Stunty Supreme.

Ahoy ahoy.

Seeing as this is a ‘hobby blog’, I would be amiss in my nerd duties* if I didn’t mention other amazing blogs. Now, there’s far too many to name; but this one stood out this morning. Even had me delaying the dog walk (much to my dog’s displeasure) as I enjoyed some stunty power.

(stunty being the derogatory term for Dwarves)

Here is The Grumpy Stunty.

The dwarven projects are amazing. I very much enjoyed the lore and dioramas. It enhances the rich tapestry of Dwarven lore.

"we're men. Men with beards"

*nerd head nod*



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  1. OOO!! Wait a moment, those are my dwarfs! 😀 I am glad that you like them, hopefully there will be more of them in the new year.

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