Beastmen v. WoC. Lessons learned.

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of facing off versus Warriors of Chaos (WoC) in a friendly 2500 point match.

This game was at my local game store, Meltdown Comics, against the owner of the Gaming section called “Dragon’s Den”.

Since we did not get to finish our game fully, I will give some of the highlights here and lessons learned.

A lvl 4 Sorcerer can shut down your magic phase real fast as well as dominating theirs.

Slugtounge and his ability “curse of the famine fiend” is fantastic against heavily armed and armored forces. WoC being the perfect example. His curse killed many at the outset of the game, and more importantly, offed 4 ‘chosen’ instantly. That really hampered the unit.

Impact hits were huge on my list. Having lower “I” than most of his core units, I knew that I needed to get some hits in before him. Beastmen chariots are inexpensive core units and provide d6 impact hits. Minotaurs also provide them, but at a cost of 50+ points PER model and only 1 per model. So potential 6 vs 1 (and it’s attacks)….I took both. The chariots made the day.

Challenges: WoC champions, characters etc, all are obliged to make and receive challenges (single combat). I created a Always Strike First hero for the sole reason of taking on their champions. With Primal fury and loads of attacks, this hero was able to best their vaunted champions.

Khazrak one-eye. Khazrak pulled through big time for me. He simply devastated the front ranks of a horde of marauders. His one attack with ‘scourge’ took out 8 of these savages.

Ambush. People advised me NOT to ambush the WoC….so naturally I chose to ambush. It worked perfectly, the unit in ambush suffered some set backs, but was able to come to flank the main force. Having an unexpected flanking force works wonders.

Though WoC are close combat monsters, some would even say the best in game, they are expensive. Beastmen, like their more armored rivals, rely on close combat, but are far cheaper for each model than the WoC. I went for a strategy of “surround and envelope” to bring superior numbers and flanking attacks to the better armed and armored foes.

At the end of turn three, we called it and the WoC General admitted that defeat was inevitable and that his meeting was in 10 minutes.

Here is a picture of right before the last charge.



Beastmen surrounding the Warriors of Chaos



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