Battle Standard Bearer. BSB custom (work in progress)

In ancient, medieval  and even up to the brink of modern warfare, there was the “banner”, sometimes called ‘the colors’. This was a flag or pennant displaying the unit/ regiment’s unique marking. Often an army, composed of many units or groups, each with their own banners or standards, would have one unique and noticably larger banner. This, in Warhammer Fantasy Battles is called the “battle standard”.

For a person to carry these was considered a high honor, as much as a rank and file grunt could. (I suppose this made sense before the widespread usage of gunpowder, but with guns so readily available, this would make that person a choice target. ) In Warhammer, the same is true. Only a tougher than usual Hero can carry the Battle Standard Bearer.

The Importance of the Battle Standard Bearer in Warhammer, is that they confer a re-rollable ability any time a leadership test is taken.  For many battles, the crucial moment; weather your army stands and fights, or crumples like a soggy dixie cup, is decided on this leadership test. For Beastmen, our leadership value is not so hot, so the ability to ‘re-roll’ the results is huge for Beastmen armies.

not only that, but “Primal Fury” is a leadership based result (more on Primal Fury later)

With so much counting on the “battle standard bearer” I decided that I wanted mine to be unique. If i was going to put so much effort into an army, I wanted it to stand out and say “I’m going to stand, fight and kick your teeth in.”

With that being said, here are some images of the Battle Standard Bearer (sans banner) as I’ve created him.


BSB frontal


I’ve used Chaos Marauder bits, Chaos Knights, Chaos Marines, Bestigor, Gor Herd and Minotaur bits for the peice…and a wee bit of ‘green stuff’.

pic dump below.


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