The Rusted Blade.

About a month ago, I gained much momentum on my Warriors of Chaos army. As previously mentioned, I enjoy the lore and theme of the Chaos Pantheon. Nurgle, has particularly attracted my eye. With a great lore and fantastic color palate, I started work on a main unit of the Warriors of Chaos, with marks of Nurgle.

I give you; the “Rusted Blade”.

Full frontal Nerdity.

I started with a mixture of Greens mixed with ‘bubonic brown’ for the baste coat and worked up from there. I knew that I wanted a pestilent look and one that dripped rot and disgusting filth, so I stuck with a mostly muted greens and browns with lighter highlights of said colors.

As  you can see, I was using a lot of ‘bleached bone’ and ‘rotting flesh’ as my light colors while still keeping to the palette.

I wanted the unit to be true to their name sake: the Rusted Blades. I used heavy washes of green, ‘devlan mud’ and some ‘badab black’ on a texture technique I learned while using water colors.


While not the best lit photograph, I hope it shows that with a bit of ingenuity or just willing to make an absolute mess, a good rusted look is easy to achieve. While this may not be the most pretty ‘rusty’ look, (not to be confused with Rusty Venture) it has a certain texture that lends itself to Nurgle and his bloated and terrible hordes.



Here is the finished product: 


Additionally, here are some of the individual models.





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3 responses to “The Rusted Blade.

  1. Pretty. I like the rusting look on the shields in particular.

  2. Hi there again,

    I’ve added your superb blog to the WFB Allies blogroll so you’ll appear on several of my sites (like Battle Reporter) and some other bloggers site’s who also use the WFB Allies feed.

    Let me know if you’re not happy and I will remove.

    Happy blogging and gaming in the New Year,

    • Hey there!
      Sounds fantastic. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m thrilled to help enrich the WHFB community in anyway I can. Thanks for the amazing resource.
      Take care and happy new year!
      (soon to have many WoC and DE posts)

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