Centigor Conversions: Meltdown avoided. Models made

A while back, I posted my equation and materials for Centigor conversions.

Now, here are a few pictures of the finished models.

Centigor with Great weapon

I used “Chaos Knight” horses for the bodies and Bestigor torsos for the majority. I had a bit of fun cutting and snipping random other peices. Bits from Ungors, banners, minotaurs and marauders make their way into these.

Centigor stampede

Here they are, pre-painting. I’ll post more once they have been painted.

I wanted to break away from the typical Centigor. As amazing as those models are, I wanted something unique about mine. I felt an armored look for ones with great weapons would be fantastic. Not only that, but it gives them a much more menacing feel.  The horse bases created an odd spikey feel….even some unintentional phallic looks, adding to the depravity of the models.

pic dump below.


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