Look Out! Heeeeee’s a Piiiiiig!

In all the hooved fury and stampeding goats, I sometimes forget our cloven brethren.

The Razorgor.

weighing in at nearly 800 lbs, this mutated and berserk boar is a nigh unstoppable non-kosher juggernaut.

Easily deployed alone or with other piggies, this big-pig is fast enough to charge any enemy on turn 1 or early 2 and hold them. With a high toughness, he can provide a thorn in the enemies side (well, a huge tusk) and with a very respectable strength and devastating on the charge (+1 on the charge) he can wreak havoc.

If they do soak up wounds or even gunfire and become so much mutated bacon, It’s no significant loss. They’re very cheap (under 60 pts) and took more fire that could have severely damaged my other troops.

All that said; I’m going to try to find more room for these big-pigs in my army. They very much fit into the theme of “full pressure and total chaos” I like for the beastmen to bring to the battlefield.  For me, it’s a way of controlling the field and being able to pick my battles. For the enemy, it’s something else to worry about.

In the past two days, three pigs have caused some serious losses on my enemies.

  • vs dwarves: Razorgor charged through woods, took rifle fire like a boss, and rammed headlong into a dwarven gun battery. With much squealing, goring and hoofing, the dwarves were run down.

vs Orcs and Woodelves (fun match up):

  • boar#1 charged through woods, came out the other side and smashed a unit of 15 dryads (wood elf tree thingies) and chased them down. Ouch.
  • boar #2 charged a unit of orc ‘boar boyz’ (I’m aware of the irony) and held them for a better charge from doombull and chariot.  Well worth it’s porcine sacrifice.




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2 responses to “Look Out! Heeeeee’s a Piiiiiig!

  1. It’s funny you should post this just while I’m thinking of trying out these piggies for the first time; always great to get your thoughts on Beastmen.

    Do you prefer to run them solo, or in units of 2+? I suppose the answer will probably be ‘it depends on what they’re doing.’ I notice you mention about running them through woods – is that just to get the soft cover bonus from missiles, or is there something clever I’m not seeing?

    Finally, I like the miniature you’re using, but it doesn’t look like the ‘standard’ Razorgor. What is it?

    • Funny, I was thinking the same thing as I read yours.
      Great Gors think alike.

      So far, I’ve had success running them solo as warmachine hunters and blockers. Their leadership is so bad, that if they were to have 1 casualty out of 2, they would most likely flee.
      With that in mind, I run them far apart, so a destroyed unit won’t spook the other.
      If I run them in the general/BSB’s range, they’re incredible at flank charges.

      I ran i through the woods for soft cover. I premeasured the march so he was JUST out of short range from all gun lines. -2 to hit saved his hide. Well, that and his T5. If you want a good laugh, try Wyssan’s wildform on him on the charge. He can tear through weak units easily. Plus causing fear is handy for decimating low ldr flanks.

      I used the “Boar Boyz” boars for my second, third and fourth Razorgors. I need to sculpt more onto him. Tails, heads, limbs. Right now, he’s too plain ol’ piggie.

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