Hell hath no fury….

…Like a harpy scorned.

Constant assault, chaos and confusion, death from all sides. This is what the beastmen army excel at and what they need to exploit in order to succeed.

The hooved gors only go so far. Ambush is a risky maneuver, fast beasts; like the razorgors take two rounds to get to their targets, and the Beastmen need the enemy war-machines to be neutralized. We need a reliable form of ‘war-machine hunting’.

That’s where the harpies come in. Harpies can fly, upgrade to be ‘scouts’ (start even further ahead than the rest of the army), skirmish and have two attacks. With this much mobility and utility, the harpies can help put reliable and consistent pressure on war-machines and ‘escort’ fleeing enemies off the field of battle.

Sadly, the GW harpies are very old (made in 1989?) and very expensive.

The solution? Conversion.

I took a unit of ‘bloodletter’ demons and wings from “Meltdown/ Dragon’s Den” bits bin to make myself some unique harpies.

The wings are three coats of different reds, each applied with dry brushing over the other for a shaded feel.

Red & black wings

Here’s to ruin!

Here’s to War!

Here’s to Slaughter!

Let loose the harpies!



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9 responses to “Hell hath no fury….

  1. Those are excellent conversions, I like the look of them much better than the rather limp Harpies on Games Workshop site.

    Do you know where the wings are from? If they are in plastic, I might have to look into them for when I eventually get round to making some Harpies.

  2. Hey there! Thanks, glad you like them!
    Yeah, the old models are pretty bad. If they re-did them, they could be fantastic.
    I used some wings from a local store’s bits bin. I think they’re from 40,000 Blood angel sanguinaries? Don’t quote me. Though, wings go for RIDICULOUS amounts online. Hell, for 10 on e-bay it often goes 12+ dollars….and the unit it’s from is 17 on amazon.

    They’re very fun and VERY effective unit. There’s a place for them in almost every army.

  3. Those are very cool conversions. For my beast army I was thinking Slaneeshi Daemonettes with Tyranid gargoyle brood wings, but this is making me think again.

  4. dishwasherlove


    Just letting you know I’m starting off a beast army and your blog is a great read.

    Keep on posting,


  5. Yo, really enjoy the conversions. Simple yet effective. That’s the key… You also have valid points about the uses of the Harpies in gaming terms. I have been playing several Beastmen armies lately and they are always a pest, especially if used the right way. Keep up the good work and I look forward to following your blog. Peace!

  6. Thanks! They were pretty fun to make (and simple). I’m surprised GW hasn’t made new ones considering how many people would buy them.
    They’re fun to use, and good annoying enemy warmachines/ skirmishers.

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