Starting an Escalation League.

So recently, I’ve been caught up in the ‘big army lists’. I wanted to take a moment and step back and get a feel for beastmen all over again. Especially now that I know the units better.

After a recent conversation with the manager of my local Games Workshop; I’ve come up with the start of an ‘escalation league’. The idea is to start small and build to larger armies, rewarding success and determination along the way.


below is my plan.



Winter Escalation League.


The summer is over, with it the campaign season. In the harsh summer sun, battles have ben fought, wars waged, fortresses lost, lands razed. In the fading light of autumn; the hardened veterans of wars, the champions of butchery and lords of slaughter have returned from conquest and glory with only a shadow of their forces.

Now they must rebuild.

Winter is cruel and unforgiving; frozen claws and fickle light make raising an army near impossible. Your indefatigable spirit and iron will allow you to succeeded where others have failed.

In the merciless winds of winter, you will raise an army. You will lead your fledgling force into the cold as they gather momentum and manpower for the upcoming spring warpath.

Snow, iron, magic and bloodshed.


In the winter escalation league the ‘generals’ will act as they are raising an army.


  • Each Stage is a certain amount of Points.


    1. Stage 1: 1000 points


    1. Stage 2: 1250 points


    1. Stage 3: 1500 points


    1. Stage 4: 1750 points


    1. Stage 5: 2000 point Mass Battle.



  • During each ‘stage’ or the campaign, you will face numerous enemies. You may take the best victory score and use that as your ‘progress’ points for that stage. The winner of this stage will receive extra ‘reinforcements’


  • The winners of each stage will receive more points for the upcoming stage


Reinforcements winnings.
    1. Stage 1: 1st place=75 points, 2nd place 50 points, 3rd place= 25 points
    2. Stage 2: 1st place= 100 points, 2nd place 75 points, 3rd place= 50 points
    3. Stage 3: 1st place= 125 points, 2nd place 100 points, 3rd place= 75 points
    4. Stage 4: 1st place=150 points, 2nd place 125 points, 3rd place= 100 points



  • In each stage, you must keep the forces from your “winning” force. That force you fielded in the previous stage must remain, but you may build upon them.


  • New units may be added in each stage.


  • As each stage of the campaigns progresses, you, the general will be able to add more to your forces.


For example:

General 1 has their highest scoring force with  Unit A, Unit B, Unit C and Unit D.

General 1 submits that force as his “high score” and must keep Units A,B,C & D.

General 1 may add upon each unit; If they want to add 10 more soldiers to Unit D, they may do so.

General 1 may now add new units to his force in each stage.




  • Fresh meat: A new ‘unit’ that is obtained, constructed and painted fully for each stage will receive 25 points for the general. (limit 1 bonus per stage)


  • Unity: Themed armies receive 10 points more for upcoming stage.


  • Resilience: Generals that win at least 4 battles per stage can claim 100 points for the next stage.


  • Determination: Generals that go from no rank in one stage (lower than 3rd place) to 1st in the next stage gain 50 extra points.


  • Under-dogs: if an unranked ranked army triumphs over the highest ranked, they may switch one unit out for another that fits within their point allotment.


  • Golden General: If the 1st place general holds on to their rank for 2 subsequent stages; they may add 80 free points to one unit and switch out one unit for another that fits within their point allotment.









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4 responses to “Starting an Escalation League.

  1. This sounds like a great idea, especially if you are aiming to introduce some newer players to the game. Initially I wondered how you were going to ‘police’ the Unity bonus for themed armies, but I suppose if the benefit is only 10 points it won’t matter too much.

    Are you also taking part in this, or do you plan to take a step back and Games Master it?

  2. Mike

    Any Idea where you will be running this? The local GW store, or Meltdown? Is there a sign up sheet?

    • Most likely, I’ll be running this at the Glendale GW.
      I’ve spoken w/ the manager and it seems like a great way to get some new blood into fantasy as well as drum up some winter sales. They have a larger player base and more people live out that way.
      I would like to have it at Meltdown, but they don’t have the tables or community for it yet. Meltdown is 5-8 minutes from me (opposed to the stressful 45 min LA drive to GW) and I really dig the meltdown staff, but Glendale GW is the place it will most likely take place at

      if you’re interested, call the store or email the manager and say “hey! I want in on the escalation league!’

      I’ll be in this Thursday / Friday to put up a sign up sheet.

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