Cackling Phlegm. 1500 Goblins v WoC

Ahoy ahoy.

It’s been a while since I posted a decent Battle report, so I owe myself and fellow gamers one.

Recently, one of my favorite (ok, THE favorite) generals / opponents , Sporting Chap, came back to the game. This time, with a new favorite army: Orcs and Goblins.  Recently, I have built in a Helter skelter manner, a Warriors of Chaos army and wanted a way to prove them. So, with battle in our blood and nerd in our veins, we set out to beat the living snot out of each other and prove that we are the slowest Warhammer gamers in existence.


1500 Goblins versus Warriors of Nurgle

“Phlegm and ruin”

Horst was a kind man.

Horst worked every day, except Sigmar’s day, at the mill. Horst loved his wife and children. Horst helped with the plowing of the fields in the planting seasons and even took up arms against the goblin raiders that threatened his town. Horst cared for his town and loved his neighbors.

So it was cruel fate and malicious design that Horst was the first to contract the ‘Cackling Phlegm’ and spread the loathsome disease to his family and neighbors.

Within the first day of the disease’s spread, half the town were displaying the symptoms. Dry throats that triggered a spastic cough and fluctuating fever. By dawn, the outbreak had infested the whole town and the disease had incubated and developed.

Delirious with fever and madness; The first victims of the ‘Cackling Phlegm’ roamed the streets, hacking and spraying phlegm from raw throats, the sound a mockery of laughter. With no one healthy enough or brave enough to care for the stricken, the town descended into insanity and plague by the second nightfall. Wretched shapes roamed the streets, cackling and spewing viscous fluids over everything and everyone.

Horst, a strong and kind man; mustered his will and strength to care for his family. On the second night, his children passed in a fit of hysterics. On the third night, his wife broke her back with spastic retching and dripping laughter.

On the fourth morning, Horst buried his family and those he could of the town. Horst soldiered on as he bid farewell to those he loved and sent them to Morr’s domain. By mid-day, those that drew breath, could do nothing but laugh as the “Cackling Phlegm” took its final toll.

Only Horst remained.

In the dawn of the fifth day of the “Cackling Phlegm”, Horst could do no more. Horst was the sole survivor of his town. His will exhausted, his loved ones gone, Horst collapsed.

As Horst’s eyes congealed over with pestilence and filth, a vision of a lone rider appeared. An armored woman, only a silhouette to Horst, dismounted and came to him. With a hand as sickly as the infected dead, the woman shut Horst’s eyes for the last time. In his ears he heard a final prayer, in his bones he felt the divine as the melodious voice whispered a hymn over his fetid body.

“Praise be to Nurgle.”

Gretchen the Song of Pestilence had arrived.  She was the voice of the benevolent grandfather Nurgle, the song of rot and ruin whose notes were of corpse flies a maggots in living flesh. Disease and famine unfurled before her steed’s hooves to welcome the will of the gods. Horst, was kind to her and her god’s will. For his kindness, they shared their pleasure and gifts.

On barded steed does the Song of Pestilence lead the hordes of rot. The corpse flies give ichor coated wing to her song and black out the sky. Frenzied barbarians march to her captains and even foul trolls waddle from their muck to offer their copicious vomit in effigy to Nurgle.

In the carrion filled dawn, jealous beady eyes gazed to the razed town. For years, the goblins have thrown themselves against the town’s defenses. Now, petty squabbles have been put aside (for the moment) as numerous big bosses and even lil’ bosses draw their zealous followers out of the woods and caves and into the light. They will not be deprived of what is rightfully theirs…even if it’s an infested pile of maggot eaten corpses.

In a tide of black robes, green skin and black steel, the goblins pour forth. The hordes of Nurgle charge to welcome them.

So, without further shenanigans, here is the scenario.

Sporting Chap and I wanted to try out some fun lists. He wanted to run an all goblin army and I wanted to run some atypical Nurgle list.We agreed on a 1500 point list and a regular battle scenario with one ‘mystery’ terrain (not including forests)

I love the Warriors of Chaos lore, but feel that it’s very much cheapened when people take marks and units all willy nilly to ‘max out’ their potential and ignore the lore and fun of it.  I understand that’s how people play, but I enjoy my army more if there’s a theme in it, and hate seeing the potential thrown out the window…and I love seeing a fun and different army.

My list is as follows.

Lord: “Gretchen the Song of Pestilence”
Sorcerer lord: lvl 4. Mark of Nurgle. Spell familiar. 4+ ward Chaos Steed
total: 374

(gah! so many more things I wanted to do, but had small point limitation!)


“Throgg, the troll King”
“Osgoth the Violent”
Exalted Hero: BSB, Sh. Mark of Nurgle, Banner of Rage
total: 370

  • Marauders: Mark of Nurgle. Great Weapons. FC (bsb will go here) x 49
  • Trolls: x 6(throgg will go here)
  • Marauder Horsemen: x5 MoN, Flails, Musician
  • Warhounds: x 5


  • Shaggoth

Sporting Chap’s 1500 Goblin list . The MANY Gits!

(from memory…so may be off)


  • Goblin lord with Wizarding hat (who of course got Lore of Life and drew Dwellers and thorns)
  • Goblin lord with idol of Gork and some other -1 to hit and fencers blades (General)
  • Goblin lord with pretty much nothing.


  • 1 lvl 2 shaman, gobo.
  • 1 Bsb. Heavy armor, GW
  • 6 x goblin bosses (heroes?) Heavy armor and great weapons.


  • Night Goblins x48. Spears & FC.  (?) deployed 8 wide.  (has general and shaman in it)
  • Night goblins: x 35 spears (deployed 7 wide) has 6 bosses and 1 lord in it (insane!)
  • Night Goblins x 40-45 Spears. Has Lord w/ wizarding hat.
  • *note: 2 fanatics per unit*


  • Doom Diver
  • Boar Boyz x 5

Yikes! Those are some pretty solid units w/ steadfast and one unit has SEVEN characters! SEVEN! Wow.

The woods around the plague stricken town were gave way to twin watchtowers that guarded against the goblin intrusions. Now, they would play part in bloodshed that would decided what powers would claim the town.  In the center of the battle field, a Nekkran Sphinx stood watch over the carnage.

*(note: Sporting chap really enjoys putting the mystical objects SMACK dab in the middle of the battle. Grr.)


Scrambling with envious inspiration, the night goblins mustered their numbers faster and in myraid of ranks of pointy stick havin’ gobo.  Mushrooms were consumed and froth dripped from pointy and yellowed teeth.

On the far left of the field (from my view) was the goblin block with 6 bosses and the BSB (I did not know there were 6 bosses in this unit).

To the center was the thickest Goblin block, with their General and lil shaman.

To the Right was the hardest hitting block, the Goblin lord with the wizarding hat….and the spell dwellers below.

On the far flank was the 5 boar boyz. With their 4+ Armor saves, they had me  legitimately concerned. 

Rusted blades’ deployment:

(left to right)

The Marauder horsemen took the vanguard and were high up the goblin flank.

The Sorcerer lord, Gretchen, was alone and directly behind the tower.

The Warhounds would screen the Shaggoth and draw out the fanatics.

The horde of rot: 49 gigantic axe wielding frenzied maniacs, led by “Osgoth the Violent” (Exalted Hero w/ Banner of rage)  Mark of Nurgle on every single one of those magnificent bastards.

Throgg the troll king and his personal retinue came to the wasted village out of curiosity and stayed for the ensuing bloodshed. They were to stare down the Boar Boyz on my Right flank.

Turn 1.

The many Gits.

Goblins are known for many things,one thing they are not known for, is courage. Displaying their ‘sneaky’ sides, the goblins inched forward and let their knuckleheaded cousins charge the enemy. All across the goblin lines, they moved forward only slightly.

Feeling the WAAAGH in the air, the Boar boyz moved forward to the edge of the forest. Seizing their momentum, they charged into the woods, and seeing a boar run smack into a great tree and break both it’s neck and the orc holding on to it, they failed their charge and ended up in the middle of the woods.

With the same underhanded dealings they live by, the WAAAAGH magic flowed strong. Heeding her benevolent and generous god’s voice, Gretchen realized that something was amiss. In a shocking turn of events, the spell “dwellers below” was cast on the axe wielding diseased maniacs! In moments, the clawed hands of souls past pulled six Nurgle marauders to their doom.

The doom diver prepared to rain destruction and havoc down upon the army, but with a twang, snap and much profanity; was unable to fire.
Rusted Blade

With a sonorous cry from Gretchen the Voice of Pestilence, the hordes surged forward.  On all fronts, everyone moved forward. Only the wizened and ancient Shaggoth displayed some restraint, and waited for the hounds to run forward and lure out any traps so he could easily wade into the fray and begin hacking and slashing.

Swift Marauder horsemen charged around the goblins to assault the doom diver, only to be ambushed! Frothing at the mouth and spitting jibberish, goblin fanatics whirled

out in a whirlwind of chain pulled iron ball. Not one, but two of these horrible drugged up madmen flew at the horsemen. Even with skills unparalleled by their softer southern men, the horsemen stood no chance against the onslaught.  As the fanatics spun past, all that was left were crippled horses and broken men.

Gretchen, seeking to control the battle and survey all, rode into the Eastern tower, there she would command her army and sing praise to the glory of decay in a fetid aria.

Grandfather Nurgle blessed his followers as Gretchen lent the marauders “Fleshy abundance” and its regenerating effects.  Curse of the leper was dispelled as the goblins realized what horrible effect it would have on their already puny ranks. Plague Squall rained from the heavens and showered the center goblin unit with rot, a rain of maggots and filth. Even the pathetic goblins could stand the rain…and only a few fell to it’s effects.

Turn 2-

The Many Gits

The WAAGH was strong in the jealous gits. The Night Goblins on the left, and their 7 bosses surged forward, riding the WAAAGH.  Goblins suffled their feet, bracing for impact from the disgusting hordes charging at them.

The Fanatics flew helter skelter across the board. Warhounds were smashed into a bloody pulp as a fanatic returned BACK through their stricken numbers….there were no survivors. Broken hounds lay with gibbitly bits of goblin and lengths of chain. In the North East, one fanatic flew off the battle and to his doom, while another moved steadily towards the doom diver.

Once more, hands of the deep reached up and jerked many a foul marauder to their doom. All that was left of them was their echoes and screams, easily lost amongst the frenzied cries for blood of their surviving comrades. In the north, there is no room for weakness, and no remorse…here on the battlefield, there is even less. No thought to the scores that died to the sneaky git with the all-powerful hat.

The hand of Gork would not be outshone in this awesome tidal wave of Green magic. A fist plummeted out of the sky and smashed Gretchen to her feet. Only the vaunted armor of chaos and magical wards saved the Voice of Pestilence.  Battered and bloodied, Gretchen rose to her feet, determined to mete out vengeance and show that her god is not only a kind god, but an awesome and terrible god.

The doom diver, repaired from it’s ‘minor malfunctions’ of the previous turn. Aiming at the defiant servant of Nurgle, the doom diver set out to finish what the WAAAGH began. ….until it misfired. There was much profanity.

The Rusted Blade-

Like the plague that devoured Horst’s village, the horde ran rampant across the battle field.

To the west, the trolls and their lord, Throgg, charged into the woods to face off against the Boar Boyz. Smashing and uprooting all in their way, the trolls collided with the boars. Fast and savage, tusks peirced thick troll hide, only to have the wounds regenerate. With a sneer of contempt, the Troll King heaved and spewed his bile (copious bile; breath weapon) on the boar boys.  Stomach acids and half eaten meals chewed through the boar boyz and their savage mounts. As the trolls continued their rampage, the liquefied green goo that was once the reckless boar boyz seeped into the earth.

In panic and terror, the fanatics from the Western Night goblins launched forward! Their spinning doom  wheeled right through the trolls and into the woods! Despite the grievous injuries suffered by the trolls, their regeneration knitted bone and sinew of all but two wounds. Facing such odds, the gods of chaos turned their eye to the trolls and bestowed their gifts upon them. Now, their tough hides had even more bony protrusions. ( 6+ armor) .

Having ran into the woods, one of the fanatics spun out and ended up as nothing more than bloodstains and robes on the trees of the forest.

Turn 3-

The Many Gits

What NERVE! WHAT AUDACITY! THE TEMERITY! How DARE Gretchen continue living after Mork ( or possibly Gork) turned his will against her. With a gibbering cry of hate,the goblins on the East charged the tower. This unit was armed with 6 bosses and the Battle Standard. They were mean, they were green, and this sickly girl in the tower was ‘gunna die!!!!!”

Nurgle and his Sorcerer had other things to say about this. Seeking the approval of her Grand and generous lord, Gretchen rose her corroded blade and stared down the diminutive Goblins. She would challenge their lords, their bosses, their champions, their runts, their snotlings…she would see them fall under her oxidized metal in the name of her god.

Plagues of flies and stench unimaginable make it hard to swing a blade, the goblin found this out too late. With surprisingly deft swordsmanship, Gretchen cut the goblin boss as the rest of the goblins could do nothing but watch on with gaping horror.  Gretchen stood, and the goblins would never take the tower. She would sooner die than be shamed in the eyes of Grandfather Nurgle.

*note: this was an odd predicament and tactical misunderstanding by sporting chap. With the rules of “eye of the gods”, The sorcerer lord HAD to challenge a goblin.  They did NOT have to accept, but for them to have ANY chance, one of the characters would have to challenge her, or she would cut through the rank and file like a garden-weasel on a wet paper bag.  Only these two (challengers) could be in combat, and thus the full numbers of the goblins could NOT be brought to bare. I did not intend this when placing her there, but it’s clever. Sporting Chap did not know this, so we would soon find a fix that made us both happy.

Rusted Blade-

Undaunted and blood thirsty, Throgg led the trolls in a charge against the Goblins and their ‘wizard hat’ boss. Throgg sought vengeance for the sneaky magic hurled against his minions, Throgg sought blood. Throgg sought to gobble up greenskins.  Ranks of spears and lords could not stop the towering brutes. One dimwitted troll fell to the ranks of spears, but even that could not stop the avalanche of brawn. With gangly and ropey muscle and stomping feet, the trolls pulverized over 14 goblins. With such losses, the greenskins were routed. Luckily for them, Throgg eyed other prizes and wanted new blood. He was to prove his tenacity again.

A lone spinning fantatic threatened the shaggoth and his charge. To busy eying the greenskin spinner with contempt, the shaggoth only moved forward a handful of inches ( second failed charge in a row….)

Caught in close combat, Gretchen’s arsenal of spells were limited. The marauding horde was again blessed by Nurgle with “Fleshy abundance” and it’s regenerating effects. Gretchen used “Buboes” to strike down the irksome and annoying fanatic. Almost as if to goad the Shaggoth into combat. As her blade crashed into the goblin’s paltry attempts to parry her blade, Gretchen’s voice rose to the carrion filled skies and called down the wrath of Nurgle upon the Goblin hordes. “Curse of the Leper” (-1 T/ S per round) crippled the already weak goblins.

Songs of magic wrapping around him, the goblin boss was assaulted on all sides. He could not land a blow on Gretchen. As he swung in futility, Gretchen spilled his entrails out with her rusted blade. Raising his body above the battlements of the tower, she threw the lifeless boss down onto the goblins below.

Praise be to Nurgle

In shock and terror, they watched as Nurgle blessed Gretchen with taunt sinew and skin. Her armor now improved, the goblins stood no chance of harming her.  In their horror, they ran.

*note: realizing that this oddly effective rule kept his unit in place, Sporting chap wanted to retreat. He could either keep feeding my Lord more fodder for unimaginable results on ‘eyes of the gods’, or he could have his rank and file chewed up and spit out. This unit was most of his army. Had he realized this, he never would have charged the tower. I had no idea that he would. It was an odd situation, as I won the combat by over-kill in a challenge, but his ranks and banner and BSB let him win Combat Resolution.  However, he WANTED to flee, and I wanted him to use this force as well in other fighting (and free me up to use plague squall) . So we reached an agreement.  If he fails his LDR test, he could flee as if it was a lost combat.

needless to say, goblins at ldr 7, was pretty easy to fail. This let him retreat and use the unit elsewhere. It was a huge tactical blunder, one that most likely cost him the game, but again, neither of us knew this at the get go.

It was a ‘friendly’ game and we can adjust some rules as we go. Sporting Chap is a champ and it was good to see this unit bounce back and get to “da’ fightin’

In the center of the battle, the Frenzied filth finally collided with the waiting Greenskins. Wisely, the Greenskins had not charged them the time before, instead, letting the marauders skewer themselves on their set spears ( 3 ranks on receiving a charge). Quick and shifty, the goblins attempted to spear the horde of nurgle, but were handicapped by the “Mark of Nurgle”. Flies clouded their vision and pus squirted into their eyes, accuracy proved near impossible. (Weapon skill reduced to 1!) the few wounds that hit home were mostly regenerated by Nurgle’s gifts.  Only a few fell to the spears.  Now, with unrelenting fury, the marauders brought their great weapons to bare. Green corpses were hacked asunder, bodies were smashed and skulls cleaved in two.

Stepping over the bodies of the fallen, Osgoth the Violent, raised his axe high and singled out the goblin General. This captain would prove his worth and cleave the heart from the enemy and lay it on the altar of battle for Nurgle’s pleasure. A sharptoothed grin and two silver razor thin swords welcomed Osgoth. Through the melee around them, the two hacked at each other and slashed at one another. Osgoth, sure of aim and hand, could not score a hit, due to some treacherous (and inventive) combination of trinkets on the warlord. The warlord, could not penetrate the hide of Osgoth. The two clashed and beat at each other as the marauders struck down goblins. Only when the last goblin body fell, did the General realize the odds. His unit broken and fleeing, he turned an ran. Osgoth snarled in frustration. He was denied the prize he needed to appease his gods.

Turn 4-

The Many Gits

The goblins fleeing the tower and the murderous Gretchen, finally rallied. They turned just in time to see their comrades in route. They would have to stem the tide. There was no shortage of axe wielding goblin bosses, eager to claim the day as theirs….though first they had to actually win.

The goblins fleeing the trolls failed to rally. As did the ones fleeing The Filthy Marauders. Pandemonium held the field in an iron hard grip.

The doom diver fired! The shrieking goblin plummeted 20″ away from his mark. Much to Sporting Chap’s dismay and head shaking.

*all magic users on the greenskins were now fleeing. The generals leadership could not be used, but some of the fleeing units could use the BSB’s rerollable 7.

The Rusted Blade-

Trolls loped along the battle field, intent on battle, but they were neither swift enough to catch the fleeing units or strike the standing goblins.

The Marauding hordes charged the last goblin unit, with them, the Shaggoth (only 1 wound left after victim to a spell) who sought to attack their flanks. The goblins stood, uncharacteristically stoic and brave. (passed their ldr test vs. the Shaggoth!) The shaggoth struck scores of goblins down with his axes and cackled in delight and bathed in their blood. His elation was short lived, the goblins, heroically struck back and managed to pierce the hide and skin of the Shaggoth! A lone shrieking greenskin rode the titan to the ground, only to be crushed in his moment of victory!GLORY TO THE WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!  (amazing fun model, but wow….bad luck)

The goblin bosses steeled their nerves as they faced off against the horde. One brave soul accepted the Challenge of “Osgoth the Violent”.

Osgoth, infuriated at missing his chance of glory, was to unleash his rage against the hapless greenskin. Hoisting a great weapon is hard work, and makes already slow movments even slower. It was this lack of speed that let Osgoth cut down the goblin where he stood. With a frenzy of attacks (frenzied), Osgoth hacked the goblin limb from limb. The paper thin armor could not stop the attacks of the scorned Hero. Blood would be spilled on the altar, and Nurgle would praise his name. Osgoth raised the ruined carcass of the goblin boss high, so his lord Nurgle could see and shower him with praise and glory (3 Magic resistance!) *this overkill would tip the combat. rolling all 6’s on 5 attacks sealed the deal*

In the battle lines, the spearmen struck home, slaying several marauders beyond the aid of Grandfather Nurgle. The bosses hoisted their weapons at the same time as the marauders, Axes falling on axes and bodies crushed in the weight of the assault. Though made of extra WAAAGH, the goblin bosses suffered far too many wounds to stand, and the horde pressed in and pus and bile mixed with black greenskin blood.

Though beaten in combat, their would-be leader massacred, the horde frenzied and caught in bloodlust, the goblins were steadfast and refused to run. They would fight again!

Turn 5-

The many gits-

In an act of defiance, an act of spite and hate, the Goblins that fled the center reformed and rallied. The battle would be met.

In the west, the weight of the Marauders would crush the Goblins. Deprived of their leaders, lacking the fighting capacity to hold ground, the goblins fled in the face of more casualties. Perhaps they had enough, perhaps they were beaten, but one thing is for certain…they felled an ancient beast and there would be surely a clan called “shaggoth killaz!”.

on the far west, a lone fanatic continued to spin out of control and narrowly avoid doom in the woods.

And the doom diver misfired again.

We continued to fight for some time after this, but all real opposition had ended when the 3rd of 3 goblin units fled.

Thoughts after the battle.

My hat is off to Sporting Chap. His list was VERY creative and deadly. Had his flanks held, he would have surely beaten me by weight of numbers.  I was shocked by the amount of lords / heroes he could field.  All of them were effective and all of them were nasty. I think he found his calling with O&G…..well, specifically with Goblins.

Goblin battle list: i was expecting archers. They would have been very effective against me. Even more fanatics into my main lines would have hurt…bad. “Dwellers” ( a horrible spell) was very effective. Had I had to take more of this, my main force would have been neutered. I’m glad O&G can’t normally take this spell.

In the future, I expect to see Giants and more goblins. The boar boyz were 100% ineffective and cost more than most goblin blocks WITH fantatics. These would have held the flank better than the 5 boar boyz.

Rusted blade list:

I tried to do too much.  Plain and simple.

It’s a fun list, but I hurt the marauders by trying to add horsemen. If they had 1 round of bad combat, they could have gone down…especially after DWELLERS. Ugg.  So next time, I’m adding more hounds, and less horsemen.

The shaggoth was fun, despite my bad luck (I blame it on proxy the manticore). I know that 2 warshrines would be VERY effective, but also not a very ‘friendly’ list. I’m tempted to go with a hellcannon. but Shaggoth needs another go.

Hounds. Well, sorry guys, you get to die again. Contrary to much belief, they had a good use. for 30 pts, they drew out fantatics and let my enemy place more on the board.

Very happy with the overall theme, and to me, that’s what matters the most. Not some uber competitive ‘rock-paper-chainsaw’ list, but a very cool story.

I will however be running lone heroes/ lords. If they can keep challenging and wining, they can butcher units and tie them up very effectively. I wish I had more points for ‘Gretchen’ as she could have had ASF and re-rolls and a ton of other hard hitting rubbish.

One last note: we (Sporting chap) and I may change locations. The Game shop we meet at is now mostly 16 and under kids…and it gets very irritating hearing

  • “OH. MY. GOD! You’re STILL PLAYING!!!” (after 1 hour)
  • ‘my high elves can beat you.’
  • ‘can i have this’
  • ‘uggg. Fantasy? we want to play 40k, hurry up.’

The game store manager is a rock star (can’t stress that enough) but sometimes a change of scenery is good.

Don’t worry. The beastmen are still A-#1 in my book, I just wanted to try the other side of the ruinous powers.



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4 responses to “Cackling Phlegm. 1500 Goblins v WoC

  1. Thanks for the battle report, and congratulations on the win. I like the fluff at the start, it reminded of the old Realm of Chaos books (if you’re old enough to remember those then you’ll know what a compliment that is!).

    I like the lists, but they were mental – 11 characters in one army? It’s madness I say. Your army list looked entertaining, though I don’t know enough about Warriors of Chaos to make any meaningful comment on your choices.

    I think the rules for the building assault don’t lock the attacker in combat, so Sporting Chap’s goblins could have just gone off whenever they wanted. Also, I’m not sure why the goblins didn’t just refuse the challenge from Gretchen, have one of their many bosses sent to the back of the unit and have another 10 assailants attacking. When attacking a building, if you lose then you just move back 1″ and don’t flee, so it wouldn’t matter how many goblins were cut down, they’d never break.

  2. ahhh.
    thanks for the building assault rules!

    I’m old enough to recall the old books. So huzzah and thank ye.
    The lists were very fun. O&G get their hard hitting punch from all those disgustingly cheap characters. I think that the 6 gobo bosses ended up costing less than my BSB. They were pretty effective, and had it not been for the “regen” that “Fleshy Abundance” allowed, they would have murdered my unit.
    Mark of Nurgle gives your enemies -1 BS/WS when attacking you. Couple that with the BSB’s Frenzy, and you have a hard hitting, hard to hit unit. It dropped the rank and file Gobos to WS1. Which meant I was hitting quite often with lots of front rank frenzied attacks.
    Mark of Khorne LOSE their frenzy if they lose combat (or was it if they run…) but the Banner of rage lists “you can never lose frenzy”. Which means that essentially, this unit had Mark of Nurgle, Mark of Khorne (perma.) and a Mark of Slaanesh (ITP).

    If I run them again, I’ll be running them in more ranks. They were horrifying to watch.

  3. orctastic

    Not enough orcs. More orcs, more smash.

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