have charged it with my bestigors and their FLAMING banner….with flaming attacks in a building, the wounds are re-rolled! that would mean some dead vampires…if they chose to fight (and they would have as the skeletons are lack luster at best).

When the smoke cleared, all he killed of me was my main block of gors and BSB, and a chariot plus harpies that fled. I killed: Black coach, corpse cart & necro, a horde of 40+ ghouls. Some how, I ended up with less points. I could have sworn that the ghouls and black coach would have put me over the top, but I thought wrong. We both thought that it was a victory for the Beasts, but shame on me!

The general was a really good guy and good to play against. In a re-match, I’d play things a bit differently, but hind sight is 20 20.

And I forgot to use the wounds from the jagged dagger and the F-ing feed back scroll! Agg….

Game 2: Beastmen vs Warriors of Chaos!!

scenario: Banner-mania. All Banners (Standards and BSB’s) allow re-rolls for panic and break. Each banner is worth TWO bonus points. If you have 1 more banner than the enemy, you win. If you have double, it’s a massacre.

Ahhh…the subtlety of the beastmen and warriors of chaos. A fine ballet of hurtling forward with reckless abandon and then a crescendo of smashing each others’ teeth in with a hammer. A glorious dance one we all know way too well.

This game was a blast. Two armies that relied on brute strength to beat the ever-living-shit out of the enemy and neither willing to give. My opponent was a pretty rad guy and was an amazing sport. By the end we were cheering and yelling so much for each other that we had a small audience. (well, and we went 1 hour over our limit and into lunch time…)

The enemy had the following. An all Tzeentch themed army ( very cool theme, but not finished; horses w/o riders etc):

  • 1 Demon Prince of Tzeentch
  • 1 Exalted hero BSB mounted. (very cool conversion. No paint job yet)
  • 1 Block of 19 Warriors of Tzeentch
  • 2 groups of 5 marauders
  • 2 groups of 5 marauder horsemen
  • 1 group of 19 Chosen of Tzeentch
  • 1 Warshrine of  Tzeentch
  • 1 Hell cannon.
  • 1 group of 5 Knights of Tzeentch.

Pretty cool list. Very themed, and very deadly and resilient units.

We both tried our hands at out deploying each other. His elite army needed a good match up and I wanted to be able to flank him so hard that he’d crumple like a tin can.  We took turns placing disposable units, I was trying to convince him I’d deploy more on my right with harpies, raiders and a razorgor, he placed his units of 5 marauders, marauder horsemen everywhere. We both KNEW the battle would be in the middle, and it would come down to the fight.

Turn one saw me charging his Demon Prince with the Razorgor and Chariot; rather than risk death by impact hits AND pig attacks, he chose to flee. I redirected the chariot into his maruders and the pig continued it’s chase of the demon prince.

*Now I know, and thought it at the time, that the demon, being a demon, would have popped had he fled. as he was the WoC’s ONLY caster, he should have stayed and fought it out.  you’ll see why this is a moot point anywho. ( I really just wanted to get 1-2 wounds on him to use feedback and assassinate him)

The bestigors took some nasty hits from the hell cannon and kept marching, barely passing a panic check. The gor block ran into the fray, intent on meeting the Chosen and their countless attacks per soldier ( 5 attacks each? Something insane). The gors mini block marched to meet the marauders and hack into them, placing the pig next to them to counter charge the knights if they charged the small block.

The WoC’s turn was interesting. The Demon kept fleeing! With the pig right on his tail, he made it to 3 inches of the boards edge!!! (see the ‘moot point’). The warriors and the chosen kept marching, backed up by the warshrine. The marauders failed to wound the chariot, now that their flails were ineffective after the first round of combat, however they held, due to the BSB being so close by. The Hell cannon went berserk and ran and almost took out the harpies (who fled to a hill). The Knights of change charged the razorgor, surprisingly, letting my mini block alone! That was one dead pig….and they over-ran almost into the ungor raiders.

Turn 2: My magic phase saw the Chosen cursed to oblivion with Miasma lowering their weapon skill to 1, Withering, their toughness to 2, Enfeebling : strength to 2 ( 3 with halberds)….neutering his prize unit. Had the demon been rallied, he could have dispelled these easily, as it was, he had to sit and take it.  Now, with his Chosen so feeble, my gors with primal fury and strength 4 ripped through them. My gors took 7 wounds and dished out 15, nearly wiping the unit out.  Even their champion was hacked apart by my rank and file gouge horn! ( Gor champion) They ran, dropping their banner (thus almost giving me the win in the scenario) and I pursued the remaining four. My bestigors and General stood JUST outside of the warriors range and held for a charge next turn, after they would be hexxed to bejezus and back.

* funny note; somehow, my ungor raiders managed to get a wound on a knight of change. He failed a 2+ armor save after I rolled 6’s to hit and 6’s to wound. After that they were routed off the field…but very pleased with themselves.

Turn 3 for the WoC was pretty dismal. It started well with a demon prince rallying (which he should have been cast back to the void) and all attempts at casting were shut down. I even forgot my feedback scroll. The Chosen rallied and turned to face the oncoming gor herd. The Warshrine gave the warriors a blessing of an additional attack…and they failed their charge into my bestigors. The knights in the backfield charged down the ungors and the marauder horsemen were wounded by nearby raiders and harpies. The only real fighting was the marauders versus the chariot….which still held on.

Turn 3 for the beasts was a nasty one.  The Gor herd charged down the remnants of the chosen, the bestigors charged, in unison with the mini gor unit, the Warrior block and BSB, who quickly issued a challenge on my general (which I accepted).  Shadow magic saw the warriors Weapon skill dropped to one, their toughness dropped to 2, their strength reduced to 2. I felt bad seeing the deflated look on the opponent’s face…but I couldn’t feel that bad seeing as he tried to “gate way” my army away.

Combat saw the end of the chosen and the gors reformed to face the warshrine. The bestigors withstood the limp noodle assault of the warriors and they cut through them and their armor like butter. The gors even managed a few wounds on their flank. The general was locked in combat with the enemy BSB and took a wound and dished one out in return! I knew my general was dead, but keeping his killer BSB contained was worth it. I knew without him, my bestigors would win by combat resolution. The tide was turned.

Enough warriors fell that he would need snake-eyes to stand! He informed me that he had the ‘raptuous banner’ and any doubles or one’s would prevent him from breaking….and he rolled a 4 & 2. Ouch. Re-rolled. 5 & 4. Ouch. double ouch.

The warriors ran off, abandoning their last banner, giving me a 8-0 win (2 per banner) and the blood thirsty bestigors ran them down to add insult to injury.

A fun game and a perfect display of dissecting the enemy army with charges and miasma/ shadow hexes.  The enemy general was a fun guy, I’d play him any day and hope to soon. The few models he had painted looked great, so hat’s off to him. We were yelling and screaming, cheering for each other and jumping up and down for about 3.5 hours, so easily one of the most fun games ever, and certainly the tourney.

Game 3: Beastmen vs. Skaven!

scenario: generals kill generals! Huge points for killing the enemy general. triple if your general did the slaying. Otherwise, close to a usual game .

The enemy brought a brutal list. Very over the top in my mind; he even stated that his local gaming groups won’t let him play many of the units as they’re just absurd.

Skaven had:

  • 1 grey seer on Bell, pushed by 50-80 clan rats.
  • bsb with storm banner
  • warlock engineer with “doom weapon’?
  • 100 skaven slaves. yes, 100.
  • 2 blocks of 25 storm vermin
  • 3 weapon teams; 2 warp fire, 1 mortar
  • 1 hell pit abomination
  • 1 doomwheel
  • 1 warp lighting cannon.

Ok, Not sure if I missed anything, but I fee as if I did.

This game was a disaster.

No point hiding it. Anything that could go wrong, did. Failing five, count them, 5! re-rollable leadership 9 rolls? Of course…. why not! Panicking my main block with a simple dead razorgor? sure… you name it.

The winds of magic for my turns were this: rolled snake eyes, 3, and 4. ouch.

I had my bestigors and their flaming banner lined up to take on the Hell Pit abomination, and I forgot what horrible damage that thing does…then a thunder stomp.

Shooting on the first turn took out 1/3 of my bestigors on turn one. Mortars, warp lighting,  and the ‘doom device’. The iron curse icon really didn’t help out too much. I had to get them into combat or watch them die to ranged attacks.

My razorgor, lined up to take out the mortar team, took warp lighthing to the face, and his death panicked my main line… even on a re-rollable 9. Ouch. The game was pretty rough from then on.

When I got into combat with the hellpit, the Bestigors failed their leadership/ terror check..and were weapon skill one. Then failed their primal fury….really not my day.

With my center out of comission and the bestigors quickly destroyed by the hellpit ( lord knows I hate that thing…2d6 str 6 attacks? and thunder stomp? ( to name a few)  I knew the game was lost, but I wanted to fight on.

The enemy was ok with this and was a fairly good sport for a while. I thought so till he cast dreaded thirteen on my small gor block, and that was just rubbing it in my face at that point. So I used a feedback scroll and took a wound off his general/ caster. Then in allocating attacks, my wargor manged to finish him off. Securing me a few extra points.

When time was called, it was ugly. But I fought on and denied him a major victory and he only had a minor victory.

Not to sound like my cup runneth over with sour grapes; but that was abysmal rolling. The skaven general stated “I wish I could claim victory, but that was the dice winning it for me on round one”.

ouch. Lesson learned. Pigs stay to the far flanks or so far ahead as to not cause panic. Other than that, I’d be interested on what I could do vs. 100 skaven slaves.

I felt bad doing it, but I gave him a score of 1 for his army. 1 being the worst and just purely competitive and not fluff at all. 100 slaves felt over the top.  If his friends looked down on this, he shouldn’t expect to get better at a tournament of strangers.


day 2.

Game 4: Beastmen vs. Lizardmen!

scenario: fog of war! 3d6 is the distance on the first turn that warmachines, shooting and spells can reach. (ideal for my army to rush forward!) unfortunatley, it was a good roll for the lizardmen and they rolled  high (16)

Neither of us had rares, so we were at a draw there. I went about with my time honored tradition of “smash their face in”.

Truth be told, I’d never played against a REAL lizardman army before. I’ve played against some very bad players (whom I’m hoping don’t read this rubbish) , but not enough experience to know all the tricks. So I did my reading on the forums and now dread the absurd magic phase of the ‘Slann frog of doom’.

I heard about a nasty lizardman army in the tourney, using skinks to harry and harass the enemy with poison attacks and whittle away their numbers to uselessness before engaging. I knew that the Beasts were fast enough, had enough independent semi-disposable units that I could try to mitigate this skink barrage or at least weather the storm.

So, who was I playing? Yup. that guy.

lizard men had:

  • 1 Slann BSB/ General lvl 4 caster; Life
  • 1 skink hero on a Stegadon and boatload of shooting on it ( machine gun blowpipe style)
  • 1 solid block of temple guard (with the Slann in this)
  • 2 blocks of saurus
  • 5 (maybe 6) units of 10 skink skirmishers.


that’s a very formidable core, with a lot of support and flexible shooting. I knew he’d rely on me marching through a gauntlet and him just raining fire on all sides of my army, and most likely all on my bestigors to hack them down.

So I went for deployment.

I’m not the best at this, that’s for sure, but I have my moments. Deployment in this was one of them. He started deploying his skinks to out deploy me, and I started deploying my ungors and razorgors like I would any other game. Ungors on the far right, ungors on the far left, and 1 razorgor on the extreme left, touching the edge of the board, and another almost in the middle. By this time he was clearly expecting a middle assault.

The terrain favored me. The woods provided some cover for onrushing pigs and there was a house that limited his deployment and I knew that I could charge to it and make hm funnel to me. So I placed my expendable unit behind the woods, the block of gors and BSB in the center of the board and the bestigors on the FAR left of the board, almost on the edge of the board and behind the razogors.

The whole table was weighted to my left…and he was deployed for a frontal / central assault.

round 1: he moved forward, skinks deploying everywhere, but their range was limited. He shuffled forward, intent on me moving to him for him to charge with the stegadon and core.

beast round one: chariots and razorgors rushed forward and took hits from skinks. The chariot tried to chase down the skinks and held. The razorgors charged for all they were worth, I just wanted the skinks out of the fight for now. I needed to buy time and 2 55 point razorgors bought it. My skirmishers moved up to challenge the skinks and shoot at them. The harpies even ran forward to hopefully take on the skinks. Cold-blooded meant that they’d pretty much rally any time.  (what a great rule!!)

I moved my block of bestigors up as far as they could, seeking shelter near the house and behind the pig for soft cover if it came to that. ( though the ungors and pigs were chasing them down). My central 25 gor unit moved into the woods… a bit too close…. the gor block moved up next to them for combat support and to move in on the main block.

magic was limited due to the fog.

turn 2: the Lizardmen charged! The stegadon raced forward with the Temple guard/ slann unit and charged the small gor unit in the woods. I never thought they’d make it that far, but a good roll ensured they did. Despite the wounds inflicted by the brayshaman ( 5!) the gors lost combat and ran! They narrowly avoided catastrophe, when the stegadon rolled miserably low and they got away to rally the next turn. The temple guard then clipped and ran into the gor herd.

The razorgor in combat with skinks held them up so the second saurus block was delayed by the action! Well worth the 55 points! Now, the stegadon was out in the wind exposed to the flaming attacks of the bestigors and unable to join into the gor herd!

Slann magic was low. When he went to cast ‘thorn of vines’ I threw everything at it. I had to deny him some regrowth and let him get a miscast! He was very upset that I got this dispelled, and had little dice to do much else but ‘earthblood’ = 4+ regen on his temple guard. Funny enough, by dispelling “thorn of vines” ( or is it throne of vines?) he got a miscast! I knew that the first “life” spell was the important one!  The beast in me chuckled and guffawed. unfortunately, his miscast only resulted in 1 wound saved by his ward. Boo.

Beastmen turn 2:

the fleeing Shaman and unit rallied. Rolling a 10, thank the ruinous powers for musicians! ( extra help on the rally). Now, he was protected and behind combat and able to help with the hexxing of the lizardmen.  The ungors continued their pursuit of the skinks, shooting at them at every chance, the harpies moved behind the saurus on the far side to march block them ( to little effect with ‘cold blood’ special rule.)  Combat was met in the middle as the Bestigors counter charged the exposed Stegadon and the skink hero!

Magic for beasts was crucial this phase. One miasma was let go on the lizard men center ‘temple guard’ and slann, targeting their Weapon Skill. then a second… which had a failed dispel ( I rolled a 12 total and they rolled I think just shy on 11…ending their dispel phase). this opened up my bray shaman to hurl: enfeebling foe (-1 to strength), and a boosted miasma to the weapon skill..bringing the lizards to WS 1 (hitting on 5s) and neutering them completely.

On the flank, the Bestigors chewed into the stegedon and hacked it limb from limb, leaving only the skink hero…who failed his drastically reduced leadership check…and was caught by the bestigors as they and their flaming banner slammed into the side of the lizardmen!

The gors hacked into the unit, at their augmented Str 4 and primal fury, they chopped temple guards down…though their armor saved many and the regrowth helped immensely. Now, with the flaming banner in the fight, regrowth would be moot.

The chariot slammed into the side of the temple guard, causing a handful of wounds and none of them saved! The combat ground on…but stubborn and cold blooded means they are not going to run anytime soon…especially with the lord AND bsb in the unit.

The combat ground on, but the weight of Bestigors, the general, and a unit of AHW gors with str 4, re-rollable hits wailing on T2, str 3, WS 1 temple guard, denying them regen took it’s toll quickly.

Long story short: the skinks roamed around and eventually took out one shaman after several rounds of running and gunning. One small unit of ungors managed to make one 10 man unit of skinks run off the board, and a second unit took them out. Not bad, a 36 point unit taking out a 70 point unit and tying up a second 70 point unit for several rounds. Yes, the lvl 1 shamen were hurt, one killed outright, and the other fled ( but not till the end) but they bought me so much time and did their job! the skinks hunting them cost almost as much as the shamen! And the shamen had a huge influence in the game.

The temple guard eventually crumpled to the combined assault, the chariot held off a third block of saurus as they attempted to turn the tide with combat resolution and taking out the chariot, but with 4+ armor and t4, it was able to keep itself alive for some time, enough for the temple guard to be hacked to bits.

I was dead set in taking out this unit. With the BSB/ general/ Slann (same  guy) and the temple guard dead, I wanted them gone.  This and the Stegadon must have been a HUGE investment in the enemy’s army and I wanted it gone.

When it died and the gors hacked the blubbery toad to bits, the Bestigors reformed to face the flanking block of new saurus warriors…and hacked into them with frenzy and the ‘despoilers rule’ ( they took the enemy banner and added it to combat resolution). The general and bestigors made short work of the unsupported core and hacked them to bits. Not even ‘cold blooded’ could keep them around…they ran and were caught in the final turn!

Victory for the beasts!

the final tally.

I lost:800ish points of units/ models.

the enemy lost near 80% of the 2200. Only 3 units of skinks were left and 1 small block of saurus warriors. Meaning I killed: the slaan, the temple guard, the stegadon and hero, saurus block #2, 1 unit of skinks.

This was the best victory for me in the tourney. It was a VERY competitive list, with nasty tricks of the skink units and the fabled magic of the slaan. Lizardmen are VERY good core units, two attacks each, 5+ scaly skin (meaning a shield makes it 4+!!) and str 4….that’s some nasty give and take. Cold blood ensured that my enemy stood their ground over and over, where my units would have ran many times over.

I don’t enjoy saying this, but the opposing general was a poor sport. Unhappy the whole game, from round one, to the end. Very curt and easily frustrated with me for whatever reason. At the end of the game, when I was saying “good game man!” he blurted out ” You didn’t win, the dice won it for you!!”

Maybe so? But there’s days where luck isn’t with you at all, and all you can do is take it. Honestly, he threw his main unit and general out there after getting out deployed and paid heavily for it. His tactics of ‘skink hell’ didn’t work and I was able to neuter his horrible temple guard.

No one likes losing, but being a poor sport made me enjoy the victory even more so. With that attitude, I would have hated to lose to him.

But I didn’t.


Game 5: Beastmen vs. Dwarves

scenario: days of yore: any unit dropped below their 50% is worth 50% to the opposing general.

Youch. this is the one face up I DIDN”T want to see….seeing as I left the ‘chalice of dark rain’ at home and opted for the feed back scroll.

The dwarves brought:

  • 1 lord on shield bearers (1+ armor save?)
  • 1 BSB, again with some amazing saves and wards
  • 2 units of long beards with GW
  • 1 unit of hammerers
  • 2 units of Warriors, with great weapons
  • 1 unit of 10 quarrellers
  • 1 organ gun
  • 1 grudge thrower
  • 1 gyro copter

This was a very solid list. T4 dwarves, hitting at str 6, with 4+ armor ( or was it 5+).

The game went well for some time, Miasma taking a toll on the quarrelers, and my units marching up-field.

Things went wrong when I missed an opportunity to take on a unit of long beards with the BSB. They charged the harpies I had in front and would have over-run into an EASY charge range of my bestigors….but worried about the panic of the skaven match, I had the harpies flee. Big mistake.

Alone, I could have descended on this unit and torn them limb from limb, razorgor, gors and bestigors on 3 of 4 sides. But, I did not. this and a failed charge lead to the decimation of my gor block.

My magic was shut down and the only spell that got by the dwarven defenses was dispelled with a scroll. I was excited thinking that I had lured it out, and would have magic dominance soon…but it wasn’t meant to be.

the dwarves charged with 2 units into my gor block. The str 4 gors with primal fury did a great amount of wounds, the bray shaman, with str 5 and 5 attacks (steel claws) generated ‘tokens’ for my next phase. Things were looking good….

until, the dwarves allocated attacks against my BSB. I knew that the front ranks could allocate attacks, but was told many times over, that the SUPPORTING ranks could NOT allocate attacks. And they did, they directed everything at my BSB. All I had to do was save 1 of 2 wounds on 4+…and couldn’t even do that.

When the BSB crumpled, so did my line. FAILING a 9 leadership (luck was not on my side) they ran and were chased down…ending the game for me. But I fought on and hacked away what I could.

the razorgors did very well running down the quarrelers and warmachines. They performed just as well as harpies, if not better against dwarves, with str 6 on the charge, they made short work of the warmachine crews and couldn’t be hurt easily by them.

the bestigors fought back the best they could and dropped 1 unit down to below half.

It was a bad game for me, and I could easily face the player again for a rematch. I’m disappointed that people fed me bad information when it was beneficial to them, but glad that I know now.  It was disheartening to end the tournament like this, but still a great experience.

the enemy general was a very good guy. His dwarf army was very unique and his conversions were amazing. In-fact he won second best over-all! He knew what he was doing and it was a pleasure to play him. He lives locally, so there’s a hunch there may be a re-match!!

We exchanged information and I’m ready for a re-match!

the tournament was great, there were many lessons learned.

  • I need the crown of command in my main unit. No matter how deep.
  • A lvl 1 ‘beast’ shaman would be great for wyssans to make the unit of gors nigh un-stoppable
  • razorgors need to stick to the flank… or support charges
  • chariots are very handy. I need to fit in two!
  • My great bray shaman, needs to be OUT of combat and safe. the idea was “steel claws and jagged dagger” is a great idea. However only vs. low T and horde armies. He’s too vulnerable.  Shadow was nice, but death lore + hag tree fetish could really do some damage vs targets/ characters. It’s a toss up, as shadow Remain in Play spells won the day for me many times over.
  • more pigs.
  • more bestigors.
  • change the 25 block into a big block of ungors just to take hits and hold. Same price could get about 45 ungors….not a bad tar-pit. Even good vs. horde armies.
  • Use my damn feed back scroll…..
  • I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting, but it’s all there.

I did pretty well on the painting part of the competition, though there wee some amazing armies there. I never even HEARD of ‘display boards’, but they’re the tings to have….so looks like I have to have one for the next time!

Broadside Bash was a good time! It was fun to see so many other top notch gamers, some great people and good looking armies. Really makes me raise the bar on my competition. Their prizes rocked and they were friendly hosts and I look forward to the next time!

The organizers of the Bash will be hosting a doubles tournament soon! 2 generals per side with 3k of points to split between them!


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  1. Thanks for sharing, that’s a really epic post. It sounds like you had a pretty good time, apart from playing a poor sport in round 4.

    As far as your list of things learned goes, it currently reads like ‘get more stuff’, which I’m sure isn’t how you thought of it. Have you had a chance to think what would be cut if you were to tweak this army? It seems like (dice not withstanding) everything you brought came in useful in at least one situation.

    Finally, 100 models in a unit? That’s madness. How did they manoeuvre anywhere?

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